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Item#13762 This Sheffield Corner toilet from The Renovator's Supply is a reliable and valuable fixture for your bathroom. The superb corner design not only saves space but also helps in enhancing the decor with its rich contemporary design. Select your toilet that saves both money and water. Features - This Corner Toilet features a push-button dual-flush mechanism that can save you up to. Product Title SPACE SAVER 3PC BATHSET OIL RUBBED BRONZE Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $39.10 $ 39. 10 List List Price $52.92 $ 52.

Life in a tiny apartment has its ups and downs.

While initially created as a space saver, corner showers have consistently been redesigned and are a common preference in primary bathrooms of all sizes. Corner showers can still be a perfect fit for a small bathroom, but they can also be designed to be luxurious and spacious, depending on your primary bathroom preferences. Corner Sink Caddy Space Saver — Best Sink Corner Sponge Brush Holder — Fits 2 Sponges and 1 Brush — Organizer Basket ️ SPACE SAVING CADDY: Compact and stays out of the way. ️ SPONGE AND BRUSH CADDY: Holds 2 regular size sponges and any dish brush.

On the one hand, you’re living your dream in the greatest city in the world.

On the other hand … where the heck do you put all your stuff?

Enter space-saving furniture.

As any city slicker can attest, in the smallest of dwellings every square inch counts. Sofas, chairs, and even bed frames eat precious space. It’s high time they pull double-duty.

Here are the 15 best multi-purpose, space-saving furniture ideas and designs for every room in your small apartment, courtesy of Dolly.

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Space-Saving Entryway Furniture
Space-Saving Living Room Furniture
Space-Saving Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture
Space-Saving Bathroom Furniture
Space-Saving Bedroom Furniture
Space-Saving Office Furniture
Space-Saving Balcony Furniture

Space-Saving Entryway Furniture

1. Rebrilliant Clothes Hanging System

Live in a cramped apartment, but still love entertaining?

This photo frame displays more than just your cutest candids. Open it up, and out pops a small coat rack.

It’s the perfect solution for when you need to hang a few coats, but don’t want to show your guests your jam-packed closet (or if you don’t have a closet at all). Close it once your guests leave, and you’re back to having room to spread out.

2. IKEA TJUSIG Bench with Shoe Storage

While we’ll always be fans of the trusty over-the-door shoe rack, this shoe storage bench gives it a run for its money. Because it stores your shoes and gives you the perfect place to sit while you tie your laces.

Place it below a coat rack, and voilà: You’ve turned a useless corner into an efficient going-out nook.

Space-Saving Living Room Furniture

3. Merry Products Hidden Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Nobody likes a litter box — probably not even your cat.

So why waste precious square footage on it?

Using a hidden litter box enclosure not only masks the smell and hides an eyesore, but it also turns it into a piece of multifunctional furniture.

Add a lamp, a few coasters, and smile. The bane of your cat’s nine-life existence is now a beautiful side table/hotel.

Your guests will never know the difference. Until Fluffy sticks his head out, of course.

4. Sofa Mania Arthur Classic Linen Storage Sofa

Finding storage in a room where couches hog half the floor space is a challenge.

Sure, you could buy lifts for your sofas. Or use under-the-bed storage containers. But why do all that work, when this space-saving sofa does the work for you … without expecting a paycheck?

The classic sofa’s mouth opens to reveal a 64” x 20” x 8” storage space. So you can store your books, shoes, emergency snacks, and Nerf guns inside. All while its high-density foam cushions comfort you and your unsuspecting guests.

Space-Saving Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture

5. Boomer & George Pet Feeder Station

Dogs take up space with more than just their wagging tails and belly rubs.

Buying big bags of food means you also have to dedicate cabinet space to Fido. And if you have a tiny galley kitchen, you know how valuable any cabinet space can be.

This pull-out pet feeding station gives you a new, safe place to put your best friend’s food plus their endless brushes, toys, and treats.

The Pet Feeder Station is easy to fill. Simply pour up to 33 pounds of chow, then use the stoppers and metal knobs to control how much is released.

You also get some floor space back, by using the bottom drawer to push your pet’s bowls out of the way when they’re not in use.

6. Simple Living 5-Piece Baxter Dining Set with Storage Ottomans

Why settle for one bulky storage ottoman in your living room when you can spring for a dining set with storage that basically implodes?

Stash extra linens, beverages, or even some spare snacks in any one of the four ottomans.

The best part:

All four ottomans slide underneath the dining table, meaning you don’t need to dedicate extra square footage to chairs if you don’t have four people in your home that eat each meal together.

7. Bed, Bath & Beyond 3-Tier Slide Out Storage Tower

You know that weird space between your fridge and your countertop that crumbs like chilling in?

Reclaim it by turning it into bonus storage.

