Adms 1010 Midterm

Important Information

Adms 1010 Midterm

Includes the following ECON 1010 Tests / Midterms & Solutions: 2016 Winter Midterm 1 – Prof. Khan 30 Multiple Choice Questions + 30 Solutions; 2016 Winter Midterm 2 – Prof. Khan 30 Multiple Choice Questions + 30 Solutions; 2016 Winter Midterm 2 (Makeup) – Prof. Khan 30 Multiple Choice Questions + 30 Solutions; 2016 Winter Test 1 – Prof. PWS-503R-PQ quick spec 4420oct29 - Lecture notes Final Exam December 2019, questions and answers Adms 1010 assignment 3 Adms 1010 assignment 7 Verizon is an American multinational company that has established itself as one of the top cellphone providers in North America Reflection- 1 Introduction to Business% Comp, EF, MF worksheet Chapter 11 - Lecture notes 11 1000 midterm prep Final Exam.

  • Date: 28 September 2020 (Monday)
  • Time: 12noon to 2 pm
  • Venue: Online
  • Scope: Units 1-12, Assignments 1-2, Tutorials 1-4
  • Format: MCQs and Short Structured Questions
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Open Book (You can refer to printed/written notes but no online references are allowed)
  • A calculator is allowed (although you do not need it)

E-Exam Procedure

We adopt the E-exam procedure for the School of Computing for CS1010. This is a long document with a lot of information. Please read through it carefully. Please set up the software and hardware needed for taking e-exams before the test so that your test-taking experience is as smooth as possible.

Adms 1010 Midterm Test

Note the following supplementary information to complete the E-exam procedure above, specific to CS1010.

2.1 Exam Taking Software

We will use Luminus Quiz for the midterm test.

2.2 Proctoring Protocol

Note that the following applies to CS1010: Eve online make money.

  • You are allowed to use only a single screen. If you’re using an external monitor, the laptop screen must be switched off.
  • The browser running Luminuz Quiz running on your PC must be in full-screen mode. No other tabs are allowed on the browser.

2.4. Seeking Clarifications on Exam Questions

You are allowed to ask clarification questions during the exam. However, you may only ask a boolean yes/no question. For instance, you are not allowed to ask 'What can we assume about the input?'. You should rephrase it as 'Can we assume that the input is always positive?'. Our answers will only be in the form of 'yes', 'no', 'no comment'.

2.5. Multi-part Exam

CS1010 midterm is only a single part with no break in between.

Zoom Session Assignment

Adms 1010 Midterm Quizlet

  • Zoom session assignment is available internally via LumiNUS

  • Zoom link available via Piazza

Adms 1010 Final Exam

Invigilators and Email Address

Adms 1010 Midterm Answers

Invigilators list available on Piazza