Brandy And Fredro Starr

Moesha: Marcus T. Paulk, Lamont Bentley, Fredro Starr, Countess Vaughn, Brandy Norwood, Shar Jackson, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Yvette Wilson. “Fredro was getting head from Brandy,” Charlamagne chimed in. Although he’s the one who released that information to the public, Fredro wasn’t too amused by Charlamagne resurrecting it. Back in 2008 Fredro Starr from the rap group Onyx embarrassed R&B singer Brandy by bragging on camera that she gave good head click here if you missed that. Fast forward to 2014 Fredro and Charlemange the God from the Breakfast Club almost come to blows after Charlemange re-hashes the incident.

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Charlamagne is known to push the envelope, which is why most celebs show up to The Breakfast Club knowing that there may be a few slightly uncomfortable moments. Former “Moesha” actor Fredro Starr, however, was not having it.

During the interview, while discussing Fredro’s acting days, Chalamagne referenced a prior comment made by Fredro where he claimed to have received oral favors from Brandy.

“And y’all had y’all acting money and everything up,” said Angela Yee. “Y’all were the first rappers/actors.”


“Fredro was getting head from Brandy,” Charlamagne chimed in.

Although he’s the one who released that information to the public, Fredro wasn’t too amused by Charlamagne resurrecting it.

“You need to stop with all that, b,” Fredro responded. “You need to stop with all that though. See, this dude right here—let that be what it’s gon’ be. Son, like you bringing up the past, b. Let’s move to the future though. What did you say? Should I say a lot of the sh– you said n—a?”

Brandy And Fredro Starr

It was evident that Fedro was not comfortable discussing the comment, so the hosts moved on. It appeared that Fredro did as well, but apparently, he was still stewing. Nearly five minutes later, the Onyx rapper proceeded to go off on Charlamagne. 6pm utc to pst. The dispute began with Fredro asking Charlamagne about an incident where he was “punched in the eye” and then things escalated from there.

“Why we got a issue, me and you?” Charlamagne asked.

“Because you brought up some sh– on some slick sh–,” said Fredro, clearly still in his feelings about the previous conversation. “I ain’t with all that, b. I’m a real n—a, n—a.”

“You talking about the Brandy thing?” Charlamagne asked.

Fredro Starr Movie

“Yeah, I’m talking about that!”

After awkwardly going back and forth, DJ Envy tried his best to steer the conversation in a different direction, but Fredro was already riled up.

Fredro Starr Charlamagne

“Nah, cuz he set the tone off with that bullsh–! Check ya n—a. He got checked! P—y a– n—a. N—as punched this n—a in the eye on TV and he trying to play me.”


You can check out Fredro’s full interview on the next page. Was Charlamagne wrong for mentioning Brandy?

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Fredro Starr And Brandy Relationship

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