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Yes, 4.0 M3 is the minimum version that supports Luna. The upcoming versions will support Luna as well, but there are no plans to support older version of the Scala IDE on Luna. Therefore, if you don't want to build an older version of Scala IDE, where you successfully included Luna support, there is no other way than to use 4.0M3+.

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Eclipse was inspired by the Smalltalk-based VisualAge family of integrated development environment (IDE) products. Although fairly successful, a major drawback of the VisualAge products was that developed code was not in a component-based software engineering model. Instead, all code for a project was held in a compressed lump (somewhat like a. Eclipse Luna comes with in-built Dark theme. We need not to install any plugin to get dark theme in eclipse Luna. Eclipse Luna ships with dark theme. The new dark theme of Eclipse Luna provides syntax highlighter settings for different programming language. Find the steps to change to dark theme in Eclipse Luna. Step 1: Go to Window. The upcoming versions will support Luna as well, but there are no plans to support older version of the Scala IDE on Luna. Therefore, if you don't want to build an older version of Scala IDE, where you successfully included Luna support, there is no other way than to use 4.0M3+.

Eclipse Luna includes official support for Java™ 8 in the Java development tools, Plug-in Development Tools, Object Teams, Eclipse Communication Framework, Maven integration, Xtext, Xtend, Web Tools Platform, and Memory Analyzer. The Eclipse compiler includes language enhancements, search and refactoring, Quick Assist and Clean Up to migrate anonymous classes to lambda expressions and back, and new formatter options for lambdas.

Luna highlights include: Thendral serial.

  • Full support for Java™ 8
  • The workbench provides a new dark theme, split editors, line numbers on by default, reduced whitespace in default presentation, and ability to hide the 'quick access' bar.
  • Sirius allows architects to easily create their own graphical modeling workbenches by leveraging the Eclipse modeling technologies, including Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF)
  • Equinox includes a full implementation of the R6 Core Framework as well as several compendium service implementations
  • ECF's implementation of OSGi Remote Service/Remote Service Admin standard has been enhanced to use Java 8's CompleteableFuture for asynchronous remote services.
  • Code Recommenders integrates the Snipmatch code snippet search engine and adds the ability to easily contribute new snippets to a shared repository.
  • The new QVTi debugger extends the new OCL debugger.
  • Paho provides open source implementations of open and standard messaging protocols that support current and emerging requirements of M2M integration with Web and Enterprise middleware and applications.
  • EMF Forms as part of the EMF Client Platform provides a completely new way for the efficient development of form-based user interfaces.
  • The UML 2.5 specification is now supported and UML diagrams may be validated against the OCL embedded in UML profiles.
  • EcoreTools, the graphical modeler for Ecore, has been completely re-implemented based on Sirius and provides a nicer graphical design, support for documenting your model, specifying domain constraints and modeling Generic Types.
  • The Eclipse workbench provides a new dark theme which includes a fitting syntax highlighter setting for the editor of several programming languages.
  • TCF Terminal supports an integrated command-line view on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • The PHP Development Tools come with support for PHP 5.5 and improved performance in the PHP editor. The 'Eclipse for PHP Developers' package on the Eclipse download site provides an easier way to start developing PHP applications.
  • The Gyrex 1.3 release now includes a distributed event bus which leverages the new full Websocket support for easier communication across nodes in a cluster.
  • Memory Analyzer now analyzes heap dumps from Java 8, including the Java 8 collection classes.
  • There is now a standalone C/C++ debugger application added to the CDT. It is now possible to debug an application via the command line and have an Eclipse UI debugger pop up.
LunaEclipse Luna Ide
Eclipse Acceleo3.5.0
Eclipse Accessibility Tools Framework1.2.0
Eclipse Amalgamation1.5.0
Eclipse ATL3.5.0
Eclipse BPEL Designer1.0.4
Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Project1.1.0
Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT)4.4.0
Eclipse Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN2)1.0
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT)8.4.0
Eclipse CDO Model Repository4.3.0
Eclipse Code Recommenders2.1.0
Eclipse Communication Framework3.8.0
Eclipse Data Tools Platform1.12.0
Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit5.0.0
Eclipse Ecore Tools2.0.0
Eclipse EGit: Git Integration for Eclipse3.4.0
Eclipse EMF2.10.0
Eclipse EMF Client Platform1.3.0
Eclipse EMF Compare3.0.0
Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge0.3.0
Eclipse EMF Facet0.4.0
Eclipse EMF Query1.8.0
Eclipse EMF Transaction1.8.0
Eclipse EMF Validation1.8.0
Eclipse EMFStore1.3.0
Eclipse Equinox4.4.0
Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF)1.3.0
Eclipse Generation Factories (EGF)1.2.0
Eclipse GMF Notation1.8.0
Eclipse GMF Runtime1.8.0
Eclipse GMF Tooling3.2.0
Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)3.9.100 (Luna)
Eclipse Graphiti0.11.0
Eclipse Gyrex Project1.3.0
Eclipse JGit: Java implementation of Git3.4.0
Eclipse Jubula Functional Testing Tool2.3.0 (Luna)
Eclipse JWT1.4.0
Eclipse Linux Tools3.0.0
Eclipse Marketplace Client1.3
Eclipse Maven Integration1.5.0
Eclipse Maven Integration for Web Tools Platform1.1.0
Eclipse MDT UML25.0.0
Eclipse MDT XSD (XML Schema Definition)2.10.0
Eclipse Memory Analyzer1.4.0
Eclipse Modeling Workflow Engine2.6.0
Eclipse MoDisco0.12.0
Eclipse Mylyn3.12
Eclipse Object Teams2.3.0
Eclipse OCL (Object Constraint Language)5.0.0
Eclipse Orion6.0.0
Eclipse Packaging Project4.4.0
Eclipse Paho1.0.0 (Luna)
Eclipse Papyrus1.0.0
Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP)8.0.0
Eclipse PHP Development Tools3.3
Eclipse Project4.4.0
Eclipse QVT Operational3.4.0
Eclipse QVTd (QVT Declarative)0.11.0
Eclipse Remote Application Platform2.3.0
Eclipse Riena6.0.0
Eclipse Sapphire8
Eclipse Scout4.0.0
Eclipse Sirius1.0.0
Eclipse Sphinx™0.8.0
Eclipse Stardust2.0.0 (Luna)
Eclipse Subversive SVN Team Provider2.0
Eclipse Target Communication Framework1.2.0
Eclipse Target Management: Terminal and Remote System Explorer (RSE)3.6.0
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project3.6.0
Eclipse WindowBuilder1.7.0
Eclipse Xpand2.0.0
Eclipse Xtext2.6.0
Eclipse XWT1.0.0
Model Focusing Tools0.9.3

