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Eingesetzte Technologien: J2EE (JAXB, JMS), JSF, XSLT Eclipse (MyEclipse) XML, XSD, XSLT, oXygen/XMLspy Mercury Quality Center 9.0, Microsoft SQL Server, EMS SQL Tools Systemarchitektur, Entwicklung evival Technologies, Achern. For IntelliJ most things are already contained in IntelliJ out of the well existing a large number of plugins. A simple example is to switch from Java Code to the according test class. In Eclipse you need a plugin in IntellIJ it works without a plugin out of the box. You have mentioned having Eclipse more frequent software updates? Additionally, you can take a look at the Java IDE comparison below based on the most popular Java IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA. Eclipse: Eclipse is an IDE which every Java.

I have been using Eclipse IDE for almost 8 years now, though I have used various flavours that is build over eclipse like IBM RAD, Netbeans and some PHP IDEs but recently moved to IntelliJ because many say its better for Android App Development. Also, Google released the Official Android Studio ver 1.0 that is based on IntelliJ this year.

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The first thing that you will notice is that 'Eclipse Keyboard shortcuts: Keymaps do not work on IntelliJ'.

Eclipse netbeans intellij 比较

The Command + Shift + F, Command + Shift + O and others don't work here!!


It really hard to unlearn these shortcuts then learning those new ones, so I found a solution that lets you use eclipse keymaps with IntelliJ

Steps to Configure Eclipse Keymap

  1. If you are using Mac OS X
  2. Goto Menu: Android Studio -> Preferences

  3. If you are using Windows OS it should be under tools
  4. Under Keymap select Eclipse
    • Now Search Keymap
    • You will see a drop down where you can select Eclipse/Eclipse Mac
    • Select Preferences
    • Apply changes.

Thats it!! Now try using your good old eclipse keyboard shortcuts on a file, they should work!!

Eclipse Ide Vs Intellij Netbeans

Note: If you come from some other IDE background like Visual Studio, KDE, GNOME, Emacs, Netbeans, JBuilder then you can follow the same steps and select the appropriate keymap or import your own!

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Eclipse Netbeans Intellij 比较

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Netbeans Vs Intellij Idea

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