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For Acronis Files Advanced (formerly Acronis Access Advan—Āed) downloads please go to the Mobility Products Latest Releases downloads page.
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We always recommend using the latest build of Acronis software. If there is any issue or inconvenience you have with Acronis software, it may already be fixed or improved in the latest build of the product.

Users with already installed product: if you don't know which build you have currently installed, check the build number of your product as described here. To see the newest build number, please go to Product Updates page.

Acronis Ransomware Protection is a free, lightweight version of Acronis proven, artificial intelligence-based. Is a free, lightweight version of Acronis proven. With the purchase of the HD I got a free download of Acronis True Image software (WD Edition). Using the Acronis software I successfully cloned my C drive (original HD in computer) to the new HD. I have been trying - unsuccessfully so far - to clone my C drive to an external HD - a Western Digital Passport 500 GB -using the Acronis software.

Follow the steps below to download the latest installation file of Acronis software. You can use the installation file for a completely new installation as well as to install an update/upgrade over the existing installation.

Acronis free download
  1. Log in to your account. If you do not have one, you will need to create it - see Registration at Acronis Website.
  2. Register your Acronis product, see Registering Acronis products at the website.
  3. In the Products section, locate the product you want to download the latest build for, and then click Downloads:
  4. If applicable, select the operating system you want to install the software in:
  5. Click Download in the Installation file section:

Acronis Free Edition Free

Acronis True Image, Acronis Disk Director, Acronis Snap Deploy: click to expand

Click Go to downloads:
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If applicable, select the operating system you want to install the software in. Windows is selected by default:


Click Download :

Acronis Backup 12.5: download will depend on the type of license that you use

Acronis Backup 12.5 - perpetual license: click to expand

Acronis Wd Free Edition


Click on Go to downloads to open downloads page:

On downloads page, you can either download the web installer or select the necessary individual components for download:

Acronis Backup 12.5 - subscription licenses: click to expand

Click Get latest version of Acronis Cyber Backup:

Acronis Free Version Download

Further steps depend on deployment type:

Acronis true image free edition
  • On-premises: click Download installer to download web installer of Acronis Backup 12.5 or click More download options to open downloads page:

    On downloads page, select the necessary individual components for download

  • Cloud deployment: click Open Cloud console, then click on the 'account' icon in the top right corner and select Downloads from the drop-down menu.

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