Dero Space Saver

Vertically store bikes with the Single Ultra-Space Saver. Great for areas with space constraints, the simple, design mounts to nearly any wall type to create reliable bike storage. The Single Ultra-Space Saver hanger arm is rubber coated, U-Lock compatible. Get a great price on Ultra Space Saver Single - Wall Mount from Park Warehouse, the source for commercial Uncategorized products.

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MINNEAPOLIS—Since 1995, Dero has introduced innovative bike parking. Now entering its 20th year, Dero continues this tradition with the new Ultra Space Saver Squared, Cycle Dock, Type Rider, and Alley Rack. A redesigned website highlights these bike racks, and features design guides, how-to videos, product galleries, a robust online store, and more. These new online resources will help customers find the best bicycle parking solutions for their project.

Dero Ultra Space Saver

Math 126 midterm 2. Dero’s Ultra Space Saver Squared builds on its predecessor, the original Ultra Space Saver. Both provide vertical bike parking that maximizes space efficiency, but the Squared goes even further:

• Sliding Arm System: Adjustable sliding arms make it easy for customers to best utilize their space. It also creates flexibility to make sure spacing follows city requirements as they evolve.
• Square Tube Arm: Pipe-cutter resistant squared steel tubing makes the Ultra Space Saver Squared more secure than the original.
• Angled Arm (optional): This option provides an extra six inches of aisle space.

Like the original, the Squared is u-lock compatible and accommodates bikes with fenders; features an easy to install, modular system; and can fit in nearly any space. Additional options include: wall-mount, floor-mount, and double-sided.

High Security, Yet Pleasing to the Eye

The Dero Cycle Dock is a solid laser cut steel plated bike rack, providing high security that is pleasing to the eye. With unassuming wheel stops at its base, the Cycle Dock offers three points of contact for extra bike stability, while the wide spacing between its two arms decreases handle bar conflicts when parking two bikes.

Dero Space Saver

The line of Type Rider Racks offers customers the chance to have fun with letters and symbols. These laser cut, hand welded bike racks can be made to spell out a word, brand name, and even hashtag. They are available in a wide array of finishes and colors to create eye-catching bike parking.

One of the first Dero racks created in the mid-1990s, the Alley Rack has been reincarnated, redesigned, and reengineered to be better than ever. The Alley Rack’s arm swings a full 180º, offering a variety of locking positions to accommodate for limited space, and its 5/8″ thick steel construction provides a strong deterrent to would-be thieves.

Ultra Space Saver Dero

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