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Build bootable USB drive for DiscWizard or Acronis True Image WD Edition 2010/10/22 DiscWizard is the Acronis true image free version for seagate hard drive, just like True Image Home, DiscWizard allows us create a rescue cd, we can boot our computer from the rescue cd and restore system partition in case it becomes unbootable. How can I tell which core version the Seagate Discwizard and Acronis TrueImage Wd edition is based on. I notice that backup files from WD edition is not compatible with Seagate Discwizard, which lead me to believe that they are not based on the same core Acronis version.

Acronis True Image is the go-to backup and disk imaging solution for your PC, it can back up all the data you need and securely destroy all confidential data you do not need anymore.

Note: Get Acronis True Image 2021 Essential for Free

With Acronis True Image 2017, you will be able to backup selected files and folders or entire disks and partitions, as well as permanently wipe personal information from partitions or entire disks.

True Image is a flexible backup tool for home users. It keeps backup and restoration tasks simple for novices but provides experts with the sophistication to complete specialist tasks.

You can use True Image to backup and restore files, folders, partitions or entire disks using local or Cloud storage, for instance, synchronize folders between multiple PCs, Macs or other devices, and rescue a computer that won’t boot.

The full version of the software actually costs $49.99, but you can get Acronis True Image 2017 BootCD for free.If you need a good backup and recovery tool for your system, then straightaway download Acronis True Image BootCD ISO file from here.

You can burn this ISO file to a CD or USB drive and start using the software, it’s a full version and doesn’t need any activation.

  • Hello, fellow redditors, current and new r/Acronis readers, Today is the time for a new post listing all OEM editions of Acronis True Image software. Apacer note: installation media supported with the drive. Kingston - for select Kingston drives. OCZ (Toshiba) - for select OCZ drives.
  • Seagate DiscWizard; Acronis True Image WD Edition; Intel Data Migration Software; Acronis True Image for Crucial; you need to have this product installed and activated on your PC. If you have deleted the software, download and install it: click here to download Seagate DiscWizard; click here to download Acronis True Image WD Edition.
Acronis True Image Seagate EditionAcronis

If you are downloading the ISO file, my suggestion goes for USB drive option as optical drives (CD/DVD) are prone to wear off and a bootable USB drive will help in situations when your systems optical drive reader fails to detect CDs.

Acronis True Image Seagate Edition

How to create Acronis True Image 2017 Bootable USB Drive?

  1. First download the tiny and standalone application Rufus
  2. Plug /insert USB stick (minimum 8GB) to your system and launch Rufus application.
  3. Select the Acronis True Image ISO file by clicking the ‘optical drive’ icon.
  4. Next, select the drop-down option ‘DD Image’ (create a bootable disk using).
  5. Click the ‘Start’ button, format the drive, wait and close the app when the progress bar shows 100%
  6. That’s it, bootable USB drive is created.

You can either restart your PC and check whether the Acronis True Image 2017 BootCD is working or not. Also, you can carry and plug this bootable USB drive on other PC’s to back up a drive or clone the disk or securely delete data with Acronis DriveCleanser.

Also, if you have any doubts about creating a bootable USB stick check out below video,(sorry the video shot at night and you can see glare while recording the Monitor with Moto G4 plus).

[Update 09/04/2020] :

New version (2020),if your PC hard disk manufacture is WD or segate then download below editions of Acronis True Image.

Acronis True Image WD Edition:

Acronis True Image Seagate DiscWizard:


Support for OEM versions of Acronis products is provided through Acronis Knowledge Base


Support for OEM versions of Acronis products is provided by the OEM vendors distributing these products. To get support for an OEM version of Acronis product, please contact the hardware manufacturer.

9.30 utc. Here are some of the OEM vendors Acronis works closely with:

Acronis True Image Seagate Edition Software Download

Acronis true image wd edition and seagate discwizard

You can also get support for OEM versions through Acronis Knowledge Base.

The customers using OEM version of Acronis True Image can upgrade to the latest version of the product available on Acronis website. In this case the latest version should be installed on the same disk where OEM version was pre-installed.

Seagate Discwizard

Acronis True Image OEM products are feature-limited as opposed to full versions of Acronis True Image, and feature set can be found at

While the most prevalent Acronis OEM products are Acronis True Image HD (usually used for cloning by SSD and HDD suppliers) and Acronis True Image Personal (used primarily by system builders to create factory images for later restore), an OEM can use different software titles.


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