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Eclipse/che:6.7.0 multiuser on docker-ce fails to start (Timeout waiting for server.) #10142 Closed thiago-a-silva opened this issue Jun 22, 2018 2 comments. Overview What is a Container. Product Overview. Product Offerings. Docker Desktop Docker Hub. Container Runtime Developer Tools Docker App Kubernet.

  1. Eclipse Che Docker Hub

Eclipse Che – pronounced as ‘chay’ – is an exciting step towards developer workspace i.e. IDE. You can read more about this on their website.

This post to talk about firewalld(firewall-cmd) changes to make eclipse/che:5.4.1 docker image working on my CentOS 7.1 host machine. From their website

Eclipse Che is a next-generation cloud IDE and workspace server that can run anywhere Docker runs. By the way, it runs in a browser.

Che is a platform that launches workspaces using Docker on different networks. Your browser or desktop IDE then connects to these workspaces. This makes Che a Platform as a Service (PaaS) running on a distributed network. There are essential connections we establish:

  1. Browser –> Che Server
  2. Che Server –> Docker Daemon
  3. Che Server –> Workspace
  4. Workspace –> Che Server
  5. Browser –> Workspace

Running command for the first time

got the following error

Upon reading their documentation, realised eclipse/che talks to workspace Che agents on ports ranging from 32768 to 65535.

So, what to do next? Well, it’s quite simple – make changes to CentOS firewalld to allow communication on required port number(s). If you’d like to read more about firewall-cmd, see this excellent article on

Time to make some changes to firewalld rules. But instead of opening one port at a time (or worst, the complete range) – can we do it an elegant fashion?

Yes, we can. Create a custom serviceAmazon household photos. and modify rules for that service. Advantages of doing this:

Eclipse Che 7 Docker
  • easy to maintain. we can add/remove ports as required. activate/shutdown service.
  • easy to read firewall rules. more descriptive information on why a certain rule was modified.

Steps I had followed

  • Login to your machine as root (or a sudo capable user)
  • Copy services/ssh.xml as services/docker-eclipse-che.xml
  • Edit docker-eclipse-che.xml per your needs (following is what I have)
  • Reload firewalld
  • Verify firewalld is able to recognise docker-eclipse-che as one of the services
  • Add docker-eclipse-che service to your required zone, basically, open up mentioned ports for communication. (my ethernet is on public zone. make required changes based on your zone)
  • Test eclipse/che (using eclipse/che info –network) or with the previous docker run command. Connection to Che workspace should work.
Eclipse che 7 dockersDocker

Eclipse Che Docker Hub

Things should start working!