Amazon Delivery Photo Wrong House

Even if you don’t alert them of the wrong delivery, they still might call your house or show up at your door asking where the package is. Also, don’t try to reach out to the person who should have received the package herunterladen. Respect their privacy by going through the shipping company rather than reaching out to the individual directly. AMZL Photo on Delivery is another shipping service that can come in handy. It'll send you a photo to confirm the delivery has been made when a package is left unattended. If you'd rather not have Amazon take photos of your property, you can opt out by contacting customer service. SEE ALSO: Amazon Prime Shipping Is the Perk We Love to Hate.

Amazon delivery photo wrong house

The last time we blogged about weird Amazon Prime shipments was back in December, and here we are again! I was supposed to receive a package on Saturday for my dehumidifier that I purchased on Amazon. The tracking stated it was delivered around 4 pm. We received our regular mail but no box was on the doorstep as indicated in tracking, via USPS. Sound familiar?

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I emailed Amazon customer service on Saturday afternoon and receive a response within 3 hours. They said sometimes a carrier will scan a package as “Delivered” when it’s actually still on its way. But when this happens, the package is usually delivered within the next few business days. I have never heard of a phantom delivery notice.

The original package should still reach me they said, but asked I wait until end business day of February 6, 2017 in case the shipment does arrive. Customer service stated when my order does arrive, no need to contact them. However, if I haven’t received it by February 6, 2017, please notify Amazon and they would be happy to issue a refund or replacement.

Amazon Delivery Photo Wrong House

The next day an older gentleman in a black sedan get out of his car and bring the box up to my doorstep. He waived through the window and walked back to the car, got in the passenger seat and they drove away. He had no identifying clothing or service badge, it was just a normal guy in a normal car. Nothing was damaged or missing from my order. Not fully understanding what had happened, I emailed Amazon for more information on Monday.


On Tuesday, Amazon responded, “As the item was delivered but you suspect that it was delivered with a non carrier person and it might be misdelivered, I don’t want you to make any disappointments and to help you with this, I’ve escalated this issue with a strong feedback to our Shipping Department so that we can investigate the issue and take strict actions against it.” They provided another link for me to provide more information. To compensate this inconvenience, Amazon customer service issued a $10.00 promotional certificate to my account, which automatically applied to my order sold and shipped by

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Conclusion, well sort of….

My tracking stated it was delivered on Saturday by USPS but really it was delivered on Sunday by a car with no markings and a man with no identifying badges or uniform. Was the box delivered to the wrong address and then the person was generous enough to hand deliver it to us? We contacted Amazon customer service like we always do when something goes wrong, and they offered us a $10 credit but they didn’t have an explanation as to why the tracking was incorrect or who delivered the package. How often does this occur? Incorrect tracking has happened to us twice now, and we were left with questions unanswered each time.

What do I do if my Amazon Prime delivery is late or the tracking is wrong?

  1. Contact Amazon and inquire about a possible solution.
  2. Provide order numbers
  3. Check tracking history
  4. Follow up with customer service

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