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Acronis True Image Home 2012 is an integrated software suite that ensures the security of all of the information on your PC. It can back up the operating system, applications, settings and all of your. Eclipse java spring boot. The installation of trial version of Acronis True Image Home 2012 went smoothly, I was so excited with new software features that I decided to activate it to the full version. Starting from this moment I faced several issues and would like to share solution to those who may experience the same troubles.

It seemed rather strange because the trial version worked perfectly. The solution was found quickly, all you have to do is just download the installation file again, uninstall the trial version and install a fresh version. You may download an installation file with the latest build of Acronis True Image Home 2012 from your account, but first you should register the serial number using the following link.
Once the program is registered under your account you may download the latest build, download bootable media in .iso format, download BartPE plugin and buy Pay Per Incident support.
I entered the serial number for the full version and the installation was successful. Note that backup archives and images created within the trial version are fully functional, so there is no need to recreate them. If you created Acronis bootable disc using the trial version you must recreate it with the full version, because the only available option under bootable media is 'Restore'. I would also recommend to recreate Acronis bootable disc every time you install the latest build of the program. See guide how to create Acronis bootable disc and use it to recover the system.

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Gold award winner according to toptenreviews Acronis True Image Home 2012 is the best backup solution which can easily prevent a disaster. You will never know when your hard drive crashes of course if you are a telepathist and can see the future then you will probably know and make some precautions but most of us will face a huge loss, such as an operating system, applications, e-mails, photos, video and all data. In that case you will probably use some data recovery software such as Digital Rescue Premium, Recover My Files Data Recovery Standard, Spotmau PowerSuite 2012 and maybe some others, but you will definitely face several issues. Firstly if it is a physical hard disk damage the chances are very small to restore at least something. In this case you will have to create the most accurate sector-by-sector copy on the valid and clean drive of the equal or greater size and after that try to pull up data from the copy. I think it is a nightmare for an ordinary user so you will probably take advantage of the service center and they will be more than happy to help you let say for $1000. I don't like this option also.
Secondly there is a little chance that you restore 100% of your precious data using data recovery software mentioned above. At best you will restore 80-90% of your digital word, but what if 10-20% of this data is the most valuable for you, what if among this 10-20% of completely destructed data were your photo, data, programs and what if they were in a single copy? I don't like to be next to you watching how you pull hair from the head and howl in despair.
In addition you can't restore OS, applications and all settings as they were before the crash. So your question is quiet obvious - what shall I do? And the answer is more than simple - you should use backup and recovery software from Acronis. You may ask me - why Acronis, what is so special in this backup solution? And I will answer - because it is best, simple and reliable. You don't believe me then check out full Acronis True Image Home 2012 review with examples and video tutorials I have below.