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All weather stations report an approach of a hot War Thunder marathon! Don’t miss the opportunity to get premium and event vehicles and other prizes. Such a hot S.U.M.M.E.R. is difficult to miss!

C2a1 War Thunder Game

A modification of the Leopard 1 tank exported to Canada. MEXAS is a complex of mounted composite armor, designed primarily to increase the survivability of the tank against infantry anti-tank weapons. The additional armor improves the tank's protection against HEAT and, to some extent, against kinetic shells, but reduces its mobility.

Acronis true image for synology. MEXAS modules cover the front and sides of the hull, gun mantlet and turret sides. As a result, the heavier Leo has become less impetuous in a breakthrough, but is able to withstand slightly more damage. In any case, this is a great tank for a high-rank German setup, with well-balanced mobility, defense, and firepower!

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C2A1 is 3900 SL for base repair. Now I could not tell you full repair cost since I don't have all of them nor do I got any spaded so I went with the base cost. I could pull up their wiki and figure out both base and full repair but just going by mini repeair cost, the C2A1 is bellow average for repair cost. Devtrackers.gg → War Thunder Canadian C2A1. 4 months ago - Smin1080p - Direct link Unfortunately this vehicle was a proposal / mock-up only. So it was not viable.