Best Task Chair For Long Hours

Best office chair for working long hours

How much time people spend at the office in today’s world when most jobs require sitting at a desk for hours and hours, it would be wise to invest in a chair that offers you the needed back support. This could help you prevent serious issues in the future that would cost a fortune to treat, not to mention that you might go through unbearable back pain. Purchasing an ergonomic chair immediately after you start spending more than 4 hours a day sitting down is the healthiest choice you can make for yourself.

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  1. Below, a variety of office chairs (and ergonomic chair accessories) that Agulnick, Perna, and 12 other doctors say will help you sit up straight and comfortably while minimizing long-term damage.
  2. Glide comfortably through your workday in this Avenue Six Bristol task chair. Extra seat and back cushioning ensure comfort, even after long periods of sitting, and all-directional casters provide smooth and easy movement across any flooring.
  3. Herman Miller designed this chair for people who sit for long hours and face the consequences of this activity – back pain. This is one of the few chairs on the market that change the way pressure is distributed through the body while sitting down, while also keeping the spine aligned and respecting the natural movements of the body.
  4. Don’t let the price of this chair scare you away. Yes, it’s on the spendy side - but you definitely get what you pay for. This ergonomic office chair is available in multiple sizes and colors.

This is the main reason why youshould give this article a shot and read it thoroughly from beginning to end. Itis worthy of your time, so be prepared to choose the best office chair today!

Most Comfortable Office Chair

  1. La-Z-Boy Delano #1 Most Comfortable Office Chair
  2. YAMASORO Office Chair – Wider & thicker back & seat cushion Under 200;
  3. Hbada Comfort Chairs – Comfortable Chair Under $150
  4. Boss B991-CP – For Big & Tall User under $300
  5. Serta Leather Executive – Comfortable Chair for Tall User Under 300
  6. KILLABEE Gaming Chair – Comfortable Gaming Chair For Office Use
  7. HON Exposure – Has many Adjustments generally reserved for more expensive chairs;
  8. Ergohuman – Under $700;
  9. Steelcase Gesture – Most adjustable chairs available anyone can make it comfortable, regardless of their height or size;

1. Herman Miller Embody Chair

This chair from Herman Miller comes in a myriad of colors. You can choose one to fit your room’s design at a glance. It is a very modern-looking chair that is nothing similar to the classic leather executive chairs you are already accustomed with. The chair is called Embody, which should say a lot of things about its structure. The chair is built so that it fits your spine’s natural curvature, without putting pressure on it. Herman Miller designed this chair for people who sit for long hours and face the consequences of this activity – back pain.


This is one of the few chairs on the market that change the way pressure is distributed through the body while sitting down, while also keeping the spine aligned and respecting the natural movements of the body. The back of the chair was built so that it mimics the human back, which is a feature that is often encountered in the descriptions of many products, but none respect the description as this one. This product takes everything to another level: it has a central spine and flexible ribs, just like in the human body. You can position the backrest exactly after your spine’s curve. This way, you obtain a balanced posture without having to sit uncomfortably or feel pressure in your back. Because of this aspect, staying focused on a task becomes much simpler. You will no longer focus on your posture, but on the task that you need to complete.

Even though it seems like allchairs promise to do this, the one from Herman Miller is an innovative productthat really does what it is supposed to. The chair automatically adjusts toyour body’s curve, which means that you don’t necessarily have to intervene andmake adjustments on your own, like in other cases. Keep in mind that a regularchair doesn’t have more than 6 adjustment points – and this is a good case.Well, this chair is fully adjustable, from all points of view. You can modifythe tilt, which is combined with a limiter system; you can modify the armrests,the seat depth and so on. The fact that this chair has movable ribs makes itprobably one of the most adjustable chairs on the market. Another huge benefitwould be that the chair has a dimple design to prevent heat buildup, which isanother consequence of sitting down long hours. You should give this chair atry if you are facing ergonomic challenges with your current chair.


  • The back support has a spine and ribs, just likethe human body
  • It includes a tilt limiter
  • You can adjust the depth of the seat
  • The base and frame are made of graphite
  • Dimple design to avoid body overheating


  • The adjusting process might be a bit too complicated
  • The casters may scratch hardwood floors

2. La-Z-Boy Delano Office Chair – most comfortable office chair

Do you want a chair that gives that luxury looks to the room immediately as it comes into your sight? The one from La-Z-Boy is definitely one to consider. It is probably the most comfortable office chair in this price range, which means it is definitely worthy of attention. At first glance, the chair is absolutely gorgeous. It comes in a bonded leather finish and you can choose between six different colors. The Chestnut color is a popular one because of the executive look it gives to the product. This nuance combined with the wood-like finishing details is best for a person who wants to purchase a top-quality office chair.

