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Trading is a great way to make money in EVE Echoes. The principle is simple: buy low and sell high. Sometimes you get tangled in all the trading so much that you lose track of your operations, which may cause the 'Exceed the maximum number of orders' error message to pop up.

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This guide will help you properly manage your trading orders, so that you never exceed the maximum number of orders again.

Sisters of EVE Epic Arc. Given the variety of systems this arc can take place in, players are asked to refrain from any form of griefing to rookie players (30 days old or less) in mission sites and systems associated with the arc. Such griefing involves but is not limited to; destroying, stealing or ransoming mission critical items. The game does not yet have an EVE Echoes Market guide, but it may be implemented sometime in the future. There are only a couple of steps that you need to take to be able to sell, so it is not very difficult if you understand the basics. Basically, everything is in order – you have to dock the ITC Station.

How Buy and Sell Orders Work

  1. This is a guide on how to earn money (ISKs) on Eve Echoes. Some will work great for you and some will not, depending on the role you are into; military, industry, manufacturing. He who controls the gold, controls the game.
  2. This depends on your current trading skill level, which determines the order limit. The higher your trading skills, the Cheap EVE Echoes ISK more active orders you can have at one time. Players can buy and sell goods on the ITC station. You can place an order in EVE Echoes through the following methods: Stop at the ITC station of your choice.
  3. Syndicate ITC Station - Mining Barge Blueprints. H-PA29 - Guristas ships such as Worm, Gila and Rattlesnake blueprints. (thanks to olihough98 for this info) UHKL-N - Cruor, Ashimuu and Bhaalgorn blueprints. Imperial navy Acolyte, Infiltrators, Praetors and Curator drones. MK 7 beam lasers.

Everyone has a limited number of buy and sell orders. This depends on your current Trade skill level, which determines the order limit. The higher your Trade skill is, the more active orders you can have at a time.

Eve Echoes Itc

Players can buy and sell goods at ITC stations. Here's how you can put a buy order in EVE Echoes:

  1. Dock at the ITC station of your choice
  2. Open the Trade menu
  3. Choose the item you wish to buy
  4. Tap the item and select 'Buy' option
  5. Choose shipping type

Your buy order is now activated, and it will stay active until this item either gets shipped to you or you travel towards the delivery spot.

Sell orders are active until someone buys an item from you after you've made it available at the market. Here's how you can put out a sell order in EVE Echoes:

  1. Dock at the ITC station
  2. Open your inventory
  3. Go to 'Item Hangar' tab
  4. Choose item you wish to sell
  5. Tap the item and select 'Sell' option
  6. Input the price
  7. Confirm by pressing 'OK'

When this is done, you can see all your buy and sell orders by tapping on 'My Orders' tab at the Market menu.

If all your order slots are occupied, then you will not be able to buy or sell any more items. You will then get the 'exceed the maximum number of orders' error message.

How to Cancel Orders

In the very beginning, players can put in up to five simultaneous orders. If you want to trade something on top, you can simply cancel old orders by following these steps:

  1. Dock at the ITC station
  2. Open the Market menu
  3. Tap on 'My Orders' option
  4. Tap on the order you wish to cancel
  5. Choose 'Cancel Order' option

Now you can activate a new buy or sell order from the Trade menu.

How to Increase Order Limit

Eve Echoes Pc Download

The best way to increase your trading operations is to invest money into various trade skills. Here's how you can do it:

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  1. Tap on your hero portrait
  2. Select 'Skill' option
  3. Tap on 'Social Science' tab
  4. Select 'Trade' option

Here you will find a list of skills that will allow you to increase the number of active trade orders. These are the best skills to level up:

  • Trade Skill (+1 order per level)
  • Advanced Trade Skill (+4 orders per level)
  • Expert Trade Skill (+8 orders per level)

Level these skills up, and you will be able to trade a lot more and make more money.

That's all you need to know about trading orders in EVE Echoes and avoiding the 'exceed the maximum number of orders' error message. If you are trying to understand cosmic anomalies, then refer to this anomalies guide for EVE Echoes. To learn more about mining, check out our primer here.

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Eve Echoes is a sci-fi mobile MMORPG by CCP and NETEASE that is set in a vast, sand-box universe with thousands of star systems and the potential for insane growth-over-time, which requires considerable dedication to, and patience with, EVE Online (PC) or EVE Echoes (Mobile).

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Eve Echoes Mining

The learning curve is steep, get that right, but take your experience in EVE with an open mind and you will be paid off ten-fold months and years down the road. The EVE Online universe is huge, and you have the potential to make memories with pilots that may be around years later. With EVE Echoes, most everyone starts off with no assets or skill-points (SP) and as things occur in the Universe, if you are active enough, you can be a part of literal history.

Rules to consider at all times:

  • You are only really “safe” in high-security systems (thanks to Concord). Concord stops responding with ships around .3 sec (having turrets around gates and stations) and do not respond past 0.0 in any fashion.
  • “DO NOT fly it unless you can afford to lose it” - this is an age-old adage shared amoung pilots, friend and foe alike, since EVE’s Inception.

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EVE Echoes (and EVE Online) are complex games with intricate universes that have a multitude of various elements. Here we have listed the most relevant links here for aspects of EVE EChoes gameplay

Eve Echoes is a persistent multiplayer game, and there are various features to facilitate grouping up and playing with other players.

There are so many activities or careers one can pursue EVE Echoes. Below lists some common professions in EE.

  • Scamming

There is no EvE Echoes without spaceships, with that being said it is important to understand the different types of spaceships and how they affect your gameplay.

These are a list of player created guides to help people get through the game.

  • Ship Fitting - Loadout Theorycrafting by Tzintch
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