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Angular + Node.js on AWS - How to Deploy a MEAN Stack App to Amazon EC2 In this tutorial we're going to setup a production ready web server from scratch on the Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) service, then deploy a custom MEAN Stack application to it that supports user registration and authentication. First, you create an Amazon EC2 instance in the public subnet of your VPC. To launch an EC2 instance Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon EC2 console at Choose EC2 Dashboard, and then choose Launch instance, as shown following.

If you’re having an only 1Gb RAM , 30 Gb storage VPS on ECS AWS, how will you deploy a website? Here is my suggestion.

  1. Launch an instance using Ubuntu ( not Windows OS , because it needs more than 20 Gbs to complete an Windows Server instance ).
  2. Assign an Elastic Ip for your instance, connect via SSH.
  3. Setup XAMPP for linux on your ubuntu .

+ Stop ubuntu apache process:

/etc/init.d/httpd stop

+ Get xampp installation script:
sudo chmod +x
sudo ./

+ XAMPP / LAMPP commands:
sudo /opt/lampp/lampp start
sudo /opt/lampp/lampp stop
sudo /opt/lampp/lampp restart

Set rules to access phpmyadmin at : /opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf
4. Configure virtual hosts
Change the permission for lampp daemon user (default in /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf)
chown -R daemon.daemon /opt/lampp/htdocs

DirectoryIndex index.php
ErrorLog 'logs/dulichclub1-error_log'
CustomLog 'logs/dulichclub1-access_log' common

+ Install let’s encrypt: using certbot
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:certbot/certbot
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-certbot-apache

Install ssl cert for a domain
sudo certbot --apache -d
for multiple domains , sub-domains
sudo certbot --apache -d -d -d
full command
certbot certonly --lampp -a webroot --webroot-path=/opt/lampp/htdocs/ -m [email protected] --agree-tos -d

+Virtual host sample configuration

ServerAdmin [email protected]
ErrorLog '/opt/lampp/logs/godl-error_log'
TransferLog '/opt/lampp/logs/godl-access_log'
SSLEngine on
SSLCertificateFile '/etc/letsencrypt/live/'
SSLCertificateKeyFile '/etc/letsencrypt/live/'
SSLCertificateChainFile '/etc/letsencrypt/live/'

5. Test your SSL website url:

I've setup my Bitnami AMI on AWS. I now want to know if there is a way I can change my Xammp config files to access apache and MySQL on the AWS server.

Please help.

Bitnami developer here, XAMPP includes MySQL and Apache.

If you want to connect a remote MySQL, you need to follow this guide:

But in your case, I think you want to migrate you XAMPP site to your AMI. This guide could help you with that purpose:

I hope it helps.

“client not initialized” error when using SSMCache with AWS elasticache autodiscovery


Show your configuration and usage. It seams that you haven't defined defaultCache or used Cacheable without 'value' param set..

AWS Elastic beanstalk scale triggering


This all depends. Different apps need to scale for different reasons. This is why Elastic Beanstalk lets you choose various ways to scale your application. Sure, this is reasonable. Does it work for your application? Not sure. Is your app CPU intensive or is it just serving static content?..

heroku pgbackups:url command is no longer working?


To download backup b004 use the following syntax: curl -o b004.dump `heroku pg:backups public-url b004` That will download the backup as b004.dump in the current directory..

Is AmazonSimpleNotificationServiceClient thread-safe?


They seems to be: The best-known aspect of the AWS SDK for .NET are the various service clients that you can use to interact with AWS. Client objects are thread safe, disposable, and can be reused. ..

SQL result show empty results in phpmyadmin xampp [closed]


Check for spelling errors in your Form and your SQL Statement. Also, consider making your username/email field/s non-nullable as a good practice.

UAC error while installing Xampp 1.8.35 on windows 8


Go to your xampp installation directory. Right click on 'xampp-control' then choose 'Run as administrator' If prompted, choose Yes You do not have to disable UAC. You are simply getting this message because the application was started with normal user rights, while the application needs administrator rights to be able..