As for the features it has, the chair comes with thick cushions that follow the contour of your spine for extra back support. The cushioning also offers lumbar support and a built-in headrest. Unfortunately, the headrest is not adjustable, but the size of the chair is designed in such a way that the headrest will fit anyone who sits on it. Even so, it is important to mention that this chair is mostly suitable for taller, bigger persons. The bonded leather is luxurious, and it covers the 5-layer cushioning of the seat. The top layer is made of poly fiber to allow the skin to breathe. The second layer is made of memory foam for extra comfort and support. Under the memory foam layer, there are additional cushion layers for firmness. The combination prevents the cushioning from going flat with the passage of years. Moreover, the chair seat has a waterfall design to prevent the legs from getting blood-deprived.

Next, we should discussadjustability. The chair features a cable-actuated lever that is within reachand works great for adjusting the height of the chair. You can also adjust tiltfor customized positioning. The armrests and headrest are not adjustable. Theproduct has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. which is considerably higher thanmost office chairs on the market. The only downside might be that thecomponents used for this chair are not the strongest. You should also becareful with the bonded leather, as it is not the most resistant type ofupholstery out there.


  • It has a 5-layer cushioning
  • Beautiful finishing details
  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • 500 lbs. support


  • The cushioning in the lumbar area is prone to flattening
  • Weak components

3. Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

Could not finish this top in any other way than reviewing a Duramont chair. This company makes great office chairs that are ergonomically built and resist well in time. This is a mesh chair with comfortable seat cushioning and included lumbar support. Even though it might look very basic at first, this chair makes itself stand out from the crowd through the level of adjustability, the good price-quality ratio and the breathable materials it is built from. First off, we should discuss its weight capacity. Mesh chairs are normally suitable for average people, not big and tall ones. Even so, this chair seems to be unexpectedly sturdy, supporting up to 300 lbs. without compromising in any other aspect.

People who face struggle with sitting comfortably in a chair or people who suffer from back conditions that keep them from enjoying sitting down should give this chair a try, as it is built to support the spine without putting pressure on it. Generally, chairs won’t fit any person without adjustments, so the one from Duramont comes with plenty of adjustment points that you can use to get the best out of it. The assembly process is very easy and fast, so you won’t have to worry about putting this chair together. Then, you can adjust the armrests, the headrest, the height of the chair, the width, the tilt – mostly everything. The mesh is also extremely comfortable while being firm enough to provide you with back support. There is an extra cushion and mesh layer for lumbar support and the level of pressure changes according to the tilt you set.

Best Task Chair For Long Hours

As for the roller blade wheels,they won’t scratch your floor and they will glide easily on any surface,including tile. The design of the seat is a waterfall one to prevent your bloodcirculation from being cut. Moreover, nerve pain is reduced because of thechair’s curvature. This is definitely an aspect that is worth taking intoaccount for those who suffer from various back affections. The headrest isadjustable as well, which is quite helpful considering that the chair’s back isquite tall. The back of the chair is accentuated with plastic parts, besidesthe mesh, for extra support for the spine.


  • Emphasized lumbar support
  • Waterfall seat to reduce blood circulationproblems
  • Easy-glide roller blades
  • Good weight capacity
  • Breathable mesh and cushion


  • The chair can be wobbly if not assembled properly
  • The seat cushion is prone to flattening out

4. YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

This chair from Yamasoro deserves to open this top that is meant to help you choose the most comfortable office chair. It has all the qualities that would make up a great office chair. First of all, it looks stunning. From the very first moment, you will see it, you can notice the luxury details, the high-quality finishing touches and so on. It is an imposing chair, and that is truly important for those who want to decorate their offices professionally without the help of a designer. It comes in a black and silver finish, which is the most appropriate for a monotone office, with dark furniture.

Second of all, we need to discusscomfort. This chair is a really big one, so if space is one of the criteria youare following, it’s a product that will meet your expectations. It is great forboth women and men in terms of size. The cushioning is another part thatinfluences how good you will feel sitting down on this chair. It has doublethick cushioning, very soft and in a body-hugging shape. You have full backsupport, that follows the curve of your spine. Also, you can tilt the hair backand raise the armrests as you wish. You can set the height of the chair from50.7 inches to 54.7 inches.

