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So I deployed the production build of my angular app at /htdocs/QUEST_IMAGES_2/quest-images, /quest-images is where my angular web-app exists and QUEST_IMAGES_2 is the folder where the PHP files need to interact with the server exists.

Now the issue arrives while deploying the application. I want to deploy this application at other places and just testing it at my home XAMPP server. so I have entered my base-url as=/QUEST_IMAGES_2/quest-images and the app seems to load fine, at the login page. But when I click on submit, I get a CORS error:

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despite enabling the CORS at the .htaccess file.

I see that this is because of me providing the url as โ€˜localhostโ€™ at my file. The application runs perfectly when I insert the IP address of the localhost. But the issue will arise in future when I wouldnโ€™t know the url of the host the application is supposed to run.

Angular Xampp 9

How can I solve this issue;
Hereโ€™s my angular.json:

And my PHP version is 8.0.2

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