Eclipse Che Theia

Eclipse Theiaは、デスクトップおよびウェブアプリケーション向けのフリーでオープンソースの統合開発環境(IDE)フレームワークである[1]。Visual Studio Codeを元にTypeScriptで実装されており、拡張性の高さが特徴である[2][3][4]

You heard about Eclipse Theia and Eclipse Che, but did not find the time to learn more about those projects? You are interested in web-based tools, but do no. Eclipse Che uses Eclipse Theia as its default IDE starting from version 7. In September 2018, the online IDE Gitpod was released which is based on Theia. Arduino IDE 2.0 is based on Eclipse Theia, replacing the Processing -based IDE.


TheiaはTypeFoxとEricssonが開発し、Red Hat、IBM、Google、Arm Holdingsからの追加のコントリビューションを受けた[5][6]。最初に公開されたのは2017年3月である[7]。2018年5月にTheiaはEclipse Foundationのプロジェクトになった[8]


TheiaはLanguage Server Protocol(英語版)(LSP)をビルトインしているため、さまざまなプログラミング言語をサポートしている[9]。デスクトップアプリケーション、ウェブアプリケーション、またはフロントエンド・バックエンドを分離したハイブリットアプリケーションとして利用できる。Theiaのすべての機能は拡張機能(extensions)として実装されているため、サードパーティの開発者はTheiaの機能をアプリケーションのデフォルトコンポーネントと同じAPIを使って修正することができるようになっている。Theiaのレイアウトは、ドラッグ可能なdockから構成される[10][11]

TheiaはEclipse Public License 2.0(EPL2)でライセンスされたフリーかつオープンソースのソフトウェアプロジェクトで、Eclipse Foundationの元で開発が行われている[12]


Eclipse Che(英語版)はバージョン7からEclipse TheiaをデフォルトのIDEとして使用している[13]。2018年9月には、TheiaをベースにしたオンラインIDEのGitpodがリリースされた[14]

Eclipse Theia Vs Che


2019年1月、コーディングに関するウェブサイトJAXenterは、GitHubのメトリクスを元に、Visual Studio CodeおよびAtomに次いで3番目に人気のあるJavaScriptのIDEであると評価した[15]


Eclipse Che Vs Theia

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by Peter Haumer.
Last updated: 4 December 2019

VS Code has become so popular that there are other editors out there now that provide a compatibility API to also consume VS Code extensions. One of the most popular ones is the web-based Eclipse Theia(opens new window). Theia is also the default editor for the container-based Eclipse Che(opens new window) platform as well. Hence, we develop IBM Z Open Editor not only for VS Code, but also Theia, which opens our editor up for an even larger community than VS Code already provides. In fact, Z Open Editor has actually evolved out of a Theia extension that we introduced in 2018.For more details, see the Overview(opens new window) or a demo showing both user experiences(opens new window).

# API compatibility


Eclipse Theia Binary

Theia strives for full compatibility of the VS Code APIs. As Theia and VS Code evolve, the Theia team is keeping track of the status of the VS Code API implementation in Theia here(opens new window). If new issues are found, the team accepts issue reports here(opens new window) using the tag vscode.

# Building Theia and running IBM Z Open Editor in it

In this article, we will show you three different ways of building Theia and running it with IBM Z Open Editor and optionally Zowe Explorer that gives you access to z/OS® resources:

To run IBM Z Open Editor and optionally Zowe Explorer with Theia, you must first download the vsix file(s) of IBM Z Open Editor VS Code extension(opens new window) and optionally Zowe Explorer VS Code extension(opens new window) from the VS Code Marketplace using the 'Download Extension' link on the right.

# Alternative 1: Load it from

If you want to try out the user experience for editing COBOL or PL/I code in a browser, you can build a Theia editor instance with our extension on your development machine easily and then run the Theia web server from the command line window. The main prerequisite is to have Node.js V10(opens new window) (not newer) and yarn(opens new window) installed on your development machine. It can run on Linux, Windows, or macOS.

  1. Follow the instructions here(opens new window) to build a Theia instance using Node and Yarn with the two modifications described below.

  2. After pasting the contents for the package.json file, add the following additional entries into the dependencies object:

    As the name indicates, these commands will add VS Code Extension compatibility.

  3. Then, use the plain yarn command to build everything.

  4. Create a folder called plugins in the directory where you built Theia, and drop the downloaded vsix file(s) into that folder.

  5. Start Theia with this augmented command:

  6. Now open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000(opens new window).

Theia will now load and you can create a workspace directory on your local drive with COBOL or PL/I files with Z Open Editor language support. If you also downloaded the Zowe Explorer VS Code extension, you can see the stylized Z icon on the left that you can click to see the Data Set, USS, and JES viewers.

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Done. It is that easy.

If you are looking for code samples to try, clone our sample repository with the following command and open that folder by clicking File > Open...

# Alternative 2: Load a Docker container

If you are a fan of Docker, you can get started even faster than the alternative above by using the Theia Docker images that are continuously published. This page(opens new window) provides a great overview to the available Docker images maintained by the Theia team.

As the default Theia Docker image does not include the VS Code extension, we recommend loading the theia-full image.

Eclipse Che Vs Theia

  1. Make sure you are not running any other Theia app anymore or change the mapped port in the command below. Assuming that you have Docker installed and running, execute this command to download the image and start a container:

    Note: When you start the container as above, the default workspace in which to store program files will be inside the Docker container. If you want to try Theia with your own local files, you can mount a local directory as the workspace instead. CD into the directory that contains your sample programs first, and then use these modified commands instead that will map the current directory as the /home/project directory in the container.

    Linux or macOS


  2. Open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000(opens new window).

  3. The extensions of Z Open Editor and Zowe Explorer are currently not included yet. You need to update the Docker container by copying these extensions into the container. To install Z Open Editor, run the following command. Ensure to replace ${container-id} with the actual container ID and adjust for your OS. You might also need to change the name of the vsix file in the command.

    If you also want to install the Zowe Explorer vsix file, run the command above by replacing the vsix file name, for example, Zowe.vscode-extension-for-zowe-0.29.0.vsix.

  4. Then, log on to your container as root and move it in the right location:

  5. Restart the container and reload your browser.

You are now able to create COBOL and PL/I files and see the Zowe Explorer views. To install more extensions into the container, go back to the container root shell. For example, you can install Zowe CLI into the container now as well.

# Alternative 3: Build Theia from source

If you are interested in the Eclipse Theia project and want to try building it from source to explore it further, you can certainly do that and load Z Open Editor with it.

Eclipse Theia Download

The Theia development team provides a very detailed document on how to set up your workspace. In particular, it lists all the dependencies required on your development machine, which differs quite a bit depending on the OS you are working on.

For more details, see the main Theia Developer Guide: new window).

The main prerequisites are still Node V10 and Yarn. However, on a Windows PC, you need more dependencies such as the Windows Build Tools. The developer guide(opens new window) proposes to install the Windows package manager Choco and then use it for the installation of most dependencies including Node and Yarn.

Eclipse Theia Che

After the prerequisites are set up, the steps for building Theia are basically to clone the repository and run yarn to build everything. If the build process aborts with errors, check for fixes in the Troubleshoot sections of the Theia development guide(opens new window).

Once everything is built, running Theia with Z Open Editor and Zowe Explorer requires these additional steps:

  1. Create a folder called plugins in the top-level Theia folder you cloned.
  2. Copy the Z Open Editor and Zowe Explorer vsix files into that plugins folder.
  3. Run the command cd examples/browser.
  4. Run the command yarn start.
  5. Open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000(opens new window).