As additional features, youshould know that this chair comes with an included headrest that has the samethick cushioning as the rest of the chair. The seat is even thicker than theback support, to prevent the cushioning from going flat with the passage oftime. The chair is solid and stable, it can support anything below 330 lbs.,which is above the average that office chairs usually support. The chair passedall quality tests and obtained the needed certifications for being sold tocustomers – SGS, BIFMA. The chair is equipped with swivels that are built toavoid damaging the floor and run smoothly. They turn 360 degrees and feature anoise reduction system.


  • The material used for the cushioning is thickand durable
  • The chair can be adjusted in height and tilt
  • The armrests are adjustable
  • The swivels are not abrasive
  • The seat contains a layer of high-density foam


  • PU leather can be damaged quickly
  • The headrest is not adjustable

5. Boss Office Products B991-CP

You probably heard about Boss office products before. Well, they never cease to impress. Jiffy lube fowler tampa fl. They launched this heavy-duty chair that is the perfect combination of good looks and usability. The chair has a tremendous level of support, resisting under the weight of 350 lbs. just fine. The weight capacity is not the only benefit it has. In fact, the chair is also extremely comfortable and durable, unlike other office chairs that tend to go flat in just a few months after purchase. It is a firm chair, featuring a double layer of plush cushioning, which is protected by bonded leather.

We should mention the biggestbenefit of purchasing this chair instead of others: it is spacious and sturdy.Even though it seems like this is not much of a deal and you can find plenty ofbig office chairs on the market, it’s not that easy to find a suitable one. TheBoss chair is big and tall, offering the needed back support through itscommercial-grade structure. It is an office chair meant to last in time, whichis the best way to fructify your investment. The price-quality ratio is justperfect for this product.

Regarding spine support, thischair has many adjustable settings so that you can personalize your sittingexperience with it. The chair includes a curved contour through the cushioning,but users can also adjust the height and tilt of the chair to suit their ownheight and spine curvature. The ergonomic system also features an infinitelocking system, so you can keep the chair in place in the exact position thatyou find comfortable. There are no preset points in which you need to keep thechair fixed.

You can change the office chair’sheight by using the pneumatic gas lift. It is placed under the seat and it iseasy to reach. You need to get off the chair in order to lift it and sit on itin order to lower it, the same way as most office chairs function. The finishis a bonded leather one. The upholstery is supple yet resistant, but you shouldconsider the eventuality of scratches or wear out in the future.


  • It has a double-layer cushioning
  • It is big and sturdy, adjustable height
  • It has an infinite locking system
  • Curved armrests for forearm and wrist support
  • Strong base and casters – 350 lbs. weightcapacity


  • The chair tends to tip or trip over quite often
  • Bonded leather is prone to damage

6. Smugdesk High Back Executive Office Chair

This office chair from Smugdesk is an answer to all prayers of the people who spend more than 6 hours per day sitting down. It is a very imposing chair, and you can tell as a first impression how thick the cushioning is. The chair is considerably big, as it can also be noticed at a glance. The thick, body-hugging cushioning is one of a kind, very specific for Smugdesk products. Even the armrests are made of the same type of thick padding which is not common for office chairs in this price range. Besides its professional aspect, the chair is also feature-packed.

In terms of performance, thechair is designed to suit people who are taller and can’t seem to find theproper product to sustain their weight and fit their height. This chair isergonomically built, it has a high-back design and the cushioning is customizedto fit the needs of a tall person. Comfort is definitely the biggest advantageof buying this chair. For better position alignment, the headrest and thearmrests are padded with enough cushioning to avoid discomfort or tiredness. Asfor lumbar support, the chair is designed especially for holding your hips andlumbar region into the right position. The support is emphasized by the chair’sshape and the cushioning type.

In terms of adjustability, youcan modify the height of the chair. All office chairs usually come with aheight adjustment system, but what makes the Smugdesk executive chair differentis represented by the strong pneumatic system that can increase the height ofthe chair with no less than 4 inches. Promoting a good posture when sitting atthe office is a must. This is why the chair can be adjusted in terms ofreclining and tilting. The reclining function can go up to 120 degrees, whichis great for taking breaks and resting in-between work sessions. The base of thechair is solid, made of PU casters. Don’t worry about scratching the floorbecause the wheels are not abrasive, and they glide smoothly across mostsurfaces. The chair can also turn 360 degrees.


