Dollar Tree Space Saver Bags

This is yet anotherinvention I wish I had invented. It isclever, useful and now inexpensive. Manycompanies make them. They are offered asthe original Space Saver Bag at Wal-Mart, Walgreens and other department storesand general pharmacy stores. There is ageneric version available at Harbor Freight and even Dollar Tree.

Space Saver Bags For Travel

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The original SpaceSaver bags are the flat bag in many sizes. The small roll up bag is great for camping and hiking. If you have wet or dirty clothes and youdon’t want to leave them in the river where they got wet, you whip out a smallroll up space saver bag. Place the wetclothes inside, stretch the opening as you match the ends so there are no airholes. Roll the air out from thebottom. It will save the rest of yourgear from getting wet or save your food from smelling like day old wetdrawers!
Dollar Tree Space Saver Bags
The cube shape bagsmade loading a bit easier. I like thebags that vacuum down into a canvas bag with handles. If you pack them evenly and don’t over pack,they stack without falling over. Overpacking is a real temptation. It is inyour best interest to follow directions and let the bag do its job.
Dollar Tree Space Saver BagsDollar
I like the newinnovation of color coding the contents by placing them in a colored bag. For me, I like the Red bags at Harbor Freightthat signify to me the presence of medical supplies. I find the idea of marking a product with acolor stealthy and low key.
The commercialadvertising always touts the closet angle for which the bags weredesigned. That’s great but as ahousekeeper; I always suggest the homeowner stop storing those bulky beddingtoppers in a corner. Put all the pillowsyou keep for company and the bed shawls and duvets that match and get them in aspace saving bag under the bed. Theywill be there when the in-laws visit and I don’t have to dust them!
Store toilet paperwith or without the card board core in a space saver bag. Do you really need to spend the money for abig bulky rectangular plastic box? Twospace saving bags can store as much as one box. You don’t need to vacuum out all the air either. You can stack and store all you want and onlyremove half the air. It will still bewater proof, and stackable just not crushed.
I store all thewool and wool blended items in space saving bags. This is Florida. When I want a warm blanket, I have two. They are in the bag with some wool socks andwoolen sweaters. Moths cannot get intothe bags. I don’t have to add moth ballsor wait till the smell of moth balls to disappear to wear them. You can wear all the Olive Drab clothes youwant in the dark of night, but add a moth ball soaked sweater and I will smell you coming from agood block away. Sowill any prey you stalk or danger you are trying to avoid!
When winter comes,replace your winter wear with the summer clothes you won’t wear till spring.
If you have a goodsupply of gravy mixes or dehydrated mashed potatoes orsacks of flour or sugar, they will also store in space saver bags to protectthem against water and vermin.

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Space saving, colorcoding, flat bags or stackable cube shapes, space saving bags are a goodprepper item for preserving stored items.