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Get photos onto Kindle Fire The Kindle Fire has no camera, so you have to get photos onto the device by copying them from your computer by using a micro-B cable. Using this procedure, you can copy photos into the Pictures folder on your Kindle Fire by using Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder. View photos in the Kindle Fire Gallery. Amazon Photos lets you back up, organize, and share all of the photos and videos from your phone, computer, and other devices. You can access all your photos on nearly any device and share them with family and friends. This photo storage app keeps your photos and videos safe, even if.

Kindle Fire is Android Table which has been introduced by Amazon. It is high performance device that provides features such as fast 1.5GHz dual-core processor, ultra speedy web browsing with in-built Wi-Fi connection and stunning high definition display. Apart from enjoying these latest facilities, Kindle Fire users perhaps face unforeseen or unintentional deletion of photos or other files stored in it.

There are various circumstances, which make Kindle Fire users experience complete deletion of precious photo files saved in it. Let us have a look on some reasons for deletion of photos from Kindle Fire.

  • Mistakenly clicking on “Delete” option on Kindle Fire device while previewing images is main reason for permanent deletion of photo files
  • Virus infection to Kindle Fire may corrupt the device and you will lose photos with or without any notification
  • Restoring Kindle Fire to its factory setting accidentally leads to deletion of photos
Amazon kindle photos

In order to get back your cherished photos and avoid permanent deletion of those images, immediately use prominent Android Table data recovery software such as Yodot Android Data Recovery to rescue deleted photos from Kindle Fire Tablet.

War thunder best tank country. Photo recovery software for Kindle Fire:

Yodot Android Data Recovery tool is one of the most capable software that can be used to restore deleted photos form Kindle Fire Tablet on Windows system. Including deleted photo files, this application can rescue other digital media files such as songs, movies, videos as well as application files (APK files) from Kindle Fire Android Tablet. This utility restores deleted as well as lost photos from Kindle Fire device within few simple mouse clicks. One can even carry out data recovery from bricked Kindle Fire HD to regain data from it. In addition to Amazon Kindle Fire Table, it also extract photos and other files from HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, Ambrane and other well known Android Table and Smartphone brands on Windows8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Steps to retrieve deleted photos from Kindle Fire:

  • Connect your Kindle Fire Tablet to the Windows system via UMS mode (Yodot does not support PTP and MTP mode of connectivity)
  • Download the program and install it to that Windows PC
  • Once the installation is get over, launch the utility based on instructions available
  • From main screen, select “Deleted File Recovery” option to restore deleted photos
  • You will now find available drives of Android device which has connected to your computer
  • After deep scanning of selected device drive, you can see all the deleted photos from Kindle Fire device
  • Mark the picture files which you want to get back. In addition, you can select all the files by selecting “Mark all” option
  • You can also preview the image files before saving them using “Preview” option
  • Finally, save the retrieved photos to your desired location on system or other storage devices. However, not to the same Kindle Fire storage space to avoid data mishap

Tips to be follow:

  • In order to increase chances of recovering deleted photos from Kindle fire Table, you should stop storing new files on Kindle Fire Table
  • Do not access unauthorized website and avoid installing unknown third party apps on Kindle Fire device to prevent virus attack

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Pictures On Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle 2.5.2 software update was released today for US and international Kindle and Kindle DX readers. You can download it from the Amazon Kindle Software Updates page or wait until it is delivered wirelessly to your Kindle automatically over the next few weeks. I tried the manual process on my own Kindle and the installation was pretty painless, just copying a file over and telling the Kindle to start the software update.

Here are some of the goodies you get when you upgrade:

Amazon Kindle Reader


If you have accumulated a large number of Kindle books, things can get disorganized on the home screen. With Kindle 2.5, you can now create collections to hold your books and keep your home screen uncluttered. You start by going to the home screen and bringing up the menu. There is now a Create New Collection menu item:

If you choose this menu item with your five-way button, you are then prompted to enter a name for your collection:

With your collection created, you can highlight it on the home screen and then you can press the five way button to the right and you will see a screen listing what you can do with your collection:

If you choose Add/Remove Item you are placed back on the home screen where you can mark what books you want added to your collection by highlighting them and pressing in on your five-way button to give them a check mark. When you are finished, highlight the Done button at the bottom of your screen and press in on your five-way button.

You are not limited to viewing your library only as collections. You can still use the five-way button at the top of the screen to sort by title or author as well.

PDF Pan & Zoom

Amazon Kindle Color Pictures

This is my favourite feature of the new Kindle software update. Prior to this, reading PDFs on a Kindle was at best an eyestrain. Now you can press the font size adjustment button to the right of the space bar and it will show a menu with zoom options.

When you choose a zoom level, you get a magnifying glass cursor that you can move around the screen using the five-way button. Press in on the five-way button and you zoom in on your PDF.

Password Protection

Password protection is a welcome feature as well, especially if you want to keep confidential documents on your Kindle. You turn it on from the settings screen by highlighting “turn on” next to Device Password.

This brings up a Set Password prompt where you enter your password twice and optionally enter a hint to help you remember the password.

Now, when you wake up your Kindle, you will get the Enter Password prompt. You must enter your password to access your Kindle.

If you want turn off the device password, you just go back to the settings screen and press “turn off” next to Device Password.

You are prompted to enter the password before the password can be turned off.

More Font Sizes & Improved Clarity

There are now eight font sizes instead of six as shown below:

Facebook & Twitter Posts

Amazon Kindle Kids Books Have Pictures

To turn on the social networking features, go to the settings screen, highlight the manage option next to Social Networks and press in on your five-way button.

This opens the Kindle web browser and takes you to a “Manage Your Social Networks” web page. You can click Link Account button for Twitter or enter your Email and Password and press the Link Account button for Facebook. Let’s see how this works for Twitter. You click the Link Account button and you are prompted to sign in to your Twitter account:

Then you grant Twitter access to your Kindle account.

Now when you highlight text of create a note in any of your books, you can tweet that highlight to your Twitter followers by pressing the Alt and the Enter buttons together, as shown at the bottom of the image below:

Popular Highlights

The Popular Highlights features lets you see for any book you own what passages are the most often highlighted by others. Now, when you press the menu button when reading a book, you’ll see a View Popular Highlights menu item at the bottom of the menu.

However, it is grayed out until you go into the settings screen and turn it on. Once you turn it on, you click it on the menu of your book and see highlighted passages ranked by popularity.


This is an exciting update for Kindle users. If you can’t wait to start reading PDFs or protecting your Kindle from prying eyes, the upgrade is just a download away at the Amazon Kindle Software Updates page. Make sure you download the right version for your Kindle.