How to run flask on localhost (xampp)


Author of Flask-SocketIO here. Unfortunately this extension cannot work with a standard web server, you will not be able to host an app that uses it over apache/mod_wsgi. You need to use a gevent server, and not a generic one, but one that is customized for Socket.IO. That means that..

Loop through list of AWS-instances shows only first item


As far as I know, the method in the controller will return the last object in the loop, so if you have 5 objects it will loop through each and will return the last one, cause that's where the controller method ends in your case. You need to pass the..

Eclipse not compiling because of ClassNotFoundException


It seems that your Eclipse doesn't found the library of aspectj. Try to download it again from: By your stack trace I suppose that the version of aspectj that it is looking for it's the 1.6 so I suppose that you have to search the package in which puts..

Configure Apache web server to perform SSL authentication


Bitnami developer here, In XAMPP the SSL configuration is located at /opt/lampp/etc/extras/httpd-ssl.conf file, where there is a default VirtualHost already configured in port 443, and you are trying to bind again the same port. Please, try to modify this file instead. You can check if there is any other process..

How to set a variable using dynamic inventory using Ansible


I was able to solve my above problem by using something like this set_fact: rds_hostname='{{ groups.rds_mysql[0] }}' Also during my research I found a nice ansible galaxy code which allows you to dump all variables accessible to ansible-playbooks Hope this helps someone :)..

ajax GET request times out for URL when browser and CURL work


[SOLUTION] It turned out the issue was related to cross domain request. Updating server code to add 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header as per the link below solved the problem Javascript - No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource..

how to use AWS cognito with custom authentication to create temporary s3 upload security token


You can find an example in this AWS Mobile blog post and the differences between developer authenticated identities and regular identities in this other blog post. Basically, the flow is that your app will authenticate against your backend, then your backend will call GetOpenIdTokenIdTokenForDeveloperIdentity and send the resulting token and..

Polling Continuously from a SQS queue on AWS


No, its not possible. SQS requires you to poll to see if there are messages waiting for you. If you could uses SNS instead of SQS you could have messages pushed to you instead..

AWS Kinesis - data source on a third party server


assuming you have access to the log file, you could in theory push to kinesis from other machines. the implementation of that might be a bit funny and yes, ideally you would be able to run the kinesis producer on the machine that has the logs

Gradle Compilation Errors when adding 'com.amazonaws:aws-java-sdk:1.10.1'


It seems that when you added the Amazon SDK your app reached the maximum method count allowed in Android (over 65K). see here on how to configure your app for multidex:

“undefined method 'value'” when looping


i.tags.any? returns true as soon as tags.compact array is not empty. So, you enter the endless loop and sooner or later t becomes greater than tags.length. Call to tags[tags.length] returns nil, and calling value on nil produces the error you got. The loop you likely wanted looks like: i.tags.each do..

How do I send an email of the current page using a button?


I figured it out using php and installing XAMPP. I used apache, mysql, and mercury in XAMPP. I followed the steps for mercury here. I also had to change some things in the php.ini file and sendmail.ini file. Those steps can be found here. Hope this helps cut down the..

Use Reserved instance and autoscaling group


A Reserved Instance on AWS is a billing concept and does not apply to a specific Amazon EC2 instance. Each hour, the AWS billing system looks at all EC2 instances that have been running in a particular AWS account. It then compares them with any Reserved Instances that have been..

DynamoDB Conditional Check Fail Monitoring


Generally speaking, conditional checks are optimistic concurrency control mechanisms provided by DynamoDB. The basic idea is that every write request can specify conditions on the item being written that must be true for the write to succeed. This section of the AWS DynamoDB documentation talks more about conditional writes. Whenever..

Xampp Starting properly but in browser localhost is not working


Looks like you have the 'Searchbase.exe' malware on your PC. Check your installed programs (Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program) for anything that resembles what you're seeing. It's probably hogging port 80. Might consider doing a virus scan. Don't type anything sensitive into that engine. Looks weird...