The upcoming version is named 2020-09 that should be out somewhere in Sept 2020.

List of Eclipse flavors released over the years,

VersionRelease DatePlatform VersionProjects
Callisto30 June 20063.2Callisto projects
Europa29 June 20073.3Europa projects
Ganymede25 June 20083.4Ganymede projects
Galileo24 June 20093.5Galileo projects
Helios23 June 20103.6Helios projects
Indigo22 June 20113.7Indigo projects
Juno27 June 20123.8 and 4.2Juno projects
Kepler26 June 20134.3Kepler projects
Luna25 June 20144.4Luna projects
Mars24 June 20154.5Mars projects
NeonJune 20164.6Neon projects
OxygenJune 20174.7Oxygen projects
PhotonJune 20184.8Photon projects
2018-09September 20184.9Neon projects
2018-12December 20184.102018-12 projects
2019-03March 20194.112019-03 projects
2019-06June 20194.122019-06 projects
2019-09September 201914.132019-09 projects
2019-12December 201914.142019-12 projects
2020-03March 202014.152020-03 projects
2020-06June 202014.162020-06 projects
2020-09 (planned)September 202014.172020-09 projects

⚡️ Did you know? : Eclipse versions have been named after different celestial bodies, more specifically planets or planets natural satellites such as Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Galileo and Luna.

⚠️ Update: Eclipse Mars 4.5 version is available now: it supports Java version 8.

⚠️ Update: Post Oxygen release in June 2020, all later versions are named as yyyy-MM format!


  • Oh why did they stopped using the celestial names? It was not so difficult to know which one was the latest one as it was all released in alphabetical order, anyways! Having a quarter release with the year and month name seems just like IntelliJ IDE's.
  • Further comments disabled!
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