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Question by marco213 Jul 24, 2014 at 04:09 AM c# eclipse Hello everyone I have been trying to find a way to use eclipse on unity, because for me, Monodevelop is very slow, and as a Java developer, I really prefer the Eclipse interface. When it comes to building an editor, there are two major components: (1) Generating the content for each of its features and (2) Displaying the content in the editor. The C# editor within aCute has all the features you'd expect to find in a language based editor including syntax coloring, auto-complete suggestions, code diagnostics, and code navigation tools. Each of these features is generated by the Omnisharp Langu.


Eclipse is a project which mainly provides a free, advanced integrated development environment for different languages and platforms. Eclipse support operating systems like Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Solaris, and programming languages like C, C++, C#, JavaScript, Perl, PP, Python, R, Java, etc. Xampp run php file.

Eclipse Versions and Editions

Eclipse is completely free and opensource which provides an extensible base for different programming languages IDE. Eclipse can be downloaded for stand-alone and then add different programming language tools for development. In this tutorial, we will download and install the Eclipse base and then add different programming language development tools.

Download Eclipse

First, we will download the Eclipse IDE 2020-03 from the following link for the 64-bit version by default. The current operating system is Windows but we can select other operating systems like Mac OS X, Linux, etc.

We will be redirected into the following web page which provides the installer named eclipse-inst-win64.exe .

For alternative operating systems like Linux and Windows use the following page which provides the same experience to download the Eclipse IDE.

Eclipse ide download

Install Eclipse For Windows

We will install the Eclipse IDE with the downloaded eclipse-inst-win64.exe . For Windows 10 we can see the following security-related screen where we will click to the Run button. For other Windows versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 or Windows Server versions there will be no security check by default.

We will see the following screen which provides different programming language IDE installation options. We will simply select the Programming Language we want to install.

Install Eclipse For Linux

Eclipse Ide For C Programming

Eclipse installation for Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Mint, Kali, CentOS can be done in different ways. Repositories can be used to install Eclipse IDE but generally, the repositories provide older or outdated versions. The best way is to use the Eclipse Installer from

We will be redirected to the followin web page where the Eclipse installer is provided as a tar.gz file. We will download the eclipse-ins-linux64.tar.gz file like below.

After the download is completed we have to extract the tar.gz file to run installation executables. We will use the file browser extractor to extract like below.

After extracting the installation files we will navigate into the folder eclipse-linux64 directory like below and click to the eclipse-inst script like below which will start eclipse installation process.

Below we will see a list of programming languages and development environments like Java, Java Enterprise, C/C++, Web and JavaScript, PHP etc. We will select the programming language we want to install for Eclipse. In this example we will select the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

When we select the Java Programming Language we will see the following installation screen and some basic configuration. Java 1.8+ VM specifies the JVM path which should be higher then Java 1.8. Installation Folder is the path where Java IDE will be installed.

During the installation or at the end of the installation we may be asked to accept the given licences which will look like below. We will just select Remember accepted licenses and then click to the Accept button like below.

When the Eclipse installation is completed we will see the following screen where we can launch the Eclipse IDE for Java by clicking to the Launch button.

Install C/C++ For Eclipse

We can install the C and C++ IDE with the eclipse installer easily. From the eclipse installer screen simply select the Eclipse IDE for c/C++ Developers .

Then we will see the following screen where we will simply click to the Install . We can change the default installation path from the Installation Folder.

When the installation is completed we will see the following screen where we can launch the C/C++ IDE from the launch button.

Install PHP For Eclipse

Eclipse Ide C# Plugin

Eclipse also supports the PHP programming and applications development environment. We will simply click to the Eclipse IDE For PHP Developers from the eclipse installer. We can see that this eclipse installer can be also used to install Java IDE, C/C++ Developers, Web, and JavaScript Developers.

We will see the following screen where we can change the installation path from the Installation Folder.

When the installation completed successfully we will see the following screen where we can launch the newly installed PHP IDE from the Launch button. We can see that the Eclipse IDE installation requires at least Java 1.8 and higher in order to work properly. The currently set Java binary path is provided which is “/usr/lib/jvm/java-11-openjsk-amd64” in this case but this may change according to your configuration. The installation folder is the current user’s home directory eclipse folder. For this case, the Eclipse PHP installation is “~/eclipse/php-2019-09” or “/home/ismail/eclipse/php-2019-09“.

Details Group Tabs


Eclipse aCute enables C# application development in the Eclipse IDE.

aCute provides a rich C# editor with error reporting, hover, content assist, jump to references.. (using OmniSharp) and syntax highlighting (using TextMate grammar).
aCute also integrates various operations of the `dotnet` command-line (New, Run, Test, Publish) as typical Eclipse IDE wizards and workflows.
aCute provide supports debugging for .NET applications

aCute is in an project:

  • Editor,
  • C#,
  • .NET,
  • dotnet,
  • fileExtension_cs,
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