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What is the meaning of Zulu time? In a recent editorial, we talked about the ethereal concept of Fiji time. This month, in contrast, never to be complacent, we’re tackling the very real concept of Zulu time. You can tell it's mid-winter and we're starting to get a little stir crazy. Zulu and UTC are interchangeable. Zulu comes from the US military, which assigns global time zones with letter codes. The UTC time zone carries the letter Z, which in the phonetic alphabet is expressed as “Zulu.” And saying Zulu will make you sound more like a fighter pilot. No daylight savings.

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AIRMET Zulu describes moderateicing and provides freezing level heights ..

  1. The extra second is added to UTC, also known as Zulu time, only ever at midnight, either on a December 31 or a June 30. Scientists to hold back time for one second on June 30.
  2. What is Zulu Time? Zulu Time is used to refer to the current time in Greenwich, England. To avoid confusion about time zones and daylight saving time, a Global Time was created. This Global time has many names. It used to be called GMT. Now its called UTC, Zulu Time or Z Time! Long Answer (Long But Really Easy!) Zulu Time is the current time in.
  3. Zulu Time (Z) is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Integer Time Zones east of the Prime Meridian at Greenwich, London Standard time zone abbreviations with examples, indexed by the zone hour value (time difference or offset relative to GMT) and the equivalent military designations.

Zulu or Z - used worldwide for times of flight operations, formerly Greenwich Mean Time, now Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC)
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Zulu Time--(also UTC--Universal Coordinated Time) the time zone in Greenwhich, England that constitues the world aviation standard time zone. This allows computer programs to compensate for the many time zones crossed during a flight.

~ Time
Coordinated universal time. The internationally used standard time for aviation purposes based on the time at 0 degrees longitude.
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1. The letter 'Z' in radio comm.
2. '~ time'; also known as 'GMT' (Greenwich Mean Time), or 'Universal Time.' It's not clear how London won the right to set the world's time, but the U.S. Navy's onboard, and reckons time by '~. Acronis true image cloud backup. ' To make it perfectly clear, when it's 2 p.m.

Define Zulu Time

Bravo ~
Praise for a good job.
Fellow squadron members; anyone who flies the same aircraft as you do.

AIRMET ~: icing and freezing levels
We can see here in an example of an AIRMET from Seattle regarding the surrounding mountains: ..

~ Time. Another term used to designate Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the standard time common to every place in the world. Formerly and still widely called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and also World Time, UTC nominally reflects the mean solar time along the Earth's prime meridian.
ZAB ..


~ The phonetic pronunciation of the final letter of the NATO phonetic alphabet.
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UTC or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The aviation convention is to append the characters Z to times written as UTC and L to times written as local time. In the phonetic alphabet, Z is pronounced ~.

Z ~
ZOO loo
Numbers The R/T pronunciation of numbers should be the following phonetic form:
0 ZE-RO ..

Z ~ (GMTtime)
ZFW Zero Fuel Weight
ZNY New York Air Route Traffic Control Center ..

Zulu Military Time

ZT ~ time (=GMT, UTC)
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     ..

localised change in windspeed and/or direction over a short distance, resulting in a tearing or shearing effect, usually at low altitude, that can cause a sudden loss of airspeed with occasionally disastrous results if encountered when taking-off or landing.
XMSN: Transmission
XPDR: Transponder
~: ..

A 'Z' is appended to the end of the time to denote the time is given in ~ time (UTC) as opposed to local time.
Modifier-denotes that the METAR came from an automated source or that the report was corrected. If the notation 'AUTO' is listed in the METAR, the report came from an automated source.

Bravo Bozo: Derisive term that is the opposite of Bravo ~. Given for something done poorly. Also used when a sailor gets a BZ from the command, shipmates will call it a Bravo Bozo award.
Bravo ~: Originally, 'BZ' was a signal meaning 'Well Done.

UTC is the time at the Greenwich meridian (0° of longitude) and is often referred to as ~ time. Meridians to the East are ahead of UTC (one hour per 15° of longitude), and those to the West are behind.

An Airmet Sierra includes Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC), Airmet Tango is for turbulence and Airmet ~ is for icing conditions. [For convective activity see Sigmet.]
ALPA : The Airline Pilot's Association. A union for professional pilots.
AOM : Aircraft Operating Manual.

The term '~' may be used to denote UTC. The word 'local' or the time zone equivalent shall be used to denote local when local time is given during radio and telephone communications. When written, a time zone designator is used to indicate local time; e.g. '0205M' (Mountain).

Zulu Time Origin

UTC is LMT on the 0° meridian (and up to 15° west) where this timezone (Z) has a zero UTC offset. UTC or ~ time is used as the reference in aviation, all flight plans and other time stamps are related to this. It is written as follows 13:10Z.


Zero Fuel Weight - The weight of an airplane minus usable fuel
~ - Universal Co-ordinated Time
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One three zero zero ~. Weather measured ceiling two thousand overcast, visibility three, haze, smoke, temperature seven one, dew point five seven, wind two five zero at five, altimeter two niner niner six. ILSRunway Two Five Left approach in use, Runway Two Five Right closed, advise you have Alfa' ..

Also known as ~ time, or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). UTC is based on the 24-hour clock; for example, 6 P.M. is 1800 hours. Departure and arrival times, air traffic control clearances, the valid time of weather reports and forecasts, and other time-sensitive information in aviation is expressed in UTC.

Define Zulu Time

Here's a sample of how picky the guidelines are. Click the charts below to learn the proper pronunciation of letters and numbers. Have you ever heard pilots in movies and TV say things like: 'Trans-Global four-one-seven, Turn left two-niner-zero and fly direct to Charlie-~-India?' THIS is why! ..

Define Zulu Time Conversion

ALPHABET (PHONETIC) - Devised for reasons of clarity in aviation voice radio, this is the current NATO version in global use:

Zulu Time Explained

Evaluation Tool USAF United States AirForce USC United States Code USCG United States Coast Guard USG United States Government USNS United States Notices to Airmen System USOAP Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program USOC UniformService Order Code UTC Coordinated Universal Time (~) ..

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Define Zulu Time

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