Blue Plum Home Inventory

Mount Royal is a very hardy European blue plum that is good eaten right off the tree or excellent for dessert or drying. Trees produce freestone, sweet, tender plums that ripen in mid to late August. Hardy to -20°F Maximum Elevation: 7,500 ft. Fruit Tree Size. Dwarf, SemiDwarf or Standard (availability). The Home Inventory Easy Entry frees you from having your Mac when you take inventory photos. Go to any of your properties, collect your photos and once you are back home, transfer them to the Blue Plum Home Inventory application. Tips for Making a Home Inventory Scan the bills, receipts, warranties and instruction manuals for your more valuable possessions – these can serve as proof of ownership. Store your records and receipts to a Home Inventory application repository. Review your home inventory every year and when you make new purchases.

  1. Blue Plum Home Inventory
  2. Blue Plum Home Inventory

Capture all your home details with Home Inventory's simple and elegant interface.

Blue Plum Home Inventory

Blue Plum Home Inventory will help you make and maintain a home inventory for any property you own. It lets you organize your belongings in collections, rooms, locations and/or assign one or more tags to each one. It helps you add photos, videos, receipts, manuals, contracts and any other document related to your items.

Why Keep a Home Inventory? Severe weather is on the rise across the country, making it more critical than ever to ensure that your property and contents are properly insured. If your home is damaged or destroyed, it’s important that it has been insured for its accurate replacement value. A home inventory serves multiple purposes. It provides documentation of your belongings for an insurance company if your home is burglarized or damaged; it helps you keep track of items that require upkeep or repair; and (as a bonus) it can help you declutter and maintain a lean home.


Direct access to your iPhone or iPad images

If you are using Apple's iCloudPhotos, you can access all of your iPhone and iPad images directly from the Mac application without having to use a separate iOS App.

Home inventory software for macHome

iOS helper app

A free iOS app that lets you easily take your inventory photos. Take your inventory photos and transfer them to the main Mac application once your iPhone or iPad is on the same WiFi network again. For more information about the 'Home Inventory Easy Entry' app click here.


Continuity Camera

Use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to scan a document or take a picture of something nearby and transfer it instantly to the home inventory application. (Continuity Camera feature requires MacOS Mojave and iOS devices running iOS 12.).

Blue Plum Home Inventory

  • Multiple Properties/Locations

    Keep home inventory for multiple properties. Filter & report by a property location.

  • Real Estate

    Assign one or more images, receipts or other documents to each of your properties. Maintain insurance and cliams records for each property as well.

  • Collections

    Assign inventory items to your own custom collections.

  • Photos, Receipts and Documents

    Assign and store multiple photos and other documents to your items. Image editing.

  • Simple data entry

    Quick and easy data entry. Log your items' estimated values with pre-populated fields.

  • Item depreciation

    Suggest annual depreciation rates for your inventory items.

  • Charts

    Display your inventory's value history in different charts.

  • Reports

    Multiple report types. Display, save as PDF or print your reports.

  • Journals

    Maintain a record history for each item. Assign monetary value to each journal entry.

  • Events

    Schedule recurring or one-time events for each item. Add them to your Mac's notifications system.

  • Insurance & Claims

    Assign insurance policies and claims to your items, generate reports, check for soon to expire policies.

  • Backup & Restore

    Backup all your inventory information and files to a single compressed file. Keep your backup files to your cloud storage of choice.

  • Automated iCloudDrive backups

    Automated periodic iCloudDrive backups with configurable backup periods. Configure & forget (requires iCloud account). Eclipse for web developers.

  • Photo & Document drag & drop

    Blazingly fast photo entry - Drag & drop multiple photos to your items' document list. Drag & drop iPhone photos directly from the Photos application.

  • Continuity Camera

    Use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to scan a document or take a picture of something nearby and transfer it instantly to the home inventory application.

  • Packing Lists

    Selling a house, going on a trip, .. Create multiple packing lists with weight tracking, print checkmark reports, ..

  • Loaned items

    Do you remember which one of your friends borrowed that tool you are looking for? Track loaned items, set 'return by' dates, create reports.

  • Estate planning

    Use our estate features for a consolidated view of all the important details about your estate. Assign heirs to your inventory items.

  • Drag & Drop

    Drag and drop images or other documents directly from Finder or Apple Photos.