This slim portable cupboard on wheels lets you play peek-a-boo with small bottles, spices, and condiments. So rather than squatting in your cabinet, they’ll have a new “now you see me, now you don’t” home.

Space-Saving Bathroom Furniture

8. 88 Main Expandable Under-Sink Storage Rack

It’s time to talk about that cabinet underneath your bathroom sink.

The one that’s so tall, it should be able to store all your toiletries … but somehow always winds up a disorganized jumble.

This is your solution: an all-steel storage rack with adjustable and removable shelves.

Finding your hairspray is a breeze when it’s neatly stored above your brush, blow dryer, and favorite serums.

9. Simple Living Over-the-Toilet Space Saver

Gone are the days of wondering, “Dude, where’s my TP?”

This clever and surprisingly stylish shelving unit turns the dead space around your porcelain throne into convenient storage for all your toiletries.

There’s even a secret compartment for your extra rolls, and a bar to hang your current roll if your bathroom doesn’t have one built into the wall.

Space-Saving Bedroom Furniture

10. Room and Loft Queen Andrew Sofa-Murphy Bed

Murphy beds might seem too expensive to be worth the space they save.

But it’s 2017. Murphy beds are so much more than simple fold-down beds.

The contemporary space-saving superhero pictured above is a comfy sofa and a wall bed. Perfect for upgrading a standard living room into a gorgeous guest room.

If you live in a studio apartment, even better. You get two furniture pieces in one, and you can just fold up your sofa bed anytime you have company over.

11. Baxton Studio Engelbertha White Queen Upholstered Bed with Storage

You’ve probably heard of under-the-bed storage, but how about lift-the-bed storage?

That’s right. This bedroom storage furniture is like a giant friendly alligator that conceals your extra pillows, blankets, and out-of-season clothes while you sleep soundly on its snout.

Space-Saving Office Furniture

12. Project 62 Loring Secretary Desk

Sometimes, you need to be glued to your laptop, working like a dog, never leaving your desk just to get some stuff done.

Other times, you want to banish your desk from your apartment so you can do anything but work.

Enter the secretary desk.

Space Savers For Kitchen

This version comes with modern finishings, like two electrical outlets and two USB outlets, providing a space- and sanity-saving desk solution.

Close the desk’s door, and store your paperwork, books, and office supplies inside when you’re not working. Open the door, and get down to business.

13. Dorm Co. Classic Dorm Desk Bookshelf

When optimizing space in a home office, the key is to put your storage up high.

Dorms require their fair share of storage hacks, so college students got this right. Put a storage shelf on your desk to add more space for your plethora of Post-its, pens, and paperbacks.

Kiss your bookshelf goodbye, and say hello to more floor space.

Zig Zag Corner Space Saver Shelf 4

Space-Saving Balcony Furniture

14. Loon Peak Throop Portable Picnic Table

One of the biggest issues with deck or balcony furniture is that it can’t stay on the deck forever.

You’ll want to bring the furniture inside when it gets colder outside, but how do you fit an entire deck set into your one-bedroom?

Answer: You buy this portable picnic table.

It folds into an easy-to-store briefcase for the colder months and becomes a perfect little deck table for when it’s warm out. All you need is a few wine glasses and a tablecloth.

15. Gymax Hanging Railing Folding Deck Table

Got an extra-small balcony?

Here’s an extra-small table for ya.

This tiny hanging balcony table is just the right size for a breakfast plate and some coffee. It takes up zero floor space, so you can welcome the day, stretched out on a comfy chair, and still have a spot to put down your cup.

Ready to reorganize your small home to make more space? Not sure how to make it happen?

Dolly can help with the heavy stuff. We’ll bring a truck and some muscle to help rearrange your digs, or help you deliver space-saving furniture from the store. Your small space will feel like a palatial pad in no time.

Scratching your head, thinking what you’re going to do with your old furniture?

Let MakeSpace store everything for you.

This article was written by Dolly, which brings you truck and muscle anytime you need it. We connect you with local pickup truck owners who are ready to help you with moving, store delivery, Craigslist pickups, and more. You can learn more about us at

Small bathrooms seem to becoming more common these days, as space becomes a premium and people try to squeeze as much use out of the limited space they have. Often, in older houses you will find a generous main bathroom on the upstairs floor and a much smaller ‘powder room’ or second bathroom tucked away downstairs. Both of these situations call for space saving design; finding the best corner toilet for this can mean designing a functional, spacious, bathroom that also looks great.

Best Corner Toilet Sneak Peek

Signature Hardware BraeburnCheck Up-to-Date Price on Amazon
American Standard Cadet 3Check Up-to-Date Price on Amazon
Sheffield Corner 2-PieceCheck Up-to-Date Price on Amazon
Troyt Compact Corner ToiletCheck Up-to-Date Price on Amazon


What is a Corner Toilet?

