Dotlan Eve

Can you give me an introduction into Pathfinder ?

Unfortunately not. I will probably not have the time to answer any question personally. Make sure you have read the manual.
If there are still some open questions, please ask in the official forums thread for help.

This extension reimplements the old 'radar' (location tracking) feature into DOTLAN using EVE's new ESI API. Available on Chrome You will need Google Chrome to install most apps, extensions. EVE Online OAuth SSO login. Proudly powered by WordPress.

Eve online interactive map

Which browsers are compatible with Pathfinder?

You will get the best user experience with the latest version Google Chrome or Firefox. Pathfinder uses some 'bloody edge' web technologies like SVG graphics, Canvas drawing, CSS3, JS (ECMA 5.0) that are not yet fully supported by any other browser like IE or Safari.

Can i use multiple accounts/characters?

Eve online interactive map

Yes, you can add as many characters to your account you want. By accepting the 'Cookie hint', your current logged-in characters are stored. If you don´t want cookies, you need to re-assign bei CCP´s SSO login the next time.
Cookies are valid for 30 days and will be destroyed on 'logout'. Read more.

Are my data safe?

Whoever said, his program is 'bullet proof', is lying! But I promise to give my very best to protect any personal or map data that is stored on my server. The login process is handled by CCP´s SSO. There is no account data (or even your EVE Online login data) stored or available to Pathfinder.
All client side cookie data is encrypted stored server side and is protected against manipulation or abuse.

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Can i report bugs or security issues?

Dotlan Eve

Good work! I am very happy for any technical feedback and improvements. Feel free to contact me with your problem, either by submitting a bug report or contact me in game. I´ll give my best to find a solution for your problem or path Pathfinder.

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I don´t trust you, can I host Pathfinder on my own?

Yes you can! I developed this application for the great community of EVE Online. The program code is open source and can be used by anyone who have the required software skills. Please make sure to keep all 3rd party plugin licence and respect them. At the moment there is no developer guide available. But one the beta phase is finished, i will probably write a short technical documentation. Do not expect any 'out of the box' install routine at this point.
Server requirements:

Dotlan Eve

Dotlan Eve Uni

  • Webserver with a LEMP environment
  • PHP 7.2+
  • PHP framework requirements
  • MySQL 5.7+
  • Some kind of server side caching. Redis is preferred, file cache will also work