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Jakarta EE Community Update for March and April 2021

Eclipse 2020-12 IDE Improvements. The next Eclipse IDE release is coming in 2021-03. Powered by Participation. A vast ecosystem of plugins from an active community. Get Involved; Stay Connected with Eclipse Projects. Additionally, you can tap into a vast collection of extensions provided by the Eclipse community and ecosystem via the Eclipse Marketplace Client (Help Eclipse Marketplace). Note that not all Eclipse packages contain the Eclipse Marketplace Client.

The Eclipse IDE (integrated development environment) provides strong support for Java developer. In 2020 Eclipse is one of the leading IDEs with approximately one millions downloads per month. Eclipse can be extended with additional software components called plug-ins. Pre-packaged Eclipse distributions provide a consistent set of functionality. JuliaDT is an Eclipse-based IDE for Julia. Current trends in Big Data and Data Science make Julia a natural choice when tackling the latest business challenges. The plugin aims to make Julia’s strengths more readily accessible to an expanding community of developers.

Our update this month is jam-packed with highlights, as March and April were busy with many events and new developments in the Jakarta EE Community!

Announcing Eclipse Ditto Release 2.0.0

With the major version 2.0.0, the Ditto team removed technical debt and ended support for APIs which were deprecated long ago in order to have a better maintainable codebase.

Automatic WildFly Clustering in Managed Domain Mode and Scaling inside Containers

Nowadays it’s easy to get up and running WildFly standalone server in a container.

JUG Istanbul has become a Guest Member of the Jakarta EE Working Group

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JUG Istanbul is a driving force behind Jakarta One Livestream - Turkish and its members are interested in being involved in advancing Jakarta Contexts and Dependency and Jakarta Concurrency.

Eclipse SUMO 1.9.1 is now available!

We are happy to announce the release of Eclipse SUMO 1.9.1. We are releasing 1.9.1 as a hotfix.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #70

Welcome to the seventieth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Eclipse SAAM Mobility 2021: Call for Posters, Demos and Work in Progress presentations

Eclipse 2020 ide

Announcing new opportunities for exchange at Eclipse SAAM Mobility 2021. Eve online best cloaked ships mod. The Call for Posters, Demos and Work in Progress presentations is now open.

The Eclipse Foundation Unveils its New Vision for Managing and Operating Edge Computing Environments via Open Source Software

The new white paper articulates a new approach for building software solutions for edge computing environments, with an emphasis on open source.

Q&A with EclipseCon 2021 Program Committee Chair

Cédric Brun gives us some additional insights into the EclipseCon 2021 program committee and what we can expect to see at EclipseCon this October.

NEW! Jakarta EE Community Cards

We have created a set of Jakarta EE Community Cards that you can use to show your participation in the Jakarta EE Community.

Hashtag Jakarta EE #69

CFP for EclipseCon 2021, Jakarta EE Developer Survey, and Compatibility Certification Requests highlight this week's edition.

Integrating ROS2 with Eclipse zenoh

The zenoh/DDS bridge is leveraging CycloneDDS to discover the DDS readers and writers declared by the ROS2 application.

Eclipse Ide 2020 09

OSGi Working Group Settles into New Home at Eclipse Foundation

After shipping the OSGi Core Release 8 in December, the OSGi Working Group (WG) is now incubating at the Eclipse Foundation.

The OSGi Alliance Transfers Governance of the OSGi Specifications to Open Source Software Leader the Eclipse Foundation

In its new home, many OSGi alliance members and other interested parties can continue the development of OSGi technology in the company of other Java based efforts such as the Eclipse Adoptium, Eclipse IDE, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile working groups.

Six Software Essentials for Commercial Vehicles

To simplify porting and development, the QNX Neutrino RTOS and the QNX Hypervisor support the AUTOSAR Adaptive standard, are POSIX-compliant and use the Eclipse development en

Adding Value To Open-Source RISC-V Cores With Verification

Eclipse ide 2020 12
A case study of open source collaboration to develop RISC-V processor IP with industrial-strength verification using the PULP RI5CY core and the OpenHW CORE-V-VERIF project.

Open Liberty and Jakarta EE 9 Highlights (YouTube)

Join Jared Anderson (Senior Software Engineer - WebSphere Performance Engineering) as he explores Jakarta EE 9 and its support in Open Liberty, the first vendor-compatible

Hashtag Jakarta EE #68

Welcome to the sixty-eighth issue of Hashtag Jakarta EE!

Eclipse 2020 Ide

Eclipse Vert.x 3.9.7 released!

We are ex­tremely pleased to an­nounce that Eclipse Vert.x ver­sion 3.9.7 has been re­leased. Since the re­lease of Vert.x 3.9.6, quite a few bugs have been re­ported.

EclipseCon 2021 Call for Proposals

Eclipse Ide 2020-12

Submissions are open for EclipseCon 2021! The conference is October 25-28 and will be held online. All proposals are due by June 15.

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Eclipse Ide 2020 32 Bit

  • ıt works AaronLonin, you are great! you are all Great guys and Raquel! Greetingsa from Istanbul – Turky!……b muchos gracias… !!

    The new version of “CodeMix TypeScript” keeps getting bugs!
    Especially for tests, windows10 I installed an empty latest Eclipse 2020-09 on Java 15 and recorded a video of how I install the latest version of CodeMix from scratch on it
    watch my video:
    After I recorded the video, I installed the update “” – but all these errors remained the same after the update
    Here are the errors I saw during the first 10 minutes of testing (watch my video)
    1) after installing your CodeMix on a clean eclipse and trying to open *.ts files “CodeMix engine – preparing” hangs. It hangs for a few minutes, after which it gives an error and offers to restart the “CodeMix engine” (watch my video)
    2) if the code contains an error in the type, then this error is not displayed even if you click “Validate”. That is, you can see only parsing errors or field errors in objects, but not errors in their types. When clicking “Validate” or “Build” such errors are not visible. These errors are visible only if you open this file in an editor.
    3) If you click “Save All” in the TypeScript file, then eclipse shows a useless dialog in which you are prompted to select which files to save, but all the files have already been saved and the dialog is either completely empty or shows one file. This is useless dialogue, and it gets in the way. I always click the “Save All” button and never click the “Save this file only” button
    4) In Eclipse, the native “Build All” button does nothing in TypeScript projects. It would be better if clicking on it did “Validate” as it did in your old WebClipse. And now if you need to do “Validate” you have to open any TypeScript file and there already select
    5) If you do not enable “online Watch” in the project, then no errors are visible in other files at all, in some files no errors are visible even if you click “Validate”
    6) “Validate” works for a very long time, “Compile” works even longer. How can you disable “Compile / Build” but at the same time for “Validate” to correctly show all errors in all files?

    It is currently not possible to use your CodeMix product, especially due to the empty dialog when saving all changed files.
    Please fix this dialog and other errors as soon as possible, and I will try again using CodeMix.

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