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Acronis True Image solves all backup problems, ensuring the safety of all information on your PC. Using it, you'll be able to create exact hard disk images, including all operating systems, applications and configuration files, software updates, personal settings and all of your data.

  1. Acronis TrueImage Monitor. Program FilesAcronisTrueImageHomeTrueImageMonitor.exe. Part of Acronis True Image - backup software. Can be disabled without affecting TrueImage.
  2. A regular Ghost user tries out True Image V9 and concludes that Ghost V10 has met its match Foreword from Gizmo A drive imaging program is a utility that creates a backup snapshot or image of your disk drives, most commonly your system drive. Imaging programs differ from data backup programs in that they can backup the Windows Operating system itself. You can use that backup image to recover.
  3. Acronis True Image 2020 is the best personal backup software and cybersecurity solution that comes with integrated, artificial intelligence-based defense that is capable of detecting and stopping the latest crypto mining malware and ransomware attacks in real time. Monitor the backups status with push notifications to your desktop tray.

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What Does Acronis True Image Monitor Do

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Process Monitor Log Acronis True Image

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  • Acronis TrueImage Monitor
  • TrueImageMonitor.exe
  • C:Program FilesAcronisTrueImageHomeTrueImageMonitor.exe
  • Part of Acronis True Image - backup software. Can be disabled without affecting TrueImage.
  • %ProgramFiles%acronistrueimagemonitor.exe
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