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If you would just like to compare the Pro trial with the free plan, you can create a new free workspace by clicking Add a workspace below the Pro trial workspace. If your workspace is on a Pro trial and you let the trial expire, your workspace will lose access to the premium features only available on the Airtable Pro plan. Plan a product launch, organize user feedback, outline your content calendar, or even manage fundraising outreach. With Airtable, you get a tool that can do it all.

Domestic students will have the option to claim free access to Airtable Pro for a maximum of 2 years (they'll receive prompts within the product to redeem the offer), while international students can apply through this form. Educators and administrators are still able to apply for our discounted Educator plans after their trial ends. Airtable is free as long as none of your bases contain more than 1,200 records and 2GB of attachments. If one of your bases does exceed these limits, you will be asked to upgrade the workspace to which it belongs to one of our paid plans, which provide more space and many additional features.

Airtable Free For Students

Airtable's new platform empowers teams to build exactly what they need, using flexible, powerful tools.

“The real computer revolution hasn’t happened yet.”

Those were the opening words of a presentation I used in 2012 to explain the idea that would become Airtable. We didn’t even have a name and computers were pretty much everywhere by then, so I’m lucky I wasn’t laughed out of the room.

But I still believe it. No matter how much technology has shaped our lives, the skills it takes to build software are still only available to a tiny fraction of people. When most of us face a problem that software can answer, we have to work around someone else’s idea of what the solution is. Imagine if more people had the tools to be software builders, not just software users.

To us, that’s the real computer revolution. And it’s why Airtable is entering its next chapter: a new platform where anyone – even without technical training – can create customized applications that perfectly fit their needs, build more interconnected teams and organizations, and benefit from a growing community of people who share what they create.

Teams at more than 200,000 organizations already use Airtable as the database powering everything from major film productions to the world’s biggest retail product launches. Now, with a platform that grows and extends based on customers’ unique needs, they’ll take part in what analysts expect to be the birth of 500 million new customized applications by 2023.

We’re thrilled to introduce the first of many features we’re developing. We look forward to your feedback, and we can’t wait to see what you build using Airtable.


Build or integrate the apps you want (even if you’re not a developer)

Previously, teams could customize Airtable using Blocks (pre-built functionality like maps and Gantt charts). Today, we’re expanding them to be much more powerful.

With Airtable Apps, you can now create applications with the precise functionality and design you want. For example, Frontline Foods, which supplies meals to frontline health workers, built a custom app in Airtable that matches hospitals and other facilities with nearby local restaurants. The app helps allocate resources where they are most needed, helping Frontline cut down on driving time, save money, and deliver fresher food to those supporting their communities.

Airtable Apps are based in JavaScript – the most prolific programming language in history, with a community of 11 million members. Even hobbyist developers can piece together their own apps from over a million open-source JavaScript modules. And since apps are fully integrated with Airtable and your existing information, we can take care of most of the complexity that comes with building something from scratch. It’s much faster to get started, and you only have to complete the specific functionality that solves your problem.

You can also share what you create in our new Marketplace, where other teams can benefit from the building blocks developed by Airtable’s passionate and growing community. Marketplace launches today with apps for everything from translating text inside of Airtable, to annotating images, to managing a team’s workload, and we’ll add new apps built by our community in the future.

Airtable Free

Automate work to keep your organization running smoothly

We’re also introducing tools so teams can build logic in Airtable and automate their work. Whether it’s a complex workflow involving multiple interrelated steps, or just a simple set of tasks, you can use Airtable AutomationsSpace saver storage. to extend your database even further.

With Automations, you can choose from several common commands so Airtable will automatically send customized emails or message notifications, generate reports, perform repetitive steps, and more. Or you can design a completely custom workflow in seconds using JavaScript, including integrations with apps and services your team uses. For example, men’s grooming retailer Harry’s uses Automations to save hours of manual effort as they manage the production for a wide variety of products and packaging, each with unique requirements. Harry’s built a customized workflow that automatically generates tasks at key moments and estimates the effort required to complete them, helping teams better prioritize and allocate their time.

