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Another option is to use the 2GB plan of DropBox as temporary space for recordings. It provides around 204 minutes according to the message from Jitsi, almoust 3,5 Hours for recording. Once done, you can download the recordings to your local disk or wherever you want and delete it from the DropBox. Self-installed Jitsi Meet deployments will need to setup Jibri to do this. Dropbox: Connect to Dropbox with Jitsi Meet and save the video in the Dropbox. Video Services/Websites: Stream your conference to YouTube or other sites (e.g. Twitch) and access the recording there (see howto ).

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Hi Zimbra Friends, Customers & Partners!

Zimbra 9 offers 2 UIs: Classic & Modern, and users can toggle easily between UIs.


Zimbra 9’s Modern UI integrates email with the best collaboration tools (e.g. Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Google Drive, Jitsi, Webex, etc.). The next Zimbra 9 patch (coming very soon!) includes an update to the Modern UI, so users will have easier and faster access to the tools they need.

Here is what you should know about the updated Modern UI:

  • The navigation bar has a new look and some new icons! Email, Calendar and Contacts are still there, PLUS icons for Video, Chat and Cloud Storage tools.* Looking for Briefcase, Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive to share and store files? Click the Cloud Storage icon!

* If you don’t see the new icons, your email administrator has not enabled those tools. Sourcetree not refreshing. Please contact your email admin for more information.

Want a quick video tour (3 mins)? Click here!

And built-in and available for you to use right away are …

  • Briefcase — Share and store files in Zimbra Cloud Storage (just click the cloud icon!)
  • Jitsi** — Click “Make it a Jitsi Meeting” in a calendar meeting invite to automatically create a video meeting

** If you don’t see the “Make it a Jitsi Meeting” button in your meeting invite, your email administrator has not enabled Jitsi. Please contact your email admin for more information.

We hope you love the new Modern UI as much as we do!

Dropbox Jitsi App

Your Zimbra Team