Acronis True Image 2015 For Pc

Acronis True Image 2015 For Pc

Install Acronis True Image. When installed the product will prompt for a serial number. Select Free trial. The trial version is fully functional. After the trial period, the program functionality is blocked and you will need to upgrade to the full version if you wish to continue using Acronis True Image 2015. I have been an acronis true image user for about 4 years. I upgraded to the 2015 version back on Sept 17, 2014 (purchased directly from Acronis). The updated interface is straightforward and very user friendly. It's also nice that they included Universal Restore by default now (it used to be an add on). Acronis True Image 2015 for PC. Acronis True Image 2015 for Mac. Acronis True Image 2014. Key features; Licensing policy; Product editions; Supported operating systems; Documentation; End-user license agreement; Downloads. Acronis True Image 2015 is a full system image backup solution for your PC. Enabling dual protection ensures that you are double protected by backing up your entire digital life locally and to the cloud. New to Acronis True Image 2015 now includes 'Universal Restore' which gives you the ability to backup your PC, and being able to restore to any other PC.

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I just received Acronis True Image 2015. I am running Windows 8 on my HP Envy system. When I start up a clone job to another internal drive. The program starts then states its going to reboot when done shut down my system. My screen then goes blank and after two hours I finally rebooted my system and saw no back up information to the secondary drive.

My monitor is connected via HDMI from a Geforce/NVIDIA video card.

How can I get it so I can read my monitor when its doing this process?


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A 'clone' operation will create a disk identical to the original disk. You can consider this a 'backup', but the result is a disk. Run this again, and you get a bran new copy and you lost the previous 'version' of your backup.
An 'image' operation (disk and partition type backup) will create an image *file' on the destination disk. So your result is a file, not a disk. Run this again and you will get another file, therefore you have backup history. To go back to a disk, you have to restore the image onto a disk.

Restore and clone operations should be done from the Acronis recovery CD and should not be started in Windows. Agreed, it is supposed to be supported, but as you can see, it might not work, and you don't know why.

If you really want a clone, create the recovery CD and clone from the recovery CD. *Do not restart* the computer with both the original dick and the newly created clone in the system at the same time.

Acronis True Image 2015 For Pc

If you just want an image backup, run the backup from within Windows. Acronis will not try to reboot.

NB: there is no advantage of a clone vis a vis an image+restore operation.


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Acronis True Image 2015 Windows 10 Problem

Thank you, your advice was great and it worked fine.

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