Amazon Took A Picture Of My Delivery

Picture is not my house. Amazon delivered package to wrong house.image shown of delivery is not my house. My package with to the wrong house says package delivered - picture taken of package on door step is NOT my house! FIX: Called Amazon Directly and they reimbursed me for the lost package.I was able. Picture is not my house.

Amazon is now taking pictures of your packages to show when they have arrived. The giant online retailer launched their Amazon Logistics Photo On Delivery program a few months ago in Oregon, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, and Northern Virginia with plans to expand it in the near future. The photos, which are taken by drivers upon delivery, show the customer where their purchase has been left. This will help Amazon cut down on its refunds and replacements.

Packages get misplaced and stolen all the time—especially around the holidays. This can be incredibly stressful for the purchaser. By allowing drivers to take and send pictures of the items at the time of delivery, Amazon can provide its customers with a little extra peace of mind. Their program also gives the buyer a chance to take action—whether by retrieving the item themselves or asking a friend or neighbor to get it.

For those who want to maintain their privacy, Amazon offers customers a chance to opt out of pictures being taken of their homes. They just need to select “Don’t take delivery photos” in the Your Orders section of their account page.

There’s Help for the Amazon Logistics Photo On Delivery program

  • The delivery person takes a photo, attaching it to the appropriate order, and that photo is a proof of delivery for the Amazon customer and Amazon customer service. If you shop online frequently, this service might make you feel safer until, as is my case, it doesn't. Remember those photos of my packages not at my front door?
  • Amazon now also does this thing where they sometimes take photos of your unattended package after it was delivered. Yes, there are privacy concerns (and you can opt-out of the service if you’d.

For added security, consumers may want to look into purchasing an internet-connected doorbell/app/camera such as Ring. Amazon just recently acquired Ring’s eponymous maker for approximately $1.1 billion. Ring, which found success through failing on the popular television show Shark Tank, works seamlessly with Amazon’s latest smart device, the Echo Spot. The doorbell sends pictures directly to the Spot so that customers can see who is at their door from anywhere. It’s a fantastic piece of tech that allows people to spy on those around them.

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Amazon took a picture of my delivery

Amazon’s latest feature allows customers to get photos of where their packages are left when they are not home. The Photo on Delivery feature is a great option because it lets you know where your package has been placed. The feature, which isn’t available everywhere yet, is probably something that many will also not like.

Amazon Took A Picture Of My Delivery Girl

What Is It?

The Amazon Photo on Delivery feature gives customers the option to receive a picture of where their package has been left. The photo is shown on the shipment details through the website, letting customers know that the package has been delivered and if it’s on the right address.

The feature is currently available in a few US cities but it will probably be available for more in the future if it all goes well. Oh and the feature is only available for packages delivered by Amazon Logistics.

Before the feature, all Amazon showed was the shipment details such as the time and address where it was delivered. There was really no other way of knowing that the package had been left at the door.

The feature may sound great to some but others may not be too happy that Amazon is taking pictures of the place they live. The online retailer does have an option to disable it but it doesn’t appear right away.

How To Disable

Those customers who have the option available in their cities can simply turn it off by clicking a button under the image. The button does not appear until you have received a package with a picture. The Don’t take delivery photos button appears right under the image.


Latest Feature and Program

The latest feature is another option that lets customers know that their package was left at the address when they were not there. It comes less than six months after the online retailer introduced the Amazon Key program, which lets delivery people drop off packages inside the customers home.

The program, which is available for Prime members, requires a security camera and a smart lock. The service debuted back in November, giving customers a new option to receive the packages when they’re not home. The camera and smart lock are available through Amazon.

Amazon Took A Picture Of My Delivery

Amazon Picture Of Delivered Package

What do you think about the new feature? Have you used Amazon Key yet? Let us know in the comments.

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