  • The chair is big and tall, having a weightcapacity of 350 lbs. and 500 lbs. drop test
  • The installation process is easy and fast
  • The padding is comfortable and time-resistant
  • The chair is built from strong materials and hasan explosion-proof gas system
  • Built-in coil spring for reducing pressure spotson the spine


  • It has a bonded leather finish instead of a realleather one
  • Fixed headrest and armrests

7. Serta Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair

Talking about big chairs, this Serta bonded leather executive chair does not cease to amaze users who buy it. This chair is nothing similar to the ones you’ve used until now. Even though it may look quite classic, there is something about it that gives it a luxury feel that not any other chair in this price range has. The chair comes in a brown bonded leather finish, combined with wood insertions. It is impressive in size and looks, but the story does not end there. The chair is also very comfortable and appreciated for the features it has.

In terms of structure, the chairis made of commercial-grade components. This is a must for chairs that aredesigned for taller, heavier persons because they require an additional levelof support. No one would like to purchase a chair for a considerable amount ofmoney once a year because it simply doesn’t resist under their weight. This isthe reason why Serta is always a good option. The chair has a weight capacityof 350 lbs. which is more than perfect for users who have trouble with executivechairs on a regular basis.

The cushioning used for thischair is high-quality and thick. It is arranged in layers to go from soft tofirm. This way, flatness is prevented, and the needed level of support isattributed to the chair. The seating part of the chair comes in a waterfallshape to encourage blood circulation. For people who sit more than eight 8hours each day sitting down, blood circulation and swollen feet become alife-changing problem. Prevent it by choosing the proper executive chair foryour size.

In terms of adjustability, thechair can be placed in the position that you find most comfortable. You canmodify the size, the lumbar mechanism, the tilt, the recline – everything. Theonly problem might be that the headrest is already built into the chair, so youcan’t adjust its position. The same goes for the armrests, but they don’t needmuch aligning because they are created to fit a tall person just fine.Moreover, the armrests are cushioned with the same type of pillow as the restof the chair’s body.


  • Layered cushioning for good support
  • 350 lbs. weight capacity
  • Waterfall seat shape
  • Adjustable height and tilt
  • Wood insertions


  • Bonded leather is prone to scratching or tearing
  • Loose fittings – it might require additionaladjustments

8. KILLABEE Big and Tall 400lb Memory Foam Gaming Chair

This is a product from KILLABEE that’s worth a shot. For gaming lovers, having a chair that fits all of your needs is a must. Gamers spend hours and hours in from of their computer which can lead to back problems. To avoid such problems, gamers should invest in a chair that encourages maintaining a healthy posture during the gaming session. This is an ergonomic chair, meant to support up to 400 lbs. while avoiding compromising comfort for it. Besides the strong structure, the chair is purposed to offer the best sitting experience through its functions.

For cushioning, KILLABEE madethis chair using high-quality memory foam. Memory foam is both firm enough togive the person enough support, yet to keep them comfortable throughout theday. It resists well in time, and it’s not prone to going flat. Compared toanother gaming chairs, this one has a dedicated headrest, an additional cushionfor lumbar support and a waterfall seat – all designed in a beautiful manner tokeep the aspect of the chair modern and easy to integrate in any type of décor.The chair is revolving, and it can turn 360 degrees, features that make itflexible to use.


The chair is not dedicated togamers only. People who spend a lot of time at the office and would like to tryanother degree of support are welcome to buy one as well. The backrest of thischair is quite high though, and it might be an inconvenience for short persons.Even so, you can readjust the height of the chair, its tilt, back pressure andarmrest height. It is customizable according to the needs of the person whouses it. Not only that the armrests can be adjusted in height, they can also bemodified in terms of length or width. Bring them in as much as you need, havethem lifted up or bring them back and forth – no matter what you need, thisKILLABEE chair is capable of doing. Thechair has a high-security level because it is explosion-proof through the gasspring system.


