Connecting Sourcetree To Github

Connecting Sourcetree To Github
  1. Connect Sourcetree To Github Enterprise
  2. Connecting Sourcetree To Github Free
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Git is a source code control system aka version control system. It tracks changes to your programs and lets groups of people collaborate on the same program. Git is a command line program with no user interface. SourceTree is nice user interface that is built on top of Git. It uses Git commands under the hood. What are they good for? GitHub is where people build software. More than 56 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects.


Connect Sourcetree To Github Enterprise

Adding an Existing Repo that Has a Corresponding Remote to SourceTree. For some reason if you click 'Clone' next to a repo you already have on your local machine and select the existing directory, it won't connect the remote repo with your existing copy. You can either clone it to a new location, or add the directory manually in the Local tab. Sourcetree will look slightly different based on whether you have a Git or Mercurial repository. If you have a Git repository, you are done. If you have a Mercurial repository, you will notice that you need to commit your changes. Click the Commit button at the top. The commit message defaults to a description with 'Merge.'

Adding an existing Visual Studio project to Git BitBucket using Sourcetree.

  • Create new repository in
  • Create new working folder on local computer.
  • Using BitBucket Sourcetree app, create new project by clone. Clone BitBucket repository (https://
    account01 to local working folder (c:gitproject01).
  • Add .gitattributes and .gitignore files to root of working folder.
  • Add Files and Folders to working folder.
  • Using Sourcetree, “Stage All” all files and commit.
  • Using Sourcetree, push to BitBucket.
  • Check BitBucket repository for new files and folder.
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  • Environment:

    Windows 10 Home v 1709 build 16299.192

    SourceTree version

    Embedded Git version 2.15.1/ LibGit2Sharp v0.24.0 + git-lfs v2.0.2 + + Git LFS Bitbucket Adapter v1.0.6

I have SourceTree configured with authentication information for Mercurial on Bitbucket and Git on Bitbucket, GitHub, and . Recently, SourceTree will not authenticate correctly with GitHub. Although my GitHub credentials are saved in the SourceTree authentication settings, whenever I try to push to or pull from a GitHub repository, a 'GitHub Login' window appears and asks me to enter my username and password. Even if I type the information correctly, SourceTree displays an error:

However, I can log into GitHub using the same username and password in a browser. If I try to push or pull using the Git terminal, it shows the 'GitHub Login' dialog and fails when I enter my information. Then it asks for a username in the terminal, then displays an OpenSSH password prompt. After I enter my password in the OpenSSH prompt, it does connect successfully. However, this approach only works in the terminal, and SourceTree does not detect changes made from the terminal - so if I push or pull, SourceTree doesn't realize it.

I have tried deleting my saved GitHub account information from SourceTree. I can remove GitHub from the sections 'Accounts' and 'Git Saved Paswords'. However, once I remove GitHub from 'Git Saved Passwords', it appears under 'Rest Saved Passwords' and cannot be removed.

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Connecting Sourcetree To Github Free

I've tried re-adding GitHub using both OAuth and Basic auth, and in both cases SourceTree reports 'Authentication OK' from the settings dialog, but my issue persists - SourceTree always shows me the login prompt when I try to push or pull and always says that I typed in the password incorrectly even when I type it in correctly.

Again, I can log in through the browser or through Git terminal; I haven't forgotten my password and don't have trouble typing it in correctly.

Sourcetree Github Enterprise Account

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