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Having the right chair at work has many benefits among them high productivity, less fatigue and the versatility to put them to different tasks or be used by different people without compromising on their quality of service. While desk or office chairs can do that, task (steno) chairs have been created to specifically address the issue of versatility.

A task chair is a specialized office chair or desk chair with functions meant to adapt to a variety of body types and activities. The difference between a task chair and an office chair is that the task chair can be adjusted to perform different tasks and fit different body types while an office chair cannot.

Task Chair vs Office Chair

The Unique Features of a Task Chair


The features that set a task chair apart from other types of chairs in the workplace include the following:

1. Promote productivity

The design of a task chair makes it more adapted to handling tasks better than other type of office chairs as it focuses on the various ways in which you can use it. For example, you can adjust its height, swivel it around and other adjustments that you need. However, most other unnecessary features such as arms are omitted to allow it perform more tasks.

2. Good for the right posture

Task chairs are often called steno chairs as they were originally meant for stenographers and typists who need have a straight back and weight off their shoulders for faster speeds. The same advantages are brought over to the modern task chair with many benefits especially for the health of the user.

3. High levels of versatility

Task chairs are built to accommodate as many body types and tasks as possible. Unlike other office chairs which focus on specific areas of the body such as the back and the shoulders, task chairs can be adjusted to accommodate lots more and in different situations.

You thus have a simpler and more functional chair adaptable to different tasks.

The Benefits of a Task Chair

Task chairs are meant to make you more productive in more situations than a specialize chair such as a desk chair would. For this reason, they should provide various capabilities such as the following:

1. Creates a professional work environment


Given that task chairs can be put to different tasks, they’re a cheaper and cleaner way to set up an office. You can have the same type of chair for all employees and each one will be at home with their workstation. The result is a more unified office in appearance.

2. Increases productivity

With task chairs, you always know what to expect even when you switch to another location within the organization. This eliminates the time taken to adjust to a new chair or environment for an employee. It then leaves more time for productivity.

3. Reduces fatigue

A task chair is meant with ergonomics in mind with pressure being taken off the back, hips and shoulders. The result is that you’ll work for more hours without fatigue and avoid problems in the future.

4. Efficient use of office space

Task Chair Target

Most task chairs don’t have armrests. This allows them to get under desks much easier than a bigger office chair would. You end up using less space in the office than you would with other types of chairs.

War thunder xm 1 chrysler. A task chair is thus a jack of all trades with many different benefits as seen here.

What to Look for in a Task Chair

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Like other office chairs, you should consider the following aspects when looking for a task chair:

  • Easily adjustable without tools.
  • The right height for your workstation.
  • Easy to sit and get up from.
  • Adjustable to accommodate various body types.
  • Easily rolls and swivels.
  • Breathable upholstery.
  • High quality materials.
Student task chair

With these features, your task chair will serve you better and for longer.

Task Chair vs Office Chair: Which is Better?

Office Task Chairs

Choosing between the two types of chairs is highly subjective and depends on the type of work you have. If you sit for long hours at your office desk typing and doing few other movements, an office or desk chair is the best option. If, however, you move about your desk or office quite often, a task chair will suit you better. A task chair also beats an office chair for cases when you switch between several tasks in different locations frequently.

Be Task Chair Reviews

Task chairs are commonly used in conjunction with office desks. These chairs are generally quite basic in design and created specifically to be used by many different users. For this reason, these chairs are often used in college classrooms, particularly in those with computer labs. They are also often used in public areas, such as in the computer area of the public library, or when several employees share a single workstation.


Task chairs are a flexible option for use in offices, because they are adjustable in many ways. Some less expensive chairs may only be able to adjust up or down in order to accommodate users of various heights. This is usually accomplished by pushing a lever located beneath the seat.

By pushing the lever when no one is seated in the chair, the seat comes up. To lower the seat, the user simply puts pressure on the seat while pushing the lever. This is often accomplished by simply sitting on the seat.

Some more expensive task chair models also have adjustable back rests or seats that allow the user to adjust the way the chair supports his or her back and legs. In this way, the user can obtain a maximum level of comfort. Some chairs also include armrests. In this case, the height of the armrests can often be lowered or raised in order to accommodate users of various heights. This is usually done by pushing a button and applying pressure to lower the armrests, or by simply pulling up on the armrests to lift them higher.

All task chairs also include four casters on the bottom. This makes it possible for the user to roll easily from one place to the other while performing various tasks, hence the name task chairs. It also makes it easier for the user to pull in toward an office desk in order to type, and then push away when ready to exit the chair.

To further aid in work efficiency, task chairs also swivel at the bottom. This allows the user to easily swivel back and forth between tasks. It also makes it easier to sit in the chair and enter a workstation simply by swiveling the chair away from the desk in order to sit down, then swiveling it back toward the desk to begin working.