Eve Atron


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Fitting nameHighMediumLowPrice AVGUploader
PvE for learner1.253.446,10 Christophe Lupine
Atron1.548.523,67 Van Solette
Newbie PvE1.556.061,35 IronForce Auscent
Alpha Travel1.616.636,00 Hyrkali
Atron2.668.762,20 dody
Alpha Solo Pvp3.068.481,20 Varg Wardruna
MrT Fleet - Tackler3.204.819,77 Alain Colcer
Atron4.015.260,57 Vamphire Prime
sub2Taxi_Atron4.993.977,00 M91KOR
Chew Chew5.513.297,52 CocaColaMike ClassicCoke
Atron6.608.269,00 Zedman2k
Atron alpha6.681.485,50 HDMiz Alar
alpha inty speed7.365.511,56 Puma Seay
*Low-SP Hero Tackle Atron8.311.449,43 Drefizzle
HFC-AtronRailKite8.523.879,00 KPYTOE KOPOBO
Fight Club - Brawl/Scram Kite8.713.569,82 Red Fish
Blast'em8.895.110,68 Drefizzle
HFC-AtronBlasterHull8.944.180,00 KPYTOE KOPOBO
AAT-T-20209.388.737,20 AngryAngel
HFC-AtronBlasterArm9.534.513,00 KPYTOE KOPOBO
Bookmark11.043.960,00 FilthE Casual
Speedy Gonzolas16.041.532,60 Cali Babe
Fast Tackle mk.II16.597.439,40 Cordan Gadar
FW Solo18.428.219,44 Anonymous
Fast Tackle20.347.905,50 Cordan Gadar
road runner v220.535.040,00 DRrex Andedare
Just an Atron39.621.575,69 Uncle Brigade
T2 PvP Fit41.467.346,80 Neivasta Keja'vos
Oddball Starling's Atron87.909.659,11 Oddball Starling
PVP Frigate94.481.189,44 Jessy Lincoln
ATRON - 404HD OG TRAINER123.069.543,20 Spite Incarnate
LIGEIRINHO333.451.220,00 Legolas Green-leaf
Atron disrupter (SNOVA Fleet-Up)339.635.899,50 Slashflex Maricadie

Atron (Gallente Federation Frigate) fitting, attributes and screenshots at EVE Online Ships. The Atron is not a terribly effective ship for anything except holding a single target in pvp combat for other members of a fleet to destroy, and it is only good at that because of its speed. A single Atron is an extremely cheap ship, with fittings often costing as much or more than the ship's value, even if they are simple tech 1 variants. Atron, Titus Marrs Edition Damage Control I Magnetic Field Stabilizer I Small Ancillary Armor Repairer, Nanite Repair Paste Status Webifier I Warp Disrupter I Civilian Afterburner 150mm Railgun 150mm Railgun 150mm Railgun empty high slot Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I Small Ancillary Current Router I Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I.

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Atron: 1: 701.630,00: High slots; 125mm Railgun I: 3: 117.597,00: Mid slots. Material related to EVE-Online is used with limited permission of CCP Games hf.