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Windows Explorer (File Explorer, Explorer.exe) is slow, sometimes stops responding. Malfunctioning timanagersproxy.dll is a possible cause. Unregister timanagersproxy.dll - one of Acronis True Image files, that is known to slow down Windows Explorer sometimes. The only negative consequence of unregistering is that link generation for files, synchronized with Acronis Cloud (part of Sync jobs), will not work (right-click the file in Windows Explorer - Acronis True Image. I felt certain that Acronis True Image 2021 would not have the abysmally slow backup performance I found in Acronis True Image 2020. Unfortunately, the speed of the backups has not increased. Needless to say, I am more than just a bit disappointed, especially after spending more money to see no improvement. Since the current build 4871 of Acronis True Image 10.0 Home does not include necessary drivers, the information I have requested in the post above will allow us to create a special ISO image of the Acronis True Image Bootable CD that works on your particular hardware configuration. Therefore, please submit a request for technical support. Select Category. Acronis True Image Backup and Antimalware for Personal Use; Cyber Protection for Businesses Acronis Cyber Protect, Acronis Cyber Backup, Acronis DeviceLock DLP; Cyber Protection for Service Providers Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, Backup and Recovery, Anti-Malware; Acronis Cyber Files incl. Acronis Cyber Files, Acronis Files Connect and Acronis MassTransit.

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I am a very very old ati customer and have been using it for at least 10 years I think.

I have tasks running at night (backups and ..), so my PC is almost never rebooted.

A few months ago I noticed boot was very slow : 11 minutes. But I did nothing.

Last week upgraded to ATI 2019, now time is 20 minutes. looked for many things (malwares, disks, ..) before thinking of ATI. Unistalled it. Boot is 3 minutes.

OK, this is the guilty one.

Reinstalled it. I am presently making a complet backup of system.

Also noticed ATII turns to be very slow too (start display blocks on 'applying user parameters' for several minutes !

I usually bakup whole system in 1 hour or less, now estimated time is 5 hours !

Storing schedule parameters for one backup : 45 seconds !

My subscription is finishing in a few days.

Acronis, Thanks for solving those PROBLEMS.

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Jacques, most issues related to ATI 2019 are resolved by making a clean install of the software but I am not aware of any reason why installing it would make your computer boot time increase.

The normal reason for increased boot time is when Windows Fast Startup is turned off and you go back to doing a full boot from cold, instead of resuming from a hybrid sleep state (aka hibernation).

If you still have a valid subscription, then you can open a Support Case if you feel this is an ATI issue.

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Thanks Steve.

I want to have a reliable full backup before trying other things.

Which is sure : boot time 11/20 minutes with ati installed, 3 minutes uninstalled, same other conditions.

Fast Startup is disabled.

I have a valid subscription.

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Backup now ended.

Reboot : OK : 3 minutes (what I have done : just uninstall ATI, reboot, reinstall ATI, restore ProgData folder, reset scheduling parameters).

One thing solved.

Other ones :

  • backup seems slower than before ?
  • When updating options of a backup saving changes takes 45 seconds !
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Jacques, difficult to say what might be slower or not. There will be a number of factors that can be at play here, volume and location of data for backups, other activities concurrent on the computer etc.

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Thanks, but no other activity at this moment.

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Jacques, last week I had VERY long boot times (a couple of hours, sometimes much longer) after a windows update. I'm currently running four different PCs and all had different issues after the update. On the system (my HP laptop) with the worst performance I restored (ATI) to just before the update, all seemed to be OK until the pending update was reapplied. Again the performance was super bad. I restored again to a week before the update. All seemed to be OK. I then downloaded the update (BTW I using win10 x64 on all of my systems) and applied it so far it is running good. On the other systems two PCs they seemed to have resolved the issues without any action on my part. However one of those systems (my desktop) I started to get numerous BSOD daily. I used WhoCrashed (the free version), uninstalled an application it identified and now that system seems to be OK (two days without a BSOD). I've not had time to look at the 4th system as of this date.

I do see a performance difference in ATI on the different systems (this is partly due to the performance differences of the systems) and as of this date I have not performed a clean install of 2019, however I'm considering it to determine if it will improve the performance.

I just restored the DataStore (C:UsersjgtAppDataLocalTechSmithSnagItDataStore) folder on my desktop (this is one of my four PCs and the one I use the most). For reasons I don't understand 99%+ of the images in the SnagIt library were missing, all I saw was an X for each image. The restore ran much slower (almost an hour) than I expected. After the restore I copied the DataStore folder to a TEMP folder on another drive and it completed within 15 minutes. In the past when I restored the boot drive on my desktop the process would complete within 30 minutes.

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C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAcronisSchedule2Logs

You can have more than 50,000 files.


The Antivirus and Antimalware protection module allows you to protect your machines from all recent malware threats. However, is can sometimes affect performance of other software. Please report these issues to Acronis, so that we can investigate and adjust our software.


If you suspect that Antivirus and Antimalware protection affects performance of other software, please do the following:

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  1. Disable Real-Time Protectiononly and check software performance.
  2. Disable Active Protection only and check software performance.
  3. Disable both and check software performance.

Note whether the affected software runs fast after disabling behavior detection and exploit prevention. If this is the case, collect the following information and contact Acronis support:

  1. Software name and version, software executable file (name and location, if possible), description of the problem and results of the tested scenarios.
  2. Exact time of when the problem occurred and tests were made (this will be necessary for log analysis).

More information


Acronis True Image 2021 Slow Backup

If you suspect that Antivirus and Antimalware protection affects machine performance in general (for example, CPU usage jumps to 100%), check which process is overloading the hardware.

Acronis True Image 2020 Slow Backup

If the process belongs to another software, but only overloads hardware resources when Antivirus and Antimalware protection is enabled, collect the information described above plus Process monitor log. If it is an Acronis process, follow this article Acronis Cyber Protect: Troubleshooting hardware resources overuse (high CPU, memory usage).

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