Bathroom Cabinet Organizer Over Toilet

Have you ever been in a really nice bathroom and thought to yourself, “where is all the stuff?” There appears to be a perfectly planned place for everything, and everything in its place. Angel haven eve online. In fact, it’s so organized you wonder if anyone actually uses this bathroom at all. We are here to tell you the secret to the ‘nobody lives here’ bathroom: storage.

Features: It is designed with a double-door pull slot style, with a layer in the middle, this layer is an active layer, and can be moved up and down according to its own needs Adjust; the storage space inside can put all kinds of toiletries, all kinds of debris, etc. This is the bathroom cabinet that fits over a toilet to provide extra storage and organization. Ideal for snug powder rooms or storage-starved washrooms, it maximizes unused space to stow tissue, towels, and personal toiletries. “bathroom cabinets over toilet”. Meyers Over the Toilet Storage Cabinet Brown - Room & Joy. 5 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews.

25 Clever Built-in Bathroom Shelf and Storage Ideas for the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Great, design-oriented bathroom storage is the difference between a spa-like feel and a bathroom that looks like Grand Central Station after rush hour. With a few strategic and well-designed nooks and crannies its possible for your bathroom to feel like a lovely oasis free from clutter and cords. With these built-in bathroom shelf and storage ideas your “clutter” will be safety stowed away – or even hiding in plain sight!

Some of these ideas can be tackled in a weekend, and some will give you ideas for your next bathroom renovation. Regardless of how much time, money, or DIY chutzpah you’ve got, you can create your most beautiful with these 25 built-in bathroom shelf and storage ideas.

2. Linen Closet with Storage Shelves

3. Recessed Toilet Paper Holder and Storage


4. Concrete Shower Wall with Recessed Storage

5. Built-in Shower Storage Columns with Decorative Tile


6. Hidden Pull-out Shelving

7. Recessed Shelves with a Frame

Bathroom Cabinets Over Toilet Storage


8. Extra Tall Medicine Cabinet with Wooden Door

9. Built-in Wooden Shelves


10. Tiny Recessed Marble Shelves

Bathroom Hanging Cabinets Over Toilet

11. Built-in Open-face Wooden Cabinet

Over Toilet Bathroom Organizer


12. Over-the-toilet Storage Shelves with Molding Accent

13. Hidden Shelf and Hamper Drawers


14. Modern Shelves with Shower Wall Extension

15. Bath Mirror Pullout Storage


16. Built-in Minimalist Shelves

17. Recessed Shower Shelf with Polka Dot Tile


18. Built-in Tiled Shelves with Honeycomb Accent

19. Open-faced Linen Closet with Distressed Wood Shelves


20. Invisible Pull-out Storage


Bathroom Cabinet Organizer Over Toilet Cabinet

21. Tiled Floating Built-in Bathroom Shelf

22. Built-in Natural Wood Shelving


23. Recessed Storage with Adjustable Shelves


24. Built-in Shelves and Cupboard Column

25. Thin-to-thick Shelves on a Tiled Wall

Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet Over Toilet


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