  • The chair is built ergonomically
  • The cushioning is made of memory foam
  • It has lumbar support and a built-in headrest
  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Adjustable armrests


  • The material is not breathable
  • Assembly can take quite a while

9. HON Exposure Mesh Task Chair

Mesh office chairs are more and more popular nowadays. They offer the needed level of support, yet they are breathable and comfortable to sit in at the very same time. This is an office chair from HON, a company that has a serious reputation when it comes to designing office chairs. Let’s start with discussing the quality of the mesh. The mesh is firm enough to support your back, it follows the curvature of the chair’s structure perfectly and it lets your skin to breathe – a very important criterion for those who have a lot of skin problems due to sweating from sitting at the office for too long. Both the seat and the back of the chair contain mesh, but the back of the chair doesn’t have any additional cushioning.

Another aspect that must bebrought to the table is represented by how easily adjustable this chair is. Youcan adjust its height, tilt, width and so on. The width can be adjusted bymoving the armrests, as they can be fully customized in position. This chair isgreat if you have certain requirements in terms of posture that other chairs donot allow you to maintain. The chair is very minimal and encourages people tosit correctly to avoid spine problems in the future. All the adjustments thatyou can make are ergonomic. The lumbar support provided by the curvature of thechair and the strong mesh aligns your body comfortably instead of pushing itforward and tiring the muscles. You can modify the height of the lumbar supportsystem to fit your height perfectly. Also, you can establish the level of tilttension that you prefer and lock it in place if needed.

This is one of the few officechairs out there that reduce the strain on your body during desk work. Itsshape and attributes are more than suitable for all-day support, and you shouldnot worry about durability either. The chair has a strong structure, meant tolast well in time and support a maximum weight of 250 lbs. Even though 250 below the average for a sturdy office chair, this one might exceed all ofyour expectations.


  • Ergonomically built for proper body alignment
  • Adjustable tilt tension
  • Adjustable armrests for a personalized posture
  • Synchro-tilt system for body alignment
  • Full lumbar support


  • Seat cushioning is prone to flattening
  • Only 250 lbs. weight capacity

10. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest

This is probably the most interesting mesh chair you will ever see. It looks like something out of this world, and – guess what? – it feels just as amazing. For those who are tired of getting sore because they sit all day on a chair that is not ergonomically built, this chair from Ergohuman will put an end to all their problems. Even though it might be out of many people’s possibilities given its price tag, it is worth all the money. The chair is so well-built that it makes you feel like you are sitting in a mold that was specially created for your body. The feeling is definitely right, and the long-term effects that such a chair can have on your health are priceless.

The chair comes with no less than8 different parts that can be adjusted for the best body alignment, dependingon the user’s height and weight. Mesh is a breathable material that encourageshaving healthy skin. The product has another benefit that propels it to the topof the best office chairs – it is made almost entirely out of recyclablecomponents. This is an important aspect considering how much the world isstruggling with keeping nature safe at the moment.

Now, moving on to aspects thattruly matter while using the chair, it has a back angle adjustment system thatcan be locked in three different positions. The user can also control howstrong the recline is. The chair can be lowered and raised after the user’s ownliking, using a pneumatic cylinder system. Talking about the cushioning, the seatis padded in layers and very firm, which meant it won’t go flat any sooner. Ithas a synchro-tilt mechanism that ensures that your body is aligned at alltimes, regardless of the changes you make. The headrest is adjustable, thearmrests are pivoting and they can be placed in a myriad of positions for yourbest liking. Finally, the backrest is contoured to support the lumbar area andthe legs. The chair is meant to be used long-term and sustain the body in ahealthy posture.

Best Office Chair For Long Periods Of Sitting


  • 8 different points to adjust for the bestposture
  • Firm seat cushioning
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism included
  • Breathable mesh


  • No infinite locking system
  • The rear bar of the seat can be uncomfortable attimes

11. Steelcase Gesture Chair

This chair is one of a kind for sure. It encourages maintaining a correct posture throughout the entire day, as its structure is designed especially for this purpose. During long hours of sitting down, the human body tends to accumulate a lot of tension and that is the moment when slouching appears. This chair makes sure that you will stand tall at all given moments. This is possible through the chair’s structure which is created using innovative technology. This chair can automatically adjust to your position, making sure that your spine is correctly aligned at any given moment. The system is called 3D LiveBack and it definitely mesmerized all office chair producers when it appeared on the market. You no longer have to fear that you are adjusting your chair wrong and you are only making your back pain worse instead of improving it.

