Clp 1006 Midterm

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Clp1006-midterm 2020-03-30; essential elements for effectiveness chapter 9 2011-11-02; ch 1 & 2 clp1006 2013-07-05; quiz 6 general psychology 2014-04-20; exam 1 2017. Midterm chapter 1: a reality check Professors from Clp1006 Cwiak (CLP1006). Unformatted text preview: Miami Dade College West Campus CLP 1006 Psychology of Personal Effectiveness Tuesdays and Thursdays Course Description This course will present an overview of Neurolinguistic Programming techniques and psychological theories about how humans behave individually and in groups and will provide opportunities to apply these concepts in effective behavior. PDF We redesigned an online non-majors General Biology course (Survey to Biosciences, BIO100) by implementing a number of Constructivist and active. Find, read and cite all the research you.

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The Concept of Emotional Intelligence

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The Concept of Emotional Intelligence


Miami Dade College
Clp 1006 - Psy Of Personal Eff

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Clp 1006 Midterm

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Psychology of Personal Effectiveness All You Need To Know About How To Live Happily Effectively Timothy W Starkey Ph D ABAP Chapter 8 Develop Your Emotional Intelligence Miami Dade College Psy CLP1006 Hialeah Campus Room 1214 M W F 8 00 10 15 AM May 7 June 16 2007 305 279 0758 Home or 305 338 1615 Cell Hours 1 00 to 5 00 PM On Mondays Wednesdays 1 The Concept of Emotional Intelligence 1 2 3 4 5 In the mid 1990s some psychologists began to believe that high intelligence as measured by IQ tests was a poor predictor of later success or effectiveness in life One such psychologist Golman concluded from his studies that IQ contributes no more than 20 to the factors leading to success in life By keeping the criteria very broad e g including success in such areas as streetsweeping and lawn care one can reduce the importance of high IQ or higher education In fields such as physics medicine law or psychology to name but a few high IQ and higher education is still a very good predictor of later success Golman divided emotional intelligence EQ into five different domains Self awareness Management of your emotions Self motivation Perceptiveness ability to perceive emotions of others and to anticipate their response to your behavior 2 Handling relationships QuickTime and a TIFF Uncompressed decompressor are needed to see this picture 3 QuickTime and a TIFF Uncompressed decompressor are needed to see this picture 4 Higher EQ Levels Are Linked To Higher levels of prosocial behavior and lower aggression levels in both college and high school students Lower substance abuse in adolescents More effective leadership skills in the workplace More effective performance in handling consumer complaints in the workplace Greater levels of optimism Lower levels of depression Lower levels of impulsiveness Higher first year academic achievement but unrelated to SAT or ACT scores 5 Conflict Resolution Conflict resolution refers to the process of resolving disputes between people who do not emotional bonds with each other In reality the steps toward resolution may not flow as smoothly as present here Frequently conflict resolution professionals have to jockey back and forth between steps as snags develop in the process In any event it is important not to skip any of the steps because they all build upon one another Step 1 Acknowledge identify the problem or conflict to yourself don t run away from the conflict or attempt to avoid it with a premature resolution Step 2 Agree on a date and a procedure all parties must be prepared to resolve the conflict and must be willing to set aside the time to do so Fights often ensue because one party confronts another who isn t ready at that moment to deal with the issue at hand Step 3 Describe your problem and your needs there is likely to be some shared ground or area of agreement between the disputing parties that initial presentation by each disputing party may uncover This gives you a starting point for the negotiations 6 Step 4 Seriously consider the other party s point of view This requires careful and attentive listening by all parties Each party must feel that they ve had their say and were listened to Step 5 Once a mutual understanding of positions wants and needs has been established you are ready to move on to problem solving This is often accomplished by generating as many potential solutions as possible and later evaluating them to decide which one best meets everyone s needs Step 6 Evaluate and negotiate Now that you have a list of potential solutions it is time for all parties to begin to evaluate each option By this time the conflict resolution professional will have a good working relationship trust with the disputing parties Hopefully a solution is agreed to by all parties Step 7 Enact the solution and follow up to put the plan into action everyone involved needs to have a clear understanding as to what has been decided upon what is to be done who is to do it etc At some predetermined time after implementation the solution should be evaluated to see how effective it was for all parties 7 Road Rage 1 2 3 4 5 6 Miami is considered to be the 1 city in the country for road rage It is so common in Miami that it is pointless to define it since you are all very well acquainted with it One study has identified the following six situations as likely triggers for road rage Hostile gestures from other drivers particularly those involving certain fingers Other drivers breaking traffic laws The presence of police cars Another driver driving too slowly e g under 120 mph Driver discourtesy e g being cut off not being let into a lane having an offensive bumper sticker Traffic jams or obstructions 8 QuickTime and a TIFF Uncompressed decompressor are needed to see this picture 9 Typical Miami Road Rage 10 Studying the physiology of anger Golman offers an interesting explanation of why certain individuals e g 96 of those living in Miami sometimes go off the deep end and respond impulsively with anger He refers to such outbursts as emotional hijackings and explains this in terms of brain circuitry Our brains have two basic neural response systems one governed by a brain structure called the amygdala a center in our primitive brain and the other controlled by the neocortex the thinking brain or seat of higher reasoning and planning Emotional explosions particularly anger occur when the amygdala perceives what it regards as an emergency and bypasses the neocortex In an instant the amygdala triggers the fight flight response before the neocortex has a chance to process any information let alone determine how to respond appropriately This capacity to act before you think does have survival value in some situations since it gives you the potential to react almost instantaneously in an emergency in order to avert danger The problem of road rage may be that for some people this neocortical bypass occurs in situations where it is not only unnecessary but is actually dangerous This direct amygdala circuit accounts for those instances when our emotions totally overwhelm our rational minds When this is the case where would you place road rage in terms of free will vs determinism 11 Anger and the Type A Personality In the 1970s cardiologists noticed that their patients tended to have certain personality characteristics in common They called this cluster of behavioral traits the Type A personality Type A individuals tend to be very hard driving achievement oriented compulsive overly

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Clp 1006 Midterm


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Online classes are no easier than classes offered in the traditional classroom setting and in some cases can be even be more difficult. There are several reasons for this. Online courses require more self-motivation. It can be hard for some students to stay motivated when they'd rather be doing something else.

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