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Windows 7、8、10でAcronis True Imageを使用してSSDにクローンを作成するにはどうすればよいですか?Acronis True Image 2019を使用して、HDDをSSDにクローンするための詳細な手順を取得します。.

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  • I have a windows xp server on which i use 'acronis true image home 2009' for periodical backups. My problem: my 1TB backup storage was filled with incremental/full backups although i've used incremental backups with consolidation enabled. To investigate the issue i've installed a windows xp into a VirtualBox on my linux machine - to experiment.
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I have made an incremental Entire PC backup with Acronis True image 2021 + Survive Kit
I made several increments
Now I understand I needed to do only one Disk C backup.
How can I transform the Entire PC backup to Disk backup, or delete other disks from my first backup, or do next time only the disk C increments?

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Anton, you cannot transform any existing backup from being Entire PC to only a single disk - you will need to create a new backup task of the correct type.

All .tibx / .tib image files are read-only archives which cannot be edited or changed. Thenmozhi ba promo.

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Ok. Thanks.
What I have to do with Survival Kit now?
When I create a new disk backup, do I need to somehow delete/deactivate a Survival Kit, from the previous Entire backup? Or that S Kit work also with a new Disk backup?

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Anton, the Survival Kit is simply a 2GB FAT32 partition at the beginning of your backup drive, it is the same as having a copy of the Acronis Rescue Media (WinPE version) on the drive.

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Once you have a Survival Kit on the destination drive, then Acronis shouldn't offer the option to create it again on that drive when you create a new Disk backup task.

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The only thing to watch for is that your PC BIOS settings do not want to always boot from the external Survival Kit drive ahead of booting into Windows if your boot order would allow that.

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