Compactor Vacuum Storage Bags

Compactor have designed for you a innovative storage system! With a simple suction from your own vacuum cleaner, you can 'take the air out' of your flexible storage bags and thus save 75% space. Put away your clothes and your house linen in completely airtight flexible bags. Finally, discover the different ranges of colour and patterns for the flexible bags and choose those matching your home best, so that storage rimes with decor!

Why choose Compactor vacuum storage?

  • Best choice to find more space in your storege
  • Save 75% space
  • Compatible with any kind of vacuum cleaner (as well as Compactor pump)
  • 100 % air-tight closing with zipper and slider
  • Protects linen from dust, mites and moisture without damaging textiles
Compactor vacuum storage tote bag – 145l

Save space when storing clothes, duvets, linens and more with Compactor's storage tote. The plastic vacuum bag is built into the protective nylon tote to create a single storage solution. Features a transparent window to easily view contents and inside straps and a zip closure to keep contents secure. Hbada office chair assembly. It also comes with carrying handles. Compactor Vacuum Storage Bags are an all-in-one vacuum storage bag system with a built in protective tote to create a single, stylish storage solution for clothes, bedding, and more. Ideal for bulkier items such as winter duvets and coats or more delicate linens, clothes, blankets, and bedding.

Compactor Vacuum Storage Bags Wholesale



The Essence of the Worldwide Patented Compactor system, where the vacuum bag is attached and built into a protective tote. The original Compactor as we know it is an all-in-one tridimentional vacuum storage system. Avertical compression process where the bulky linens are compressed and reduced into a rectangular volume, That's why we call it 3D. What fits in the vacuum bag will fit into the box. to give the user one single and good looking storage unit.


The original Comapctor® was designed with the a soft tote, partly reinforced with inner prodective cardboard andequipped with transparent see - through windows to easily identify the content. inner fastening straps

Compactor Vacuum Storage Bags
  • Fast and easy compression. Works with any Vacuum Cleaner
  • Protects linen from dust, mites and moisture without damaging textiles
  • Compatible with any kind of vacuum cleaner
  • Hand washable
  • Transparent windows


With the Compactor Aspispace bags, protect all your clothes from dust and light in a few seconds. The nylon and polyethylene storage bags allow you to organise inside your wardrobes and dressing rooms very easily and save considerable space with the air suction system!


Plastic Compactor Bags

  • Can hold the equivalent of 5 jackets + 5 coats
  • Highly resistant Nylon and polyethylene
  • Closing by double zipper and given slider
  • Premium valve compatible with any vacuum cleaner

Compactor Bags 0588000


A good idea for travellers! You don't need vacuum cleaner to compress clothes when you are away from home. Just roll the bags to remove air and save in your luggage. Nylon and polyethylene. Closing slider included.

Trash Compactors Bags

  • Get 75% extra storage space in your cupboards with Aspispace vacuum bag. Simply bag your linen and remove the air with your vacuum cleaner !
  • Can hold the equivalent of 8 tee-shirts + 8 pairs of socks
  • Closing by double zipper and given slider.
  • Premium valve compatible with any vacuum cleaner.