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Disk Drill For External Hard DriveDisk drill data recovery external hard drive

A hard drive is a small box inside of computer equipment that may contain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card information, social security numbers, etc. If you are upgrading to a new computer (desktop computer, laptop, office copier, etc.) always remove and destroy the hard drive before selling, donating, or recycling any computer equipment! Failure to destroy the hard drive before giving the computer away could result in sensitive information ending up in the hands of the new owner, who will then be able to copy old files and go through your personal information stored there.

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There are many options available if you are looking to dispose of an old hard drive. Some professional destruction methods include:

  • Shredding it using a local shredding company
  • Taking it to a computer recycling company
  • Mailing it to a hard drive destruction specialist
  • Bringing it in to a local computer shop that will dispose of it

These methods are ideal, but they usually cost money. Professional destruction of a hard drive could cost $70 or more in some areas! So what is a low cost method to dispose of the hard drive and keep your personal data safe if you are low on funds? Considering you have all the right tools, this method won’t cost you a dime and is a very secure way to get rid of a hard drive while keeping your data secure.

Step 1: Wipe it! Wiping a hard drive in essence destroys the data by writing over it with random characters. There are many free utilities to help, a good one is [email protected] KillDisk. You can download the free utility from their website, click: [email protected] KillDisk. This free software overwrites all of the data on your old hard drive with random characters and WILL DESTROY ALL OF YOUR DATA! Be sure you have performed a complete backup and have transferred the data from your old hard drive to your new system before wiping it.

Disk Drill is also able to pull out data from hard drives that have crashed. There are different scan options and scan capabilities that Disk Drill can do. For scan options, quick and deep scans can be made to look for lost, deleted, corrupted, or damaged files. Launch Disk Drill. Start Disk Drill by going to your Applications folder and double-clicking on the Disk Drill icon. If this is the first time you have launched Disk Drill, you will be asked a few questions. We recommend the you leave the first three boxes checked, but uncheck the last box to skip the tour. Sandblaster removes the layer of materials from hard drive platter. Drill tool makes holes in platters through which data can not be recovered. Method 8: How to Destroy a Hard Drive with water using Electrolysis. In order to dissolve the hard drive, take a big plastic container filled it with water. After that, immersed hard drive in it. Disk Drill was one of the only ones that would even launch (apparently the other apps didn’t like one of my external drives). The interface is great—clean and professional. Over the three days required to scan such a large drive, Disk Drill found a massive list of files (hard to say if it’s really all of them, but it’s gotta be close).


Step 2: Remove it! Physically remove the hard drive from the system. This is usually the easy part, you’ll just need a screwdriver and a little patience. Keep in mind that you will still be able to sell or donate the old computer without a hard drive missing, just be sure to let the new owners know in advance that they will need a new hard drive and operating system.

Step 3: Drill it! If you plan on using the old hard drive again, skip this step. Otherwise it’s best to physically destroy the old hard drive just to be 100% certain that the old data is completely destroyed. This step is not only fun, depending on how much personal data you had on the old drive it can also help you sleep better at night.

External Hard Drive Not In Disk Management

Wearing protective goggles, gloves, and a dust mask for your mouth and nose take a drill and a metal drill bit to the drive. You’ll want to drill through the drive completely from one side to the other, and you’ll want to do this multiple times. Two important areas for you to drill through are the platters and the controller board. See examples in the below images.

Hard drive from an old computer, data already moved to new computer and ready for destruction.
A few things you should have. Drill bits, eye protection, gloves, mouth and nose protection.
A drill

Hard drives contain many round platters inside that store the data. Drill through them.
In this example, the drive has been drilled through one side to the other. You can see the light behind it coming through.
Close up of the hole drilled through the hard drive

The green area is the controller board. Drill through that as well.
Don’t stop with just one hole, drill several times through the drive.
The last hard drive was a 3.5″ desktop drive. You can drill 2.5″ laptop hard drives the same way.

This laptop hard drive has a much larger controller board on the bottom, but is easier to drill through.
Multiple drill holes through a 2.5″ laptop hard drive

External Disk Drive For Computer

All done!

Disk Drill For External Hard Drive Windows 10

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