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I am running the latest version of TI 20 on a Windows 10 system. I need to restore an image. I have booted TI20 via a USB stick and have followed the various steps. However I am a little concerned about the statement in yellow warning that the drive will not boot after the restore. See attached.

Can someone explain this, many thanks. It's been some time since I needed to restore an image and I dont want to mess things up. Many thanks

Acronis True Image 2020 Serial

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See attachment

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I think I have realised what I have done wrong. I booted from the wrong version on the usb stick. I should have booted from the uefi version. Booting from this version doesn’t bring up the warning message

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Martin, you are correct in your conclusion. Booting a UEFI system in Legacy mode will result in a non-booting system due to being migrated back from GPT to MBR, so booting in UEFI mode avoids this scenario, hence the warning given.

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I'm attempting to restore my win 10 x64 desktop. Initially I tried using the acronis universal restore. I could boot from the thumb drive but was not able to setup the restore. There was no option to restore.

I found my acronis restore thumb Drive, booted, selected to restore the entire drive. Acronis started to lock the partitions but failed when it attempted to lock 'F' ang suggested using Linux.

I found my Acronis Linux thumb Drive, booted, selected the source, then selected the destination (Samsung SSD 850) Now I see msg 'Warning! After operation completion, operating systems will not boot from the destination disk in BIOS.'

Acronis True Image 2020 Universal Restore

Sorry to be a dumb user but what the heck does this mean? I get the feeling I'm screwed.

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Acronis True Image 2020 Installer

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