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Acronis True Image Enterprise Server Screenshot. License: Free To Try $999.00. Operating System: Windows. Homepage: Developed by: Acronis. Backup mail enterprise server exchange server 2003 backup online backup microsoft sql server online data backups real time hard drive imaging remote online backup server network backup software windows server 2000 backup. How to create Windows Server Backup in Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server 9. 1- Double click to Open Acronis true image echo enterprise server shortcut from the desktop and then choose Backup (backup files, folders or entire hard disk). Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server is the new enterprise solution for central server backup and disaster recovery as well as Bare Metal Restore for Windows and Linux servers on your network. New functions include: Multi volume snapshots, raw imaging and restore, AES encryption, conversion.

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I am trying to install version 9.1 of the Acronis True Image Agent Enterprise Server on Windows SBS 2008 Service Pack 2, but I get the same message everytime: 'The installation was interrupted before Acronis True Image Enterprise Server could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again.' I have created a log file of the install which I have attached to this post.

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Hello aaorn.portelli,

Welcome to our forum and thank you for posting. I will do my best to assist you with this.

From the installation log it appears that the low-level driver called SnapApi responsible for disk operations fails to install properly.

I can suggest the following:

1. Download and install this Snap Api update which is available here.

2. Try installing the program and if it fails, kindly provide me with the installation log one more time.

Acronis True Image For Servers

I had to edit your forum user name because of privacy concerns.

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

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Acronis true image enterprise server

Eve cargo ships. Thank you.

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They (and the user guide too) say that 9.1 is not supported on 2008 server at all.

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im new here, im also experiencing this issue with 3 of our Virtual Servers, OS is Win 2003 64 Bit, the old Version ( 8) was removed and we installed Version 9 and since then we are having this issue, but with other servers ( no previous Acronis Software installed) we dont have any issues.

Please help..


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We have resolved the issue. Please PM me.

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Hi Emman,

PM on your way. thanks..Your thEMMAN!!!!

Acronis VSS provider is used to initiate creation of VSS snapshot, but MS VSS service is actually used

This article applies to:


Acronis True Image provides technology to automatically utilize Microsoft VSS service to create consistent backups of opened files/folders or databases (in case the database supports VSS technology).

Here is the step-by-step description of how the backup is made with the VSS support option enabled:

  1. Acronis True Image initiates VSS snapshot. This snapshot is created by MS VSS service via Acronis VSS provider, which is in fact a 'fake' VSS provider. Acronis True Image must start VSS snapshot creation through Acronis VSS provider to capture the moment when all VSS writers freeze and databases are ready for backup. This is the only purpose of Acronis VSS provider, e.g. VSS snapshot created in this step is not used at all and is in fact a 'fake' one. It was necessary to create this 'fake' VSS provider because MS VSS service does not have API functions to freeze VSS writers directly;
  2. Acronis True Image sends a request to MS VSS service to suspend VSS writers;
  3. Acronis True Image creates a simple snapshot (not a VSS snapshot). This snapshot is created when all writers freeze and databases are ready to be backed up;
  4. Acronis True Image aborts VSS snapshot initiated by MS VSS, as this snapshot is not necessary. This may result in errors in the Windows Event logs, which can be safely skipped.
  5. Acronis True Image initiates a backup through the simple snapshot created in Step 3.

More information

See also Microsoft TechNet Article: What Is Volume Shadow Copy Service?

Sample scenario

Acronis True Image Enterprise Server 9.1

  1. Run Acronis True Image local version on a machine with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service;
  2. Click Backup to run the Create Backup Wizard;
  3. On the Choose Backup Options screen select Set the options manually;
  4. On the Backup Creation Options screen under Database support select Volume Shadow Copy Service;
  5. Select Microsoft VSS support;
  6. Click Next and proceed with the backup.

How To Restore Acronis Backup

See also:

  • Backing Up a System with VSS (a step-by-step guide)

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