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Thinking about going for off-site storage but only for selected directories and files.

I'm currently backing up everything on two machines with TI2021 'basic' version.

Do the 'Advanced' and 'Premium' versions offer the ability to configure and change a selection of directories or individual files to be backed up to the cloud while continuing to have complete onsite backups?

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Login Next v 21.1.10. To add cloud storage, go to Acronis www site. Log in to you account (MY ACCOUNT). You will end up with a www page that lists allm your registered produxts. At the top right hand cornder there is a button 'Add Keys' - click on this and enter the product key (I usually do this with a cut and past).

  • Sep 16, 2020 Acronis True Image is one of the most feature-rich cloud backup services out there. It covers all the basic functionality that you’d expect, but it also includes a wide array of other features.
  • Acronis True Image (2021) is a well know and market leading PC backup solution, it features everything needed to keep a PC fully protected against data loss making use of both locally attached storage (such as external drives) and in recent years an integrated cloud backup service (although take note that not all versions of True Image come with a cloud storage allocation).

Not totally clear on what you want Bert. All versions of ATI allow for the creation of files and folders backup, and the backups can be located locally (either on a NAS, USB drive) or Acronis Cloud (if you have Advanced or Premium. I suggest you have a look at section 4.2 of the User Guide. It is relatively easy to set up folder backups not sure if you can backup just individual files (never tried to do so), but you can use the exclusions option to limit what is backed up. I use Files and Folders backups to backup rapidly changing directories to my NAS and to the Acronis Cloud.


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Acronis True Image Cloud Storage

Acronis True Image Cloud Storage Reviews

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I'm currently running TI 2021 'standard' version on 2 Windows 10 PCs. My backup scheme is one full backup followed by 6 incremental backups, keeping 6 chains. I back up each machine to its own external storage device.

What I'm asking is whether the Advanced or Premium versions can be configured to do nightly backups of only a selected list of directories to cloud storage while continuing to do the full/incremental backup scheme to local storage during a single nightly backup session.

It does look like this can be done with two different configurations that can be run in two separate backup sessions. It's not the end of the world if it has to be done this way, but having it done with a single session would be better (for me).

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Bert, any tasks going to multiple destinations have to be separate from each other. The only exception would be if you are using the replication feature which will mirror you local backup to the Acronis cloud but uses exactly the same backup scheme, so will need to upload each new full backup followed by each incremental as they are created.

Using a separate task to the Cloud is more efficient and will be much faster than using a replica with less demand on your PC.

ATI will only allow one task to be active at any time and will queue any further tasks behind the active task.

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Acronis True Image Cloud Storage

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Thanks for the additional information.

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Knowing that, I should be able to make the two tasks run sequentially and also know which one will run last so I can shut down the PC when it's done.