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As the holidays wrap up, so, too, do the constant deliveries. But not before one Reddit user got quite a surprise: Amazon's picture-proof alert for his delivery captured his package in mid-air, flying toward his front door.

Delivery Information If no one is at the address when delivery is attempted, we will leave the package in a secure location. If no secure location is available, or the delivery requires someone to be present, Amazon will send an e-mail to the e-mail address on file. We'll make three delivery attempts on consecutive days. The photo is also used on your in-app ID card. We will retain your photos while you use the Amazon delivery app and as long as permitted by law or until you request that we delete your photo. You may request deletion of your photo by contacting Support, but deleting your photo will block your access to the Amazon delivery app until you replace. Photo on Delivery is just the latest offering in Amazon's bid for shipping dominance, but it also appears to be one of the simplest, most viable options Amazon has explored. The service relies on.

Big shout out to Amazon for taking a pic of my package delivery mid throw from funny

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That's quite a toss, to be honest, and even better photo-capturing skills.


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And for those skeptical that maybe the package is just wedged into the door for a unique perspective that simply makes it look like it's been thrown, well, the same Reddit user shared this video to support his claim.

Comment from discussion CaptainCanadian9's comment from discussion 'Big shout out to Amazon for taking a pic of my package delivery mid throw'.


Amazon Photo Delivery

Thrown packages are a frequent problem that has gained attention from the rise of home security cameras, with plenty of drivers caught on tape doing their best tosses.

There's even a whole new subreddit devoted to some of these more unique deliveries.

It was a tiny fridge for my wife’s office. I was home and got to see him throw it in person. from PackageDelivered

Then there's this beauty.

Behind the scenes: 'Your package was delivered' from PackageDelivered

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Sadly, not all deliveries can be punctuated with adorable squirrel visitors and silly dances.