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In Acronis True Image you can recover files and folders both from file-level backups or from disk and Entire PC backups. You can restore files using Acronis True Image or in Windows Explorer. Acronis True Image must be installed on the computer in order to perform recovery under Windows. How to restore files in Acronis True Image. Hope this video helps!!!! The newest version of Acronis True Image (provides even greater data protection. Protect everything to recover anything with an exact.

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If I need to perform a full restore and I have an Incremental backup chain, would I select the first (full) tib or the last (Incremental) tib in the chain for the backup?

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Selecting the last incremental will be a full restore, as of the date and time when the last incremental was made. You could select the full backup or any of the other incremental files, but the restore would be as of the date and time the full backup or incremental backup was made.

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Can I select just “one” of my incremental backups and restore just that “one” such as the last one, or would the target partition get erased and the “whole” Incremental chain restore onto it?

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Any restore of a disk & partitions backup image will result in the target drive / partition being wiped and the whole backup being restored from the selected incremental file and all previous files in the same backup version chain.

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Are you looking to restore your system, or just pick off a few files?

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That’s what I thought, but I ask because of the below paragraph from section 3.1 “Basic Concepts” page 28 of the user guide:


Incremental recovery is performed only to the original location and only from a cloud backup. Before the recovery starts, the files in the original location are compared with the files in the backup by file attributes, such as file size and date of last modification. Those files that do not match are marked for recovery, the remaining files will be skipped during recovery. In that way, as opposed to the full recovery, Acronis True Image recovers only changed files. This method significantly reduces the recovery time and saves Internet traffic while recovering from Acronis Cloud.

could this reduced recovery method be achievable without using the cloud? I’m just asking in case I have to perform a partiton / disk recovery, I would like to know what my options are since I’m using the Incremental backup scheme.

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Steven, Cloud recoveries work a little differently than doing a recovery from a local backup image, thus as you quoted above, when recovering from the Cloud the aim is to try to reduce the amount of data that needs to be downloaded for the recovery, hence the file comparisons being done to try to limit downloads to only that needed (unless you are doing a bare-metal recovery!).

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OK Thanks.

My situation is I have made a copy of my entire C: drive with Windows XP professional, now I want to restore it from my external WD 3TB drive to my laptop’s C drive. That is, make it what it was back when I had only 2 partitions and windows professional installed

I just don’t quite understand the process/terminology

Acronis True Image Restore To New Hard Drive

I told the BIOS to boot from the version of Acronis WD True Edition I have put on a CD.

  1. I choose recovery, browse from backup, choose my D:3TB drive, choose the backup file which is backup9812.tib

  2. Under disc backup I right click the backup9812 file, choose recover, chose recover whole discs and partitions
    click next

  3. Now it shows me Disk 2, which I’m guessing is my D: drive, there are three partitions listed under it

1. NTFS (OS)C,/ primary, act/ 298.1GB/NTFS

2. MBR and Track 0/ MBR and track 0

3. Fat16 (Unlabeled)/ Pri/39.19MB/9.407MB/FS Fat 16 Parition 0xDE (Dell server utilities)

I’m not quite sure what the third partition is for or if I even need it, but just in case I made the backup with both of those partitions.

Eve online new player. Under what to recover I choose only the first partition (so I can get to the next step)

I’m at a screen called Specify recovery settings of Partition C. Again, my goal is to have only those two partitions I had made the backup of copied to the laptop’s hard drive from my WD hard drive.

Restore Image From Acronis

Under Partition Location- new location it lists

Disk 1

1. NTFS (My Book) (D:)/Pri/2.729TB/1.671TB/NTFS

Disk 2

1.Fat 16 (unlabeled)/Pri, Act/1.999GB/1.988GB/FS Fat 15 partition:

Download Acronis True Image Restore

  1. Uallocated/296.1GB/Unallocated

Acronis True Image Free Edition

For disc 2 is it talking about my physical C:/drive. this is where I am confused, or it talking about the backup on my D: drive? I’d think what I’d need to do, to avoid any confusion is if this is my physical C Drive to wipe repartition it, before moving the two other partitions to it. I’m pretty confused