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Home Acronis True Image Discussions Acronis True Image 2021 Forum Latest version not logging properly. (Windows 39184) (Windows 39184) Welcome to Acronis Community! Acronis True Image 2021 also bolstered its backup capabilities. Users can now resume a local-to-cloud replication job if it gets interrupted due to poor connectivity. This new version also introduced the ability to quickly validate the latest backup copy and convert backups to virtual hard disk (VHD) format, which lets them run as virtual machines.

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I created a differential backup to a remote drive.

Acronis True Image Latest Version

During the excruciatingly long backup, the remote server rebooted because of Windows patching.

Now when I try to validate OR backup, i get the validate message in the title.

I was thinking about deleting first .tibx and retrying, but Im hesitant because of how poorly TI handles this.

I tried to do a cleanup, but that option isnt listed as there are no healthy backups

Acronis True Image Full Download

Im sort of lost. Deleting / recreating backups because a remote drive falls offline is really a scenario that TI should handle after being on the market a decade.

IF I do have to delete/recreate it, I have heard it cant have the same name because of some other wierd TI behavior.

Is that correct?

Id so, does someone have a Sqllite script that will clean the db since TI hasnt released a utility?

Thanks for any help


Is There A Free Version Of Acronis True Image

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Paul, if your backup to your remote server was interrupted in the way you describe then the message will be correct, the backup failed and the interrupted backup file would be corrupt and will fail validation.

You should be able to try using the 'Clean up versions' tool for the task to remove the broken file provided you have a connection to the remote location.

KB 61844: Acronis True Image 2019, 2020 and 2021: How to delete old backups