A corner toilet, or a space-saving toilet, is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of being installed against a flat wall, as a regular toilet would be, a corner toilet is installed into the corner of the bathroom. The toilet bowl portion of the toilet looks, and is used, just like a regular toilet but the water tank is shaped into a triangle shape so that it can be easily tucked into a corner.

So, if you have a bathroom on the smaller side and are looking for ways to increase the space, a corner toilet might just be the perfect solution.


Top 5 Space Saving Corner Toilets

It can sometimes be difficult to find small toilets to fit into a tight space; corner toilets to the rescue!! Here are our top picks for corner toilets.

1. Signature Hardware Braeburn – Clean and Classic Design

Signature Hardware Braeburn
  • Two-piece configuration allows for easier access to the area around the toilet
  • Installs in a corner floor mounted configuration
  • Included matching seat features soft close hinges
  • Flushing mechanism on right side of tank
  • Round shape
Read More on Amazon

Things to Like:

  • Includes seat with Soft Closing hinges
  • Corner model will save space in a small bathroom
  • Comfort Height
  • Low flush = water conservation

With a classic and clean design, this corner toilet will look great in any modern bathroom decor. The rounded shape of the toilet bowl means it takes up even less space than other models making it our top pick for space saving design.

It also has all the features of a regular size toilet. A comfort height design meets ADA requirements making it a great option for families with older members or those with limited mobility. Low flush volume (1.28 GPF) meets EPA standards and will ensure a smaller monthly water bill.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon


2. American Standard Cadet 3 – Name Brand Quality

American Standard Cadet 3
  • ADA round front toilet combination - tank and bowl
  • Durable and easy-to-clean vitreous china construction
  • Ever Clean antimicrobial surface
  • Oversized 3 inch flush valve with chemical resistant flapper
  • Seat is not included
  • ADA round front toilet combination - tank and bowl
  • Durable and easy-to-clean vitreous china construction
  • Ever Clean antimicrobial surface
  • Oversized 3 inch flush valve with chemical resistant flapper
  • Seat is not included
Read More on Amazon

Things to Like:

  • ADA Comfort Height
  • Round Shape
  • EverClean Surface
  • Low flush volume

American Standard is a long standing brand in plumbing and fixtures. They produce quality products that stand the test of time. Installing an American Standard toilet in your bathroom ensures that it will do the job for many years to come.

Tucked into a corner of even the smallest bathroom, the round shape of the toilet bowl will take up even less space. Low flush volume still provides good flushing performance and the EverClean surface will make cleaning easier and less frequent.

Check the reviews on this one; people really like it!

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon


3. Renovators Supply Corner Toilet – Great Value

Renovators Supply Corner Toilet
  • Space saving corner design
  • Dual Flush
  • Round Shape
  • White Grade A Vitreous China Scratch and stain proof finish
  • Color matching available
Read More on Amazon

Things to Like:

  • Dual flush (0.8/1.6 GPF)
  • Contemporary design
  • Round Shape
  • Stain proof finish

This model features a contemporary design and offers color matching; a chance to have your new toilet match the existing features in your bathroom. Think of this as a money saving feature as it mean that you probably won’t have to also switch out the other fixtures in order to have a cohesive look and feel.

This is also the only corner toilet model that is a dual flush; using 1.6 gallons for a large flush and only 0.8 gallons for a smaller flush. The flush button is on top of the toilet tank so the toilet can be tucked right into the corner without worrying about access to the flush handle.

Zig zag corner space saver shelf 4Check Price and Reviews on Amazon


4. Sheffield Corner 2-Piece – A Water Saver

Sheffield Corner 2-Piece
  • Heavy Duty Space Saving Corner Bathroom Toilet
  • Sheffield 2-Piece Tank, Elongated Bowl, And Seat
  • Dual flush system
  • 32-1/4 H x 19 W x 33-3/4 Proj. 12 Rough In
  • Perfect for Unique Small Room Baths
Read More on Amazon

Things to Like:

  • Dual Flush System
  • Traditional Design
  • Elongated Toilet Bowl/Seat

This a traditional design corner toilet that saves space and water too! The dual flush system allows the user to select a lower water volume flush for those times when a full tank of water is not needed.

An elongated toilet bowl/seat ensures comfort – ‘regular’ sized seating in a compact toilet!

Check Price, Reviews, and Availability


5. Troyt Compact Corner Bathroom Toilet – An Elegant Addition

Troyt Compact Corner Bathroom Toilet
  • 2 Piece - Round Toilet Bowl/Seat
  • Dimensions: 29 H x 17-1/4 W x 30 Projection. Seat Height 14-7/8
  • Dual Flush System
  • Heavy Duty Porcelain, Space Saving, Scratch Stain Resistant
Read More on Amazon

Things to Like:

  • Heavy Duty and Scratch Resistant
  • Clean, modern design
  • Comfort Height

A clean, modern design make this corner toilet an excellent selection. It will complement any small bathroom space regardless of the decor.

