Crunchyroll On Plex


Plex is shutting down its plugin directory, but will continue to support manually installed plugins “for the foreseeable future.” Plex’s plugin feature is increasingly buried, but gives users the ability to do things like watch YouTube videos. Crunchyroll is one of the most polished unofficial Plex plugins. Configuration is simple, with a single screen that lets you enter your username and password and change the default queue. After you login, all of the content is available to browse through category menus, and it all streams in high definition as expected. Plex might not be identical to VOD and over-the-top (OTT) cable-alternative services, but it’s still a way to bring all of your personal media under one app. But, the Plex app doesn’t end there. Similar to Pluto TV, Plex now offers over 100 free channels that stretch from entertainment to.

This plugin provides access to the Anime, and Pop Drama video content available at in superb HD up to 1080p quality. This plugin requires the user to have a premium membership. You can sign up for a free 14-day trial by clicking here. Free membership accounts will not work. This plugin will only allow you to access content you pay for.

While this plugin is considered stable, there will always be bugs. Please submit bugs to Github issue tracker or in this thread. I would also love to hear feedback and/or suggestions.

This plugin requires a premium account. When you get the plugin installed you will need to enter your username and password into the preferences section before you will be able to use it.

Supported Plex Media Server:

  • Version or later (
  • Windows & Mac, Linux, or NAS Appliance

Supported Plex Clients:

  • Plex Home Theater
  • Roku
  • AppleTV
  • Windows 8
  • iOS, Android, & Windows Phone
  • Plex Web in Safari on Mac OSX (Firefox & Chrome do not work, see FAQ for more info)


The easiest way to install and use this plugin is by using the UnSupportAppStore. You can find instructions on how to use and install the UnSupportAppStore here. It will also ensures that the plugin stays up to date with the latest changes and bug fixes. The Unsupported App Store is temporarily offline. Iranianyellowpage. Use the manual install method below for now.

Crunchyroll On Plex

If you would rather install the app manually, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin from here.
  2. Unzip the content into the PMS plugins directory under your user account.
    • Windows 7, Vista, or Server 2008: C:Users[Your Username]AppDataLocalPlex Media ServerPlug-ins
    • Windows XP, Server 2003, or Home Server: C:Documents and Settings[Your Username]Local SettingsApplication DataPlex Media ServerPlug-ins
    • Mac/Linux: ~/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins
  3. Rename the unzipped folder from 'Crunchyroll.bundle-vx.x.x' to 'Crunchyroll.bundle'
  4. Restart PMS

Known Issues

  • Some of the Pop videos don't play correctly. This is due to the way Crunchyroll formats those URLs. They are not standardized and as such it is hard to ensure the plugin is able to handle these properly. Fortunately this is not an issue for Anime or Drama videos.
  • Watching an episode using this app does not mark it as 'watched' in Plex or in the Crunchyroll queue. This is a limitation of the Plex Media Server API and there are no viable workarounds available. Hopefully Plex will update the API at some point so I can resolve this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: I selected 1080P or 720P but the video is played in a lower resolution
    A: Not all content on Crunchyroll has HD quality videos available. This plugin will try to play content at the resolution you select. However, if a particular resolution is not available, it will play the next highest resolution available. This may also occur shortly after Crunchyroll releases a new video. Sometimes it takes Crunchyroll longer than expected to encode the HD quality videos. During this period of time the plugin only has access to the lower quality streams that have already been encoded. If this is the case, check back later and the HD quality video should be available.
  • Q: How do I hide mature content?
    A: You can choose what type of content to show by changing the Mature Content Filter setting on the Crunchyroll website. Go to your Account Settings and click on Video Preferences on the left side. Select the desired option from the Mature Content Filter drop down box. You should restart Plex Media Server after you've made this change.
  • Q: I get a 'Cannot load M3U8: crossdomain access denied' error when trying to use this plugin on Plex Web.
    A: Using this plugin on Plex Web does not 'officially' work in any browser but Safari on a Mac OSX. However, some users have had success by un-checking the 'Direct Play' box in the Plex Web settings. (Settings > Web > Player > Show Advanced > un-check Direct Play checkbox)
  • Q: How do I change the subtitle language?
    A: You can configure this on the Crunchyroll website. Go to your Account Settings and click on Video Preferences on the left side. Then select the desired language from the 'Default Language' drop down box. This will cause all titles, descriptions, and subtitles to be displayed in that language. You should restart Plex Media Server after you've made this change.


![post-60156-0-61591800-1373255158.png 690x388](upload://rXVVXkkauYUALo2HHugyK4WviIF.png)

![post-60156-0-01907700-1373255177.png 690x388](upload://g0jVEesmkKemg8TAAAa9geJB1bw.png)

![post-60156-0-25079100-1373255189.png 690x388](upload://yYdwox0tVbr89UPd2UBszOK9uC9.png)



  • The plugin will now respect the language preference you set on the CR website. (Account Settings > Video Preferences > Default Language) All titles, descriptions, and subtitles will be shown in the selected language.
  • Updated the with several new FAQs


  • Fixed an issue introduced by a recent CR update.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented all-access members from authenticating as premium users.


  • Fixed bug from previous release preventing single season shows from displaying properly


  • Fixed bug preventing some shows from displaying seasons properly
  • Added episode counts to each season


  • Added a countdown to episode release to upcoming episode descriptions.
  • Changed the object type of upcoming episodes to play nice with Plex Home Theater.
  • Added code to the URL Service to allow Plex/Web, Roku, Windows 8, iOS, & many other Plex clients to use the plugin.
  • Added ClientPlatformExclusions for Chrome & Firefox
  • Added details to the as to clarify which Plex clients are supported.

Best Nas For Plex Server

  • Added background art throughout the plugin.
  • Changed the search function to only return results that match the user's Crunchyroll premium membership type. This will keep users from getting search results for media they can't access.
  • Updated the URL service pattern match regex so that it correctly matches URLs being passed by the API.
  • Major release
  • The plugin now uses HLS streams instead of webkit based video
  • Free account support has been removed. The plugin now requires a premium membership.
  • The plugin will only show you content for which you pay. (E.g. Anime members will not be able to see Drama content.)
  • Fixed a bug with the login code that caused problems when trying to resume an invalid session

Crunchyroll Bundle

  • Aspect ratio and video frame rate attributes are now displayed properly

Crunchyroll On Plexaderm

  • Added search functionality
  • Added null/zero result return handling
  • Updated the icon for the My Queue and History sections
  • Updated the preferences file label for quality to Video Quality for clarity

Plex Amazon Music Plugin

  • Added more metadata to each video
  • Added Seasons & Genres filter under each of the primary sections
  • Added a Pop section to the main menu
  • Fixed a small bug regarding datetimes for free users
  • Initial release