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Whether you’re moving files to a new computer, upgrading to a faster or larger hard drive, or creating a sure-fire backup, Acronis True Image makes reliable data migration fast and easy. Flexible data migration gives you control over moving your data. Back up everything: operating system, boot information, programs, and files. Acronis True Image WD Edition ^ SanDisk provides a version of Acronis True Image 2016 for cloning disks on SSDs. It is limited to the manufacturer's hardware, but in addition to the cloning, it provides functions for partitioning and creating an emergency disc. If both your drives (source and target) are from Samsung, then it is not possible to use OEM edition of Acronis True Image, instead use Samsung Data Migration software. As usual, if you have any feedback - please don't hesitate to comment below. Edit: Updated Kingston link. Edit2: Update WD link.

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I had a Crucial SSD and replaced it with a Samsung 860Evo that I cloned with Acronis 2018.

I have used Acronis many timed to clone HDDs ans SSDs. I didn't change anything in Acronis while I used it.

As soon as I booted the Samsung, I had a 'unidentified' computer on my Wifi.

Does this have anything to do with Acronis backup?

Acronis True Image Free Version

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Thomas, I am not aware of any reason why cloning your SSD to a new one should cause this issue. I can't remember seeing any reports of similar behaviour in the forums.

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Thanks Steve. I found out what the unidentified computer was and it is unrelated to the problem.

I think the usb rescue was bad so I reinstalled Acronis and redid the USB. Eve online plex store. Now I'm getting 'can't lock the drive'.

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Thomas, 'can't lock the drive' can be given if your computer is in a hybrid sleep state when shutdown due to Windows Fast Start being enabled. You should try doing a restart or else some users have needed to boot into Windows Safe Mode then a normal boot to resolve this type of issue.

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Acronis True Image Samsung Edition Software

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Acronis True Image Samsung Edition Download

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