Create a more interconnected organization

Even as the nature of work changes, organizational silos still get in the way. Data is often stranded on individual islands, each with a specific owner. To be more agile, teams need a single source of truth that they can share and build on top of – where everyone, including those outside the organization, can incorporate the same data into their individual workflows.

We’re introducing Airtable Sync so you can build a collaborative network around your organization’s data. With Sync, teams have better visibility into the information they need to do their jobs. You can adapt to changes in real time, incorporate feedback faster, and reduce mistakes that happen when data is copied in multiple places, creating a more agile workplace. And you control exactly what is shared or hidden so you can improve collaboration while keeping sensitive data out of the wrong hands.

For example, A+E Networks uses Sync to connect their television programming and marketing teams so everyone – from public relations managers to line producers to graphic designers – can easily access production schedules and promotional materials as part of their daily work. Only authorized people can edit release dates or other sensitive information, but everyone can use it, so A+E keeps its source of truth accurate and up to date without sacrificing collaboration.

Our new features will be available worldwide starting today, and we’ve got more to come soon. You can learn more at an upcoming live training, or visit our support center for a deep dive. We're excited to see what you create!

A powerful way for students and educators to organize their schedule, workload, commitments, projects—and anything else!

Today, an increasing number of schools are facing the prospect of working remotely. We had been planning to release a student offering for some time, but as schools shift towards remote education in response to COVID-19, we knew it was important to provide extra support. So, from today on, your current school email address provides you with a powerful new way to manage your workload and build custom software to make your school year more successful.

Anyone who signs up with an '.edu' domain will receive a 120 day trial of Airtable Pro (this includes educators as well). Domestic students will have the option to claim free access to Airtable Pro for a maximum of 2 years (they'll receive prompts within the product to redeem the offer), while international students can apply through this form.

Educators and administrators are still able to apply for our discounted Educator plans after their trial ends.

How it works

Any student with a current school-issued email address can access this plan, which includes the ability to neatly organize up to 20 GB of data. And if you’re already using Airtable, you can enjoy your favorite features in even more color. Students can follow this link to get the plan. If you need to update your account with an edu email, check out this article to learn how.

To celebrate, here are some school-favorite templates:

Airtable freelancer
  • Build a study guide 📚
  • Create a campus editorial calendar 🗓
  • Plan class schedules 📃
  • Track job applications 💼
  • Set and track goals 🎯
  • Manage a group project 💬
  • Plan a budget 💵
  • Explore hobbies and interests 😎

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Airtable for Students can support you in various ways:

1. Get organized exactly the way you want

You get to decide how you capture your big ideas and see them through to reality. Our features make it easy for you to design around your data, your schedule, or your goals. Visit the Getting started guide to learn the basics.

Airtable Software

2. Enable remote collaboration within groups or classes

Students, teachers and peers can work remotely and simultaneously within same Airtable base, with each user being able to create their own personal views, build dashboards, tag or assign to others, comment on information, and more.


3. Present your information in creative and powerful ways

You can embed Airtable around the web or connect it to your other tools (email, external websites and more) to design seamless work habits. With Airtable blocks, you can utilize your information in a wide range of ways as well: build a flowchart, design a page, run queries and much more!

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun. Even with classes, midterms and finals, taking a break is essential for well-being. Use Airtable to keep track of your favorite movies or recipes, write your novel, design (and build) your app, or find ways to give back to your community. We're inspired by how people have been using the product to mobilize during these difficult times.

Airtable Freelancer

Additional resources for students

Download Airtable

  • You can check out Airtable Universe to discover more ways people are using us.
  • Our support pages and team are there to provide you with any assistance you need.
  • We'll be running contests specifically for students in the 🆕 student section of our community forum, where you can share what you build. Our first one went live today!

Airtable Free Plan

Whatever the rest of semester looks like for you, Airtable is there to support you.