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1.3.7. Modifying default start-up settings¶

Eclipse online is a web extension that provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for Java and other programming languages like C, C, PHP, and Ruby. It is a Java IDE by adding Java. Using Eclipse for C programming? Ask Question Asked. I have found netbeans to be a better ide for C/C then eclipse - C/C is a first class citizen in the netbeans world. On code::blocks, everything is so hidden and terse. A good piece of software should have a person working from the get-go. – Hassan Syed Feb 8 '10 at 8:59.


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The default start-up settings for Eclipse are used from eclipse.ini. It iskept in the same directory as eclipse.exe (in Windows) or eclipse(in Linux). How to stop mac from shutting down.

A part of the default eclipse.ini looks similar to this:

The default settings in eclipse.ini are (sometimes) very conservative.

If you are not aware of JVM parameters, here is what these settingsmean:

-Xms40m = In the starting, JVM would need 40 MB memory

-Xmx256 = If needed, JVM should be given 256 MB memory — Maximum.

Depending on the available free RAM on your system, the size of software stackyou are developing, you can extend eclipse.ini. All new instances ofEclipse would respect these settings. This would help improve the performanceof Eclipse.

This is how an updated eclipse.ini may look like.

This is what’s changed:

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-Xms100m = When Eclipse starts, JVM would need 100 MB memory.

C In Eclipse

-Xmx700 = JVM should be given 700 MB memory — Maximum.

You can also change other parameters for JVM. More at this entry onEclipsepedia