Eclipse Ide Neon

The upcoming version is named 2020-09 Realspace mftc 200 review. that should be out somewhere in Sept 2020.

Eclipse Ide Neon

List of Eclipse flavors released over the years,

Downloaded and extracted eclipse-java-neon-m4a-win32; installed java 9 support (by dnd from marketplace) downloaded and installed jdk9u99 (only the jdk, not the public jre) At this point, I can run eclipse on my default java (which is 8u60) both with jre/jdk (with/out vm argument in eclipse.ini) and use the java 9 support. All downloads are provided under the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement unless otherwise specified. Eclipse Foundation About Us.

VersionRelease DatePlatform VersionProjects
Callisto30 June 20063.2Callisto projects
Europa29 June 20073.3Europa projects
Ganymede25 June 20083.4Ganymede projects
Galileo24 June 20093.5Galileo projects
Helios23 June 20103.6Helios projects
Indigo22 June 20113.7Indigo projects
Juno27 June 20123.8 and 4.2Juno projects
Kepler26 June 20134.3Kepler projects
Luna25 June 20144.4Luna projects
Mars24 June 20154.5Mars projects
NeonJune 20164.6Neon projects
OxygenJune 20174.7Oxygen projects
PhotonJune 20184.8Photon projects
2018-09September 20184.9Neon projects
2018-12December 20184.102018-12 projects
2019-03March 20194.112019-03 projects
2019-06June 20194.122019-06 projects
2019-09September 201914.132019-09 projects
2019-12December 201914.142019-12 projects
2020-03March 202014.152020-03 projects
2020-06June 202014.162020-06 projects
2020-09 (planned)September 202014.172020-09 projects

⚡️ Did you know? : Eclipse versions have been named after different celestial bodies, more specifically planets or planets natural satellites such as Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Galileo and Luna.

⚠️ Update: Eclipse Mars 4.5 version is available now: it supports Java version 8.

⚠️ Update: Post Oxygen release in June 2020, all later versions are named as yyyy-MM format!


Eclipse Ide Neon 4.6

  • Oh why did they stopped using the celestial names? It was not so difficult to know which one was the latest one as it was all released in alphabetical order, anyways! Having a quarter release with the year and month name seems just like IntelliJ IDE's.
  • Further comments disabled!
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