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So I'm back with another set of quick, short-SiSi-notice D-Scan classes, this time though with a livestream backup!

Introduction to D-Scan teaches the basics of the Directional Scanner (D-Scan for short) in EVE Online, how to use it and how to usilise it to your advantage in defensive and offensive situations! This CORE class covers the following topics: What is the Directional Scanner. Your favorite hunting and defensive intel tool has come to the new star map. DScan Master: How to EVE OnlineOne of the things that is extremely important but doesn't get much attention when it comes to help, discussions ect is the. Automated d-scanning, if it happens, would need to update slowly, and significantly slowly than is possible manually. A thirty-second automatic update of d-scan may be acceptable to consider. Any less and d-scan would come close to being the w-space version of a populated local channel, negating the base concept behind w-space.

A CORE course on the Directional Scanner, a feature built into every ship (and your capsule), that gives you information about what ships are around you, and can have its range, angle, and orientation adjusted to get information from a more specific area.
To try and compress the event into a one hour block, I'll be running this on the Singularity (SiSi) test server. Details below:
When: May 26th @ 1800 & May 28th @ 0100 EVE time (two sections)
Eve online local scanWhere: Public Mumble, Singularity Server (or https://www.twitch.tv/drebin_679)
Duration: 1 hour
Topics Covered:
  • Using the Directional Scanner (D-Scan)
  • D-Scan as it applies to different areas of space (High, Low, Null, Wormhole)
Student requirements:
  • Public Mumble registration and access - make sure you have Mumble sorted out and operational before the class begins. Use this guide for set-up: http://eveuni.org/publicmumble
  • A downloaded copy of the Singularity client of EVE Online - Read this EVE Online Community page for more details on how to access Singularity
  • and Access to the EVE University (E-UNI) in-game chat channel on Singularity
  • or view the class on Twitch
Now, saying 'oh, we'll run this class on Singularity' less than 24 hours prior is definitely quite short notice. But why Singularity? It enables the class to quickly touch the different areas of space in New Eden through the use of Singularity's /moveme tool, which lets capsuleers instantly jump to preset systems in highsec, nullsec, and wormhole space. Makes touching each respective area much easier logistically, and offers access to these areas of space without having to worry about third parties intervening. Eve
Singularity has strict rules, and nonconsentual PvP can only occur in one system. For that reason, along with the fact that you can't use /moveme with a logoff timer, means that we will be in frigates for the duration of this class. D Scan Eve
Tranquility (the main server) gets mirrored onto Singularity roughly every few months. The most recent mirror seemed to take place circa March 25th. So if you did not have an account before then, you will not be able to access Singularity. To make up for that, I will be livestreaming my perspective on Singularity, which should hopefully illustrate topics better than with voice alone.
Now, the Forsaken Fortress update and Invasion Chapter 3 will be releasing with this coming downtime. Should SiSi be inaccessible for any reason at the scheduled times for these classes, the class on the 26th @ 1800 will be rescheduled to the 29th @ 1800, and this class will be held on Tranquility instead.
Hope this class will be helpful!
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Recon Ships are cruiser-sized electronic warfare and (true to their name) reconnaissance platforms. Acronis true image 2014 iso startimes. Recon Ships are divided into two types, with similar sets of core EWAR abilities but different secondary roles:

  • Force Recon ships can fit Covert Ops Cloaking Devices, and thus warp while cloaked. Furthermore, Force Recon ships are also capable of fitting both standard and covert Cynsural Field Generators, allowing them to bring in either a covert ops hit squad, or a fleet of capital ships to reinforce a battle. They are one of the few ship types capable of fitting Cynosural Generators: do not underestimate their backup, and remove them from the battlefield as soon as possible.
  • Combat Recon ships have superior weapons, electronics, and defenses. While they do not have cloaking (as once the ship is in combat, cloaking technically becomes useless), they instead cannot be detected by Directional scan. A number of these ships like the Curse are famous hull names that can quickly cripple any ship, and are very scary to see on grid with you, and what's worse, due to their D-scan immunity it is very hard to see them coming.

While Recon ships have declined in popularity somehwat due to the flexibility of Strategic Cruisers or T3Cs (which can fit a cloaking subsystem and sometimes an EWAR system), Recons are used in a capital fleet environment where their Cyno capabilities become essential, along with seeing use in large fleet fights where they are easier to replace than T3Cs.


Amarrian recon ships feature a mixture of combat drones, energy neutralizers, and tracking disruptors. While both ships have powerful neutralizer bonuses, the combat Curse has larger bonuses to range and is thus a much safer platform. Also, somewhat confusingly, Amarrian recon ships are commonly found Shield-tanked rather than Armor-tanked (as a result of their many Mid and few Low slots).

  • Force Recon - Pilgrim
  • Combat Recon - Curse


Caldari recon ships have the strongest bonuses to ECM jammers in the game, and can thus be extremely disruptive ships on the field. While the Rook can field a full compliment of launchers and drones, neither of these ships is considered a damage threat. To maximize ECM applications, these ships sometimes have no defenses at all, and survive only by staying outside the enemies' effective range. Due to changes which made ECM ships vulnerable to their target (previously the enemy could target nothing at all, not even the attacking ECM ship), they are no longer as popular EWAR platforms and are more popular as a strong cyno ship.

  • Force Recon - Falcon
  • Combat Recon - Rook


Gallente recons have bonuses to remote sensor dampeners, and the range of warp disruptors and scramblers. This makes them extremely dangerous ships in small gang situations, as they can choose individual targets and all but ensure their death. These ships may be found shield or armor-tanked.

Eve Online How To Scan

  • Force Recon - Arazu
  • Combat Recon - Lachesis

How To Use D Scan Eve


Minmatar recons bring two offensive support tools to the table: extremely long-ranged Stasis Webifiers, and amplified Target Painters. This makes them very good at selecting enemy ships for destruction by their allies. The combat Huginn fits projectile turrets, while the force Rapier fits missiles.

  • Force Recon - Rapier
  • Combat Recon - Huginn


Special Edition

The CONCORD Enforcer comes with CovOps cloaking, bonuses to both web and warp disruptor range, and the ability to choose any form of weapons to fight with. It also gains the CONCORD bonus of amplified local shield and armor repair modules, based on the pilot's Security Status.

  • Force Recon - Enforcer

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