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Download Weasis Star Fork Documentation licensed under 4. Built with Hugo and learn theme. Navigation Weasis Medical Viewer. Weasis is a multipurpose standalone and web-based DICOM viewer with a highly modular architecture. It is a very popular clinical viewer used in healthcare by hospitals, health networks, multicenter research trials,. Step 1: Download the correct properties file. The first step is to copy from the correct branch of the weasis-pacs-connector git repo, rename it to, and place this file in the appropriate folder according to your JBoss / Wildfly version, as described in the docs here.

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After having set up dcm4chee w/ TLS encryption and gleefully performing a few dcmsnds or dcmqrs, you may find yourself a bit frustrated to discover that Weasis no longer seems to work with dcm4chee via weasis-pacs-connector.

Note: This is a follow-up article to setting up dcm4chee w/ TLS. Also, the below has only been tested with dcm4chee2.x.

Weasis working with TLS (launched from dcm4chee-web3).

In my case, this was because the C-FIND’s that weasis-pacs-connector uses to tell Weasis the uri’s of the images it needs to download aren’t by default setup to use TLS. Opening up dcm4chee’s log, you should see some error’s to that effect. This is a bit frustrating given that weasis-pacs-connector runs on the *same box* *via* dcm4chee and so presumably shouldn’t need this extra layer of authentication. Alas this is not the case.

Luckily, weasis-pacs-connector does come with config options to enable TLS. However, I found the setup to be a bit tricky, as the config syntax differs greatly between the current weasis-pacs-connector version (the master branch found here), and v5.0.1 which is the latest pre-compiled version available on sourceforge, as of this writing, so I decided to write up some instructions.

Step 1: Download the correct properties file

The first step is to copy from the correct branch of the weasis-pacs-connector git repo, rename it to, and place this file in the appropriate folder according to your JBoss / Wildfly version, as described in the docs here.

On my system, running jboss inferior to version 7, the location is $DCM4CHEE/server/default/conf/.

If you are using weasis-pacs-connector v5.0.1, then the direct link to the properties file is here. If you are using the latest master branch version (which I am told will in the near future become v6.x), the link is here. Again, be careful to get this right as this file has changed quite a bit between v5.0.1 and the current latest version.

Acronis true image cleanup utility. The next step differs based on your version of weasis-pacs-connector.

Step 2 for weasis-pacs-connector v5.0.1

If you’ve download the correct file then this step will be rather self-explanatory, as the options related to turning on TLS are already referenced within this file. Simply uncomment / edit so that they match with the details of your install. My file looks like this:

Step 2 for weasis-pacs-connector “v6.x” / “current” master

Note: These are directions for the “latest” (at the time of this writing) version of weasis-pacs-connector grabbed directly from the master branch of the git repo (again, as it was at the time of this writing) and built from source. I have been told this version will soon become v6.x, however, as these instructions are against the ‘latest’ master which has not yet been tagged with an official release version, they may become quickly outdated. So take the below with a grain of salt and continue to refer to the official docs.

If you’ve already downloaded the correct file the next step is to download from the same git repo and plop it into the same directory as However you must rename it such that it is not named one of:

as these are *already* packaged with the weasis-pacs-connector war archive and the settings in these files (which do *not* enable TLS) will override your custom defined file if it has one these names. My file is named

Make the appropriate edits for your system. My file looks like:

Finally, open up and make sure this file is properly referenced, like so:

Step 3: Restart dcm4chee

Restart dcm4chee and open up a dicom archive w/ Weasis via dcm4chee-web3 or otherwise, it should now work w/ TLS.

Random troubleshooting

Possible problems:

  • If you changed the AE title of your dcm4chee instance, make sure to make the appropriate adjustments in the weasis-pacs-connector config files. If this is the case Weasis will fail to load studies TLS mode or not.
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View and thoroughly analyze all aspects of DICOM medical files, from multiple angles, all with the help of this comprehensive utility

What's new in Weasis 3.7.0:

  • Implemented enhancements:
  • Handle spatial calibration of US with multiple regions (only when a single region in cm is present)
  • Update to weasis-dicom-tools
  • Update to OpenCV 4.5.0
Read the full changelog

Designed mainly for medical professionals, but also very much usable by any day-to-day user with an inclination towards medical file and image study, Weasis is a cross-platform, Java-based utility that provides a staggering array of tools for viewing DICOM (short for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) files and radiological images.

Before we dive deeper into what really makes this app useful, there are a few things worth mentioning. First off, the fact that this is a portable app, which means that not only it doesn't require installation, but it can also be launched in mere seconds, directly from a flash drive, on any Windows PC or Mac that's running Java.

Incredibly feature-packed and well-thought-out DICOM/medical viewer

One of the best things about this app is the fact that it comes with support for a wide array of DICOM files, including multi-frame, enhanced, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MIMI Encapsulation, SR, PR, KOS, and AU, coming from all storage mediums, including CDs and DVDs or other portable media. It's also quite capable of working with most other photo formats as well, with support for TIFF, BMP, FlashPix, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and PNM.

One other area where this app shines is in the image manipulation department, as it allows you to effortlessly manage photos with specialized and intuitive tools for panning, zooming, windowing, rotating, flipping, scrolling, and filtering pictures.

Since we're on the subject, a special notice goes out to the 'multi-viewer' feature which makes it possible for you to view multiple images in various customizable layouts, quite handy for situations when you want to compare various images on one screen.

Not just a glorified image viewer, but a full-fledged analyzer with measurements and drawing features on tap


Last but not least, the app's measurement and annotation tools which, as we're sure you'll see, are many. Ranging from simple tools that can help you calculate the distance between two selected points, to more complex ones that allow you to calculate any custom-defined share, area, or angles, the app has got you covered.

Last but not least, you might also be interested in knowing that the app allows you to save the measurements and annotations in DICOM PR or directly to XML format. There are a few other similar options as well, as you can export DICOM to ZIP, ISO, TIFF, JPEG, and PNG formats if you want.

Very capable DICOM viewer and analyzer that can be used on all major platforms, by all types of users

All things considered, Weasis is a very compelling and feature-packed utility that is sure to come in handy to medical professionals and, why not, even patients. It packs a praiseworthy number of useful features and, thanks to its modular structure, it can be further improved with the help of plugins.

The only drawback is the interface which could have been better, as we're sure users running Windows 10 on their tables will surely struggle a bit with the tiny buttons and desktop-orientated controls.

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Weasis was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
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