It’s heavy duty porcelain is resistant to scratching and is easy to clean. The dual flush allows the user to control the water flow and will be a water saver over the long term.

Check Price, Reviews, and Availability


How To Choose A Corner Toilet

Toilet Dimensions

There are a few dimensions to consider when choosing a corner toilet – technical dimensions and room dimensions.

  • Technical Dimensions – this refers to the ‘rough in’ dimensions that are required for the toilet. Ensure that the positioning of the toilet drain is sufficient to account for the ‘rough in’ dimensions of the toilet being purchased. It is possible to move a toilet drain but that is something you are going to want to be aware of before you buy.
  • Room Dimensions – this refers to how much space the toilet is going to take up in the room. While corner toilets are considered space-saving, it doesn’t mean that they will fit in all small spaces. Be sure to measure how far out the toilet will jut from the corner, and whether any doors or cabinetry might be in the way

Corner Space Savers

Single vs Dual Flush

Single flush toilets are more common in home settings. These toilets have a single flush handle that, when pressed, releases the same amount of water into the toilet bowl every time. The water release can be controlled somewhat by either releasing the handle sooner, or by holding it longer to let more water release from the tank.

Dual flush toilets allow the user to choose between two types of flushes; a smaller, shorter flush or a longer flush. These types of toilets typically have a two-sided button on top of the toilet – with one side of the button being smaller, and the other larger so as to represent the type of flush. Using one side, or the other, releases different amounts of water from the tank. A smaller flush is usually used for liquid waste, and a larger flush for solid waste.


Unlike more traditional toilets, the design of corner toilets is very much defined by the fact that they have to fit into a corner. They are typically two-piece toilets but, depending on the material used they can look quite modern or traditional.


The most important part of choosing a corner toilet is the functionality.

Does the toilet do what it is designed to do? Does it efficiently remove waste? How much water does it use? Is it quiet? Is the toilet seat comfortable? These are the questions to ask to determine if the toilet will work for you and your family.


Other Space Saving Bathroom Fixtures

Gone are the days of cramming regular sized fixtures into a small bathroom space. While this may have resulted in a (mostly) functional bathroom, it definitely didn’t win any design or best-use-of-space awards. There has been, in the last few years, a realization from bathroom fixture manufacturers, that smaller scale fittings, furniture, and fixtures are needed – and it’s even better if they look great too!

Space saving design means that you no longer have to compromise either space, or great looks, when designing a second (or even first) small bathroom:

  • Corner Toilet. Using space that is normally ‘wasted’; a corner toilet tucks in neatly while still providing full functionality. These are not always the solution for a small space but work will in oddly shaped rooms.
  • Corner Sink/Shower. In the same vein, a corner sink or shower unit can optimize space that is often overlooked. Stay tuned for more articles on how to maximize these space saving options.
  • Trough Sink. A trough sink is generally much narrower than a traditional sink. A perfect solution for second bathrooms, or ‘powder rooms’ where the sink is primarily used for hand washing.
  • Sliding Door. Consider how much room a traditional, swinging door takes up as it opens up into a room. Installing a sliding door (either within the wall, or hung on rails on the exterior) allows for the door to be opened and closed without ever breaching the space of the bathroom itself. Brilliant!
  • Large Mirror. While technically a mirror doesn’t actually create space, it does create the illusion of space – and that can be just as effective! A large scale mirror can effectively double the visual space in your bathroom making it feel spacious and airy…even if it’s not.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are corner toilets different from regular toilets?

Corner toilets are typically smaller than regular toilets. Most notably, it is the toilet tank that is different. The tank on a corner toilet is shaped somewhat like a triangle, with a corner piece that allows the toilet to be tucked into the corner of a smaller bathroom space.

Corner Space Saver Cabinet

Do corner toilets really save space?

Yes! The toilet tank is typically smaller, and shaped like a triangle to allow the toilet to fit into a corner space of a bathroom. Space that is normally wasted. Also, these toilets are typically round in shape (rather than elongated) which also shortens their dimension and saves space.

What about flushing power in corner toilets?

The advent of low-flow toilets has significantly improved the flushing power in corner toilets. Toilets are now able to flush much more efficiently while using much less water, making corner toilets just as powerful as regular toilets.

Can a corner toilet be installed where a regular toilet was?

Maybe. The ‘rough in’ dimensions of corner toilets differ somewhat from regular toilet installation dimensions. Check the installation instructions of the corner toilet to see if it matches the existing plumbing in your home. It is possible to move an existing toilet drain, but that is something you are going to want to be aware of ahead of time.

Home Space Savers


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