The armrest adjusting system isjust as complex as the back one. The system is called Gesture 360 and it ismeant to mimic the natural movements of the hands while working. You can makeadjustments yourself by using the controls placed within reach. One knobcontrols seat height and depth while the other controls tilt tension. The chairhas a smart lumbar support system. Whenever you use the chair in recline, thelumbar support destresses, applying less tension on your spine. When you sit inan upright posture, the lumbar support stresses, becoming more tensioned andkeeping your spine in the correct position. Another aspect of this chair thatmakes it stand out from the rest would be the steel case, which makes it verysturdy and well-built.

Making the upgrade from otherchairs from this producer to the Gesture chair will definitely make a change inyour life. The chair comes with improvements that transform sitting at a chairinto an experience that is no longer stressful and hurtful for your spine. Thefact that the chair has an innovative Gesture adjusting system makes it aperfect choice for those who want the best support for their back.


  • 3D LiveBack auto-adjustment system
  • Smart lumbar support system
  • Steel case for sturdiness
  • Gesture 360 system for armrests
  • Strong structure


Best Task Chair For Long Hours
  • Might be too stiff for some
  • Very firm cushioning

What kind of office chairs are there?

Top 10 Powerful Tips To Choose The Most Comfortable Office Chair:

Always do your homework before making any purchase of a major appliance. Pricing on most comfortable office chair can run the gamut, from super cheap to extremely expensive. Before you decide which chair to get, there are a few specific points you should consider.

  1. Ergonomics: Ergonomics typically play a central role in office chair purchase decisions. So, What do you need to know about selecting an ergonomic chair? Features to look for in an ergonomic chair: Seat width and height adjustment, adjustable tilt & armrests, Back support, Stability, etc.
  2. Overall Comfort: When it comes to office chairs, nothing is more important than a comfortable office chair. But, Just because a chair offers lots of ergonomic features — that doesn’t necessarily mean it will feel comfortable to every user.
  3. Contouring & Padding: Contouring and padding are considered the first factors to be the most comfortable office chair. A comfortable chair should have enough padding to sit on it for extended periods of time without feeling any ace or pain.
  4. Don’t ignore adjustability: Since You are looking for a most comfortable office chair, So You should Consider that the particular chair has all of the necessary adjustable features, especially in terms of height and seat tilt.
  5. Quality of the materials: A high-quality chair must be made of the quality and hygienic materials. Two chairs may look the same But among them can be material differences. A poor quality material chair will deteriorate very quickly and reduce the comfort level.
  6. Base Stability: Don’t ignore the chair’s base, Make sure the chair’s base is fitted properly and flexible. As well as, you’ll need to think about the base material: Steel or Aluminum bases. Typically Steel bases are last longer than Aluminum bases but Steel bases can be more expensive than others.
  7. Overall Durability: You should know how much the office chair can handle before purchasing it. The durability relates to, strength and stability in areas such as chair base, armrest, tilt mechanics, casters, and long-term seating impact.
  8. Back, neck & Lumbar support: lumbar support is one of the most important ergonomic features to consider. Make sure the chair comes with proper lumbar support, it will help you to get the proper fit to support the inward curve of your back As well as, Make sure the chair comes with adequate support for back and neck.
  9. Adjustable armrests: Adjustable armrests are another important ergonomic features to consider. The armrests of the chair should be height adjustable.
  10. Corporate image: Your office chairs can say a lot about your business. Of course, The chair should reflect the professional image of the office.

The verdict

The La-Z-Boy Delano Office Chairwinds the battle in terms of comfort. There is no wonder why a chair fromLa-Z-Boy is mentioned among the winners. The company has a great reputation interms of office products, especially executive chairs. The La-Z-Boy has boththe looks and the comfort, and it is highly adjustable as well. For those whowant the classic-looking office chair, it is probably the best choice theyhave. The price-quality ratio is also reasonable and the reviews on this chairare definitely worth a read. The bonded leather-wood combination gives it thatluxury touch and the layered cushioning makes it a chair worthy of spending 8hours a day in it.

La-Z-Boy Delano is definitely one of our favorites, but the decision is ultimately yours. Take into consideration aspects such as your office décor, your weight, and height or other things that may influence your buy. Keep in mind that the La-Z-Boy Delano Office Chair is more of a traditional chair. If you are a fan of modern-looking chairs, the Gesture one will surely suit your tastes. After all, you should select the chair in which you feel the most comfortable. Looks come after functionality in most situations, so get informed about the chair you’d like to purchase before spending a little fortune on it. Hopefully, these reviews were helpful to you and guided you towards making the wisest choice.