Amazon Ec2 Xampp

AWS Beanstalk - Passenger Standalone not serving web pages after Rails 4.2.1 migration


I finally figured out how to increase the logging level for Passenger Standalone (blogged here). From the log, I could see that the web server was responding to the Beanstalk health check with 301 redirects. That meant that the load balancer thought the app was dead, so it was sending..

Deleting Data from DynamoDb Table automatically


No, there is no 'retention' setting available in DynamoDB. You could run a daily/monthly query that uses a date field to filter results, and use that output to determine which Items to delete. This would need to be implemented in your own programming code. Some users choose to use separate..

Configure Dockerfile to set AWS configurations


I think the answers regarding the environment variables are good solutions. To offer an alternative, or if you use a file for aws authentication, you could use docker volumes to mount these. Mount a Host Directory as a Data Volume In addition to creating a volume using the -v flag..

Change browser/system default localhost port (80) to custom


According to RFC2616, the default port for HTTP is 80, so browsers are designed to interpret a request without a defined port as a request to port 80. As far as I'm aware, there is no way to override this default (without some serious modification of the browser's code), either..

Amazon DynamoDB Mapper - limits to batch operations

Aws Ec2 Xampp Login


Does the mapper split your list of objects into multiple batches and then write each batch separately? Yes, it does batching for you and you can see that it splits the the items to be written into batches of up to 25 items here. It then tries writing each batch..

PHP: Secure a Rest Service with a Token mixed with Timestamp

Aws Ec2 Xampp Tutorial


After you've got token from the client you need to check two things: validity of the token and its timestamp. There are two scenarios: Make timestamp part of the token: function getToken($timestamp) { return $timestamp . encrypt(getPKey(), $timestamp); } $token = genToken(time()); And then validate it: $token = $_POST['token']; function..

How do I SSH into EC2 with .pub?


It seems that you need to create your key first in the AWS console, this will allow you to download the correct file app.pem which you add to .ssh folder (Mac). You can then resign the new key by doing eb ssh --setup. WARNING This deletes all instances and recreates!..

AWS RDS on Eclipse


Okay, per the comments on the question, I'm going to give an answer that works around the question. In other words, the straightforward answer is to do an insecure thing (open the database to public). Here's the TLDR on the answer: create a tunnel to an ec2 instance, then tell..

How can I know the database url of AWS EC2 MySQL?


If you're running MySQL on AWS EC2 as an RDS instance, your database_url will be the RDS instance name (followed by :port of course). See for more info, but this is normally of the form (where us-east-1 is the region in this example but might vary depending on..

How to configure aws CLI to s3 cp with anonymous user


you probably have to provide an access keys and secret key, even if you're doing anonymous access. don't see an option for anonymous for the AWS cli. another way to do this, it to hit the http endpoint and grab the files that way. In your case: You will..

Why is this python boto S3 multipart upload code not working?


If it fits your use case, you may want to use the AWS Command-Line Interface (CLI), which can automatically use multi-part upload for you. aws s3 cp file.txt s3://bucket/file.txt..

Using Java web service on Amazon cloud

War thunder kv1b. java,web-services,amazon-web-services,amazon-ec2

This is pretty standard in terms of deployment. First - create a EC2 box, this will be your server, you'll need to configure the firewall to allow connections over HTTP port 8080. Second - install Tomcat on said EC2 box. Third - upload your war file to said Tomcat instance..

Which is a better way: retrieve images from AWS S3 or download it and store locally in a temp folder to be displayed?


It depends on how you use them. If your app is going to retrieve the images similiar to instagram, or twitter, it's good to download them as the user requested the images via the app. If once the images are retrieved, the application going to use the images again and..

Xcode + AWS Integration Apple Mach-O Linker Error


Are you importing the AWS Mobile SDK for iOS using both the frameworks and CocoaPods? You cannot import the SDK twice, and that is why you are getting duplicate symbols errors. You need to pick one of them and remove the other one to remove the errors.

AWS Beanstalk autoscale user files


There are a few options, but in general first you need to understand that in order to scale horizontally (add more servers), your servers have to be 'stateless' meaning they can't have any special information on them, including but not limited to user uploaded files. The current 'best practice' (and..

eb cli 3.0 is not putting my settings from my existing environment after connecting it


eb init grabs the basic settings from your currently running environment. This includes: Platform Keypair name Everything else is environment specific. If you would like to save your environments configuration to a file, you can use eb config save Typically, you can edit the configurations in place by using eb..

cloudsearch query to boost exact match on range


Say your fields are 'a' and 'b', and the specified values are a=2 and b=1 (as in your example, except I've named the fields 'a' and 'b' instead of 'one' and 'two'). Here are the various terms of your query. Range Query This is the query for the range a±1..

PHP parse int wrong in XAMPP windows


Your Linux result is produced using 64-bit software. The Windows result comes from 32-bit software. The difference here is the maximum size of an integer, which in a 32-bit system is 2147483647. When you try to parse the string to an integer the value is too large for a 32-bit..

Amazon EC2 Storage lacks


The size of the EBS volume is whatever you set it to be, it's not tied to the instance type. If you click 'Volumes' on the left of the dashboard and find the volume that's attached to your instance, you will probably find that it's only 8GB, which is a..

Secure file upload directly to s3 or server to s3 (from iOS app) [closed]



You want to choose option 2, have your user upload directly to S3. If you use option 1, you have the possibility of your server going away before it can complete the upload to S3 (think autoscaling, where an instance is taken out of service before it can complete). And..

Wordpress and Xampp not open child pages


By default, Xampp has FollowSymlinks disabled. See point 4 on how to enable mod rewrite (if not done already) set AllowOverride from none to all If AllowOverride is not set to all, permalinks will cause exactly these 404 errors you describe ('Not found' on existing pages). ..

Installing Python 3 Docker Ubuntu error command 'x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc


You should install python3-pip in your Dockerfile and then run pip3 install -r requirements.txt

How to route traffic by proximity from Route 53 to closest NGINX server?


you want geolocation routing for the api endpoints:

How to use font-face on a local server (xampp)?


I am pretty sure you need origami_making.eot as well, and use relative urls. example @font-face { font-family: 'Flaticon'; src: url('flaticon.eot'); src: url('flaticon.eot#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'), url('flaticon.woff') format('woff'), url('flaticon.ttf') format('truetype'), url('flaticon.svg') format('svg'); font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; } ..

How to change the IP address of Amazon EC2 instance using boto library


Make sure you have set properly with ~/.boto and connect to aws, have the boto module ready in python. If not, go through this first: Getting Started with Boto For example, you need assign a new EIP to the instance i-12345678 Make sure, EIP has been allocated(existed) and you..

Getting Blank messages in my app from AWS SNS.


The message should be a valid JSON string if you want to publish a message to GCM. You can use to_json to serialize a hash object to JSON. Here is a article about using AWS SDK for Ruby For more information about Amazon SNS: Send Custom Platform-Specific Payloads in..

How to find Unused Security Groups of all AWS Security Groups?


This is a slightly difficult request because Security Groups are used by many different resources, including: Amazon EC2 instances Amazon RDS instances VPC Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs) Amazon Redshift clusters Amazon ElastiCache clusters Amazon Elastic MapReduce clusters Amazon Workspaces ..and most probably other services, too To obtain a list of..

How check if the sum of the values of two columns, in the same row have exactly 100 as result in mysql


As already commented MySQL doesn't support CHECK constraint. Per MySQL Documentation it says: The CHECK clause is parsed but ignored by all storage engines You should rather use a BEFORE INSERT trigger as an alternative like below DELIMITER // CREATE TRIGGER sumcheck_before_insert BEFORE INSERT ON bla_table FOR EACH ROW BEGIN..

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Keep config file secure using github and Elastic Beanstalk?

Aws Ec2 Windows Xampp


Aws Ec2 Lamp

Your intuition is correct! Definitely keep your keys/passwords/credentials out of your committed codebase. Elastic Beanstalk provides environment variables in the control panel for just this purpose. The official documentation can be found here: These environment variables can be edited through the Elastic Beanstalk